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Alleged Medical Negligence In The Treatment And Surgery Of An Expectant Mother

A shocking story emerged about a lady that died as a result of alleged medical negligence.

The woman that died while giving birth to her child through a caesarean operation have decided to join together in a protest outside of the facility where the woman was treated. The demonstrators were seen carrying the body of the deceased woman. The husband of the victim, was at the protest and recalled what events had taken place that led to the death of his wife.


GP Negligence Took The Life Of An Expectant Mother

The husband of the deceased stated in an interview that he was told that his wife would need to be operated on in order to give birth to their child. He admits that he gave his consent for the surgery to be performed. However, after giving birth to their son, the husband began to notice that his wife’s condition was tragically deteriorating.

Surprised by his how wife was not recovering from the surgery, the husband did some research of his own. While performing his research, he discovered a few appalling things. The surgery that was conducted on his wife was done without the proper medical teams being present. His wife was operated on without a skilled gynecologist being present and without an anesthetist being present either.

Could This Be Considered A Birth Injury Negligence Claim?

The husband discovered that his wife was operated on by an unauthorised entity. After discovering these important facts, the family members of the woman decided to stage a protest outside of the facility. The demonstrators raised flags that had slogans written on them, and even were seen thrashing some of the staff members that were employed at the facility. Some of the furniture within the facility was also damaged by the demonstrators.

Police were called to help disperse the demonstration that was taking place outside of the facility. An employee of the hospital was asked to speak about the entire ordeal. In an interview, an employee stated that there was a lady doctor that was present during the time that the deceased mother was being operated on. The facility had attempted to move the woman to a different facility that could help her after the surgery had been completed, but the woman did not survive.

The employee states that the mother passed away as a result of medical complications. He stated that there was no medical negligence that was involved in the ordeal. However, the family members of the deceased believe something different occurred in the room where the woman was operated on.





Delays In Referral Almost Claimed The Life Of A Loving Grandad

A loving grandfather almost lost his life because of delays in referral,  and will possibly never walk again following numerous blunders that occurred during a routine procedure. The grandfather’s heart stopped beating on five different occasions, due to his hospital failing to detect an infection. Due to GP negligence, the man suffered with a horrible infection for the course of five days, which later turned into sepsis, and started causing vital organs in the man’s body to shut down.


The sixty two year old patient was put into an induced coma for a month. At one point, the patient’s wife was told that her husband had only an hour left to live. Incredibly, the man pulled through, but he ended up having to spend an additional eight and a half months in the hospital, recovering from the ordeal. Funny thing is that the patient was admitted for a routine surgery, a hip replacement procedure.

When Treatment And Surgery Goes Terribly Wrong

The male who now has to figure out how to live his new life, is absolutely devastated by what happened to him. He admits that he once owned a fishing and tackle shop. He had his own business, and him and his wife were content with their lives. He was a pretty busy and fit individual, who now has to be confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life.

The grandfather admits that the entire situation has put his head in bits. He has developed severe depression due to what happened to him, believing that now he has no way out. His future does not look very bright at this point. The patient had his right hip replaced in 2009, and two years following the surgery, started to develop sharp pains around the joint that was accompanied by a fever.

Patients Should Not Have To Pay For The Wrong Diagnosis Or Delays In Referal

The grandfather had been taken to the same hospital he had his previous replacement performed at. At this point, he was examined by a doctor that suspected that he had some type of infection. However, a consultation quickly overruled the findings. Multiple errors followed the diagnosis.

The grandfather was not given anything to treat his ailment for five days. The delay in treatment caused the infection to spread rapidly. The infection spread to the left hip of the patient and to both of his joints, causing these body parts to have to be removed, in order for the infection to be rectified. The untreated infection has also caused damage to the spine of the patient and his mobility.


GP Negligence: Doctor Forgets To Inform Patient That She Has Cancer

As a result of GP negligence, a doctor that neglectfully forgot to inform a patient that a bone erosion within her shoulder showed possible signs of cancer, has been found guilty of cancer and GP negligence. A lobbyist for the breast cancer coalition stated that they advise all women to request copies of any and all x-rays that they have rendered so they can read over the information and discuss it with their doctor.


The GP, who remains unnamed, admits that they neglected to act on the suspicion of a radiologist that the woman had cancer which had spread into her arm. The GP that is being held liable is currently going through disciplinary actions for his neglect upon this patient, and his choice to simply not tell the patient that she had cancer.

Cancer Negligence Is Unforgivable

Unfortunately, this patient had managed to fall through the cracks in the medical system. This case shows that all medical professionals and GPs need to properly follow up with their patients, and any and all reports that their patients receive. It also shows that women that have previously been diagnosed with cancer, will need to remain vigilant after winning the battle, to be able to watch for signs signifying that the illness may have possibly spread.

