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Gallstone – Gall bladder Removal Surgery Negligence

In the majority of cases gallstones which are small stone like balls made up of cholesterol which form in the gall bladder don’t cause any symptoms or discomfort and therefore can be left alone without any treatment. However those that suffer symptoms of gallstones can be in a lot of pain. Gallstones become problematic when they become lodged in a duct within the gall bladder and can cause a severe amount of pain for anything up to five hours, this is known as biliary colic. Gallstones can have complications and can lead to inflammation of the gall bladder, although gall stones are relatively common with around one in every ten adults having them not all sufferers go on to need any treatment at all.

operating theatre imageGallstones or gallbladder removal surgery is said to be a straight forward procedure resulting in few complications and although this may be true for many there are still some people who fall victim of gallstone or gallbladder removal negligence. The complications usually arise after the surgery has been completed but signs such as abdominal pain and discomfort are notice following the operation. The pain and suffering caused can be due to parts of the anatomy being damaged during surgery and not noticed leaving the patient to suffer further. Damage can be caused to the bile ducts and other internal organs and if not diagnosed correctly and at a swift manner it can mean severe complication for the patient in question.
If you feel that you are suffering similar symptoms such as abdominal discomfort and pain after gall bladder surgery then it may be that you have fallen victim to gallstones or gall bladder removal surgery negligence and may be able to make a claim for compensation.

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We understand that it must be a difficult time for those people who have suffered under the hands of a medical professional. We trust on a daily basis the word of a medical practitioner believing that their word is fact but when a person is not treated with the standard of treatment that is warranted it is not hard to see how confidences can be lost. We are fully aware that it can be a trying and anxious time and making a claim for medical negligence compensation is not always a priority. Some may see the process has being lengthy and a difficult one but that is why we are here to provide those in need with a service that is next to none. We take all the hassle ensuring that your case is put in the best possible hands so that you can receive the compensation that is owed to you.

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