15 Children Die Due To Vaccination Mix Up- GP Negligence?

Medics that were assigned to perform measles vaccinations are being accused of administering an aesthetic to nearly seventy five infants, resulting in serious GP negligence. Out of the seventy five infants that were given the vaccinations, fifteen died as a result of the mix up. Reports dictate that the anesthetic, known as atracurium is a muscle relaxer that is typically used during surgery.


This muscle relaxer was perhaps mixed with the vaccination that is used to prevent measles. The injections were delivered to medics in a mass vaccination program operating throughout the area of Syria. The error is said to have occurred due to the packaging of the measles and anesthetic drug looking similar to one another.

Is Medical Negligence To Blame For The Vaccination Mix Up?

The drug that was administered to the infants is fatal, due to the dosage that was administered. However, lower dosages can be given to older children, without any problems, if the dosages are lower, and due to the higher body weights of individuals. Fatalities occurred in children between the age ranges of six and eighteen months.

The children who lost their lives due to the mix-up, started showing symptoms of diarrhea and respiratory failure thirty minutes after having the drug administered. Most of the children that lost their lives because of the mix up, died prior to reaching a medical facility. An investigation has been launched in the case of the child deaths. Early reports that were posted stated that the fatalities were roughly around thirty four, and that there were attempts being made to deliberately poison the children that the drug was given to.

Were These Children Deliberately Poisoned?

Further inquiries into the case, are blaming medical negligence, and there has been a full fledged investigation launched to prosecute anyone that is found responsible for the death of the children. Outside organisations that provide the vaccinations to the area are appalled at what has occurred. The foundation has vowed to help in any way they possibly could to bring the individuals who are responsible for the mix up to justice.

Many aid agencies have been given restricted access to the area due to the massive humanitarian needs within the area. A civil war in the area has caused half of the country’s population to be displaced. The medical systems ran by the state have collapsed, and outside aid is the only thing that the people of the country have to help them with medical ailments.

Source – https://www.medicalnegligenceassist.co.uk