The woman, who was fifty seven years old, was referred to go see a radiologist in order to be given an ultrasound and an x-ray of her shoulder, which she had hurt due to a sporting injury. The radiologist diligently performed all of their required tests. When obtaining the results from the test, the radiologist noticed that the massive amount of bone erosions that appeared on the ladies shoulder were clear signs that the cancer the woman had previously beaten had spread to other areas of the body.

Delays in Referral And A GPs Inability To Act Took The Life of A Patient

After receiving the woman’s test results the GP made a note into the medical centres computer regarding the tear in the woman’s tendon, and that there was a possibility that the cancer the woman had just fought and won had returned. However, despite the notes that the GP left in the facilities database, the GP never discussed the cancer with the patient. Instead, the GP gave her a steroid shot for her pain, and sent her on her way.

The lady returned to the facility a few months later, due to an immense amount of pain. Her GP referred her to an orthopedic surgeon. The surgeon, after an x-ray was performed diagnosed the existing cancer within the woman’s arm. She received radiotherapy and chemotherapy thereafter, however, the diagnosis came too late and the woman died within the year.


GP Negligence Responsible For The Death of An Elderly Woman

Sadly, GP negligence is on the rise. A woman from Burton died as a result of multi-organs failing, blood poisoning, and internal bleeding. However, her condition escalated as a result of having to wait two months for proper treatment and surgery. After she received the surgical procedure that was intended to rectify her ailments, the care she received was extremely poor.


The hospital responsible for putting the woman through turmoil has admitted its mistakes. In doing so, it has agreed that it will pay financial compensation to the woman’s family, in the sum of five figures. The daughters of the woman decided to call upon the NHS, so that they could improve the healthcare that is being given to elderly people, which would help to stop GP negligence. The woman suffered with her ailments for months before her passing.

IS GP Negligence To Blame For The Death Of A Burton Woman?

The trust has admitted its faults for the death of the eighty five year old woman, and has agreed that a five figure settlement is going to be rendered to the family members. Lawyers representing the family in the case, admit that there were delays in referral that are to blame for the elderly woman’s death. If the elderly woman had not been forced to wait two months to have surgery to rectify her existing problem, which was known as fistula, a condition affecting the bladder and colon, she would have survived the ailment.

Treatment And Surgery Options Came To Late For This Elderly Woman

Further investigations into the case have revealed that when the elderly woman did undergo a surgical procedure, that the procedure was performed negligently. The keyhole surgery was supposed to rectify the existing ailment; instead it caused a tear within the ovarian vein of the patient. It took doctors an additional twenty four hours to diagnose the condition to the tear that occurred during the surgical procedure.
However, when the diagnosis was made, it was already too late for anything to be done.

The elderly patient passed away in March of 2011. One of the daughters of the deceased spoke up regarding the incident. She states that the family will forever remain devastated by the situation that their mum was put in. Their mum was in agonising pain for weeks, and due to being given the wrong diagnosis, doctors were not quick to determine what could be causing her pain. Instead, the elderly woman passed away, and the family was helpless, unable to help the inevitable from occurring.


Can New Legal Services Help Victims of Medical Negligence Get Their Lives Back?

Victims of medical negligence in the United Kingdom often feel that they have gotten the short end of the stick when it comes to their legal services, and the recompense that they are able to achieve after they or their family members have been seriously injured or otherwise damaged due to the actions or inaction of medical staff at a hospital. Whether the services rendered were for surgical purposes, nursing purposes, or other medical services, medical negligence injury victims are hoping to seek assistance from the negligent party that will help them in permanent recovery.


New legal services available throughout the United Kingdom and online aim to help medical negligence injury victims do exactly what they are hoping to do: get the compensation they deserve for their injuries and need in order to cover their expenses for medical bills and for lost wages throughout their recovery. The new legal services for medical negligence cases tend to focus on a broad spectrum of cases that look at a wide variety of providers, whereas many local attorneys focus on specific areas of law and medical practice. The new services popping up in the United Kingdom look at dental care, care facilities and caregivers, general practitioners, pharmacies, hospitals, and more. The cases that can be reviewed through these new services include the most common, such as pregnancy and gynecology, but also include other services where medical negligence in a real possibility such as cosmetic surgery, urology.

What do victims of medical negligence get out of new legal services online?

New legal services online for medical negligence cases are useful to medical negligence victims because they focus on a multitude of questions and provide the answers. FAQ and helpful videos can be used to help teach victims what makes a good case and what does not, and when to file a case to ensure that you have the strongest case possible and are able to get all of the money you deserve for your injuries, property damages, and more.

Victims of medical negligence may also find the new online services useful because they can find a solicitor from a large pool and get help from the comfort of their home or from their hospital bed, if necessary. No-win, no-fee services from available solicitors  also helps victims get the help they need without additional concern.

