In 2014 Should Midwife Medical Negligence Still Exist?

Midwife medical negligence is a thing that should be well in the past. In days gone by there used to be a lot of stillbirths in the UK, well, 100 years back!


Now though with the advancements in technology, scanning machinery and heart monitors, along with the c section and highly skilled consultants, stillbirths should be a rare occurrence.

A lady in surrey was pregnant in 2010 with her second child, a baby girl. Both her and her husband were ecstatic and could not wait for the birth. They were told that it will be a high risk pregnancy, and put their complete trust into the NHS staff that were there to protect them and ensure the safe arrival of the baby.

The lady was in complete trust of medical staff and had no reason to be concerned when the consultant discharged her and put her under midwife care a month prior to a scheduled c section. Just days later she noticed reduced movements in the baby, and decided to call midwives for advice. They said that the baby had probably fallen asleep and at one point the advice that was offered was to shake her stomach in order to awaken the child.

The lady was a little shocked, but then midwifes started to take her a little more seriously when the scan revealed that the heartbeat of her unborn baby girl had in fact stopped. It was established that the child had died in the womb and that the poor lady would have to deliver her angel a stillborn princess. It was a definite case of midwife medical negligence and the couple knew that from day one. That is why the sought legal advice for the trauma that was suffered by both parties and in the end they managed to win the case and gain a substantial amount of compensation. Surrey NHS have taken full responsibility for the case and have admitted that they were negligent in missing the fact that the lady had cause to be concerned and that she should have been taken more seriously in a high risk pregnancy.

Does It Pay To Put In A Claim In Cases Of Midwife Medical Negligence?

It sure does! It certainly cannot cover the trauma suffered by the patients; however, it can help to compensate for time lost at work and the costs of funerals, and medical transportation. Not to mention the emotional distress that has taken place along the way.

So, if you are a victim of midwife medical negligence or any other source of hospital negligence then seek advice today!