Wait For Hospital Caused Medical Negligence Death of Pregnant Woman

A  40 minute wait caused the medial negligence death of  pregnant woman. Sadly the 38 year old woman who lives in a village in Essex had relatives call an ambulance when she said she was vomiting, having severe pains in her abdomen and thought that she was going to lose her baby. The ambulance arrived at 7:29 p.m. with two student paramedics who began making their observations about six minutes later.


The woman was five weeks pregnant and had another child, a daughter who is two years old. The woman had fears that she was suffering from internal bleeding caused by an ectopic pregnancy but the two paramedics did not leave for the hospital until 8:09 p.m. It took them 15 minutes to get there as they did use their emergency sirens and let themselves get in the queue behind other ambulances instead of rushing in to let doctors know of their case. Once she was admitted to the hospital, the woman passed away after a short time from a heart attack.

The doctor who carried out the examination of the woman’s body after her death said that this was an emergency requiring acute medical attention. The woman’s abdominal area had contained four to five litres of blood which had accumulated there as the foetus was in the fallopian tube and had ruptured her ovarian artery.

The solicitor from a firm that deals with medical negligence cases and is representing the family of the woman asked that the coroner for the case record that a factor in the woman’s death was medical negligence and that the two paramedics failed to provide basic care. He added that once one of the paramedics had determined that an ectopic pregnancy was the cause of her symptoms that he should have called for more experienced paramedics and rushed her to hospital. When the incident happened in July 2011, the paramedic had only been training for one year and had seen ectopic pregnancies only twice during his previous training.

When statements was presented to the coroner, it learned that the colleague of the paramedic was even less qualified and between the two of them, they did not carry out several procedures that those paramedics who are more knowledgeable in this situation would have done, including administering certain drugs.

The student paramedic went on to say that he did have the same level of experience as a certified paramedic but his training dictated that he carry out two sets of observations on the woman, which he did. He had considered ectopic pregnancy as one option but as she had a high heart rate, he thought she might also be in shock. He added that he did use the blue lights when going to the hospital as he thought it might make the woman feel more anxious.

A representative from the ambulance trust said there had been no investigations into the incident and none of the procedures of the ambulance have changed since the death of the woman.

The coroner will be summing the case within the next week.

Source: https://www.medicalnegligenceassist.co.uk