Alleged Medical Negligence In The Treatment And Surgery Of An Expectant Mother

A shocking story emerged about a lady that died as a result of alleged medical negligence.

The woman that died while giving birth to her child through a caesarean operation have decided to join together in a protest outside of the facility where the woman was treated. The demonstrators were seen carrying the body of the deceased woman. The husband of the victim, was at the protest and recalled what events had taken place that led to the death of his wife.


GP Negligence Took The Life Of An Expectant Mother

The husband of the deceased stated in an interview that he was told that his wife would need to be operated on in order to give birth to their child. He admits that he gave his consent for the surgery to be performed. However, after giving birth to their son, the husband began to notice that his wife’s condition was tragically deteriorating.

Surprised by his how wife was not recovering from the surgery, the husband did some research of his own. While performing his research, he discovered a few appalling things. The surgery that was conducted on his wife was done without the proper medical teams being present. His wife was operated on without a skilled gynecologist being present and without an anesthetist being present either.

Could This Be Considered A Birth Injury Negligence Claim?

The husband discovered that his wife was operated on by an unauthorised entity. After discovering these important facts, the family members of the woman decided to stage a protest outside of the facility. The demonstrators raised flags that had slogans written on them, and even were seen thrashing some of the staff members that were employed at the facility. Some of the furniture within the facility was also damaged by the demonstrators.

Police were called to help disperse the demonstration that was taking place outside of the facility. An employee of the hospital was asked to speak about the entire ordeal. In an interview, an employee stated that there was a lady doctor that was present during the time that the deceased mother was being operated on. The facility had attempted to move the woman to a different facility that could help her after the surgery had been completed, but the woman did not survive.

The employee states that the mother passed away as a result of medical complications. He stated that there was no medical negligence that was involved in the ordeal. However, the family members of the deceased believe something different occurred in the room where the woman was operated on.