If you or a relative have fallen victim to medical negligence and feel you have a good case to make a claim- do so.



Young Cancer Negligence Patient Survives Eye Cancer

A young cancer survivor from Lewisham, was given a starring role in a one hundred sixty mile bicycle ride for charity, which was sponsored to help give her family support for the ordeal she had been through. The youngster was only nine months old when she was diagnosed with retinoblastoma. However, it took her parents battling doctors in order for the right diagnosis to be given.


The mum of the youngster knew that something was wrong with her child, when she had to move her head, whenever things were presented to her on her right side. The mum of the child took her to various GPs, but the wrong diagnosis was given multiple times. The GPs did not even bother to check the young girl’s eye to see if there was something wrong there. In fact, they figured the child was having the problems she was having because forceps were used during the delivery.

Cancer Negligence Could Have Taken A Young Childs Life

It was not until the child’s eye started to change colour that the parents decided to take their daughter back to the hospital. Not satisfied with the various diagnoses they were being given, the parents returned days later to the facility, and were given the news that their daughter had eye cancer. The parents were told that in order to save their daughters life that the eye that was engrossed with cancer would have to be removed.

The mum of the child can remember when doctors advised her that the eye of her child would need to be removed. At the time, the parents of the little girl were unaware that the eye of a person could be removed. The youngster now has to adorn a false eye. However, the good news is that further tests have not revealed the cancer spread to any other part of the body, apart from the eye of the youngster.

To Avoid GP Negligence Should Doctors Listen To Parents?

The mum of the now rambunctious two year old believes that doctors should begin listening to the parents of children that are suffering with ailments. After the surgery had been performed, the parents of the child met with a support worker who gave the family some advice and information regarding what comes next.

Thankfully, the child did not suffer from delays in referral, due to her parents concern. If it had not been for the parents of the youngster fighting to ensure that their child was given the proper care that she deserved, the entire scenario could have ended up being extremely different from what it turned out to be.

It is very saddening when youngsters are subject to medical negligence, and cancer negligence patients deserve the right to a correct diagnosis. If you or someone you know has been subject to the same misdiagnosis, make sure to seek compensation.


15 Children Die Due To Vaccination Mix Up- GP Negligence?

Medics that were assigned to perform measles vaccinations are being accused of administering an aesthetic to nearly seventy five infants, resulting in serious GP negligence. Out of the seventy five infants that were given the vaccinations, fifteen died as a result of the mix up. Reports dictate that the anesthetic, known as atracurium is a muscle relaxer that is typically used during surgery.


This muscle relaxer was perhaps mixed with the vaccination that is used to prevent measles. The injections were delivered to medics in a mass vaccination program operating throughout the area of Syria. The error is said to have occurred due to the packaging of the measles and anesthetic drug looking similar to one another.

Is Medical Negligence To Blame For The Vaccination Mix Up?

The drug that was administered to the infants is fatal, due to the dosage that was administered. However, lower dosages can be given to older children, without any problems, if the dosages are lower, and due to the higher body weights of individuals. Fatalities occurred in children between the age ranges of six and eighteen months.

The children who lost their lives due to the mix-up, started showing symptoms of diarrhea and respiratory failure thirty minutes after having the drug administered. Most of the children that lost their lives because of the mix up, died prior to reaching a medical facility. An investigation has been launched in the case of the child deaths. Early reports that were posted stated that the fatalities were roughly around thirty four, and that there were attempts being made to deliberately poison the children that the drug was given to.

Were These Children Deliberately Poisoned?

Further inquiries into the case, are blaming medical negligence, and there has been a full fledged investigation launched to prosecute anyone that is found responsible for the death of the children. Outside organisations that provide the vaccinations to the area are appalled at what has occurred. The foundation has vowed to help in any way they possibly could to bring the individuals who are responsible for the mix up to justice.

Many aid agencies have been given restricted access to the area due to the massive humanitarian needs within the area. A civil war in the area has caused half of the country’s population to be displaced. The medical systems ran by the state have collapsed, and outside aid is the only thing that the people of the country have to help them with medical ailments.

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Hospital Infection Claims- Mum Receives Financial Compensation For Clots

A hospital infection claims mum living in Belfast is going to be awarded £400k, due to the medical negligence of a facility that she frequented for a medical condition. The hospital infections claims compensation was given because the patient developed a fatal blood clot, shortly after giving birth. The forty one year old that has chosen to remain unnamed, is going to receive her payout soon from the social care trust.



Could The Patients Hospital Infection Claims Medical Condition Have Been Prevented?

Following the birth of her first child, the mother developed DVT, or what is commonly known as deep vein thrombosis, in June of 2009. The lawsuit the woman filed is centered on claims that at the time after she had given birth to her son, she was not properly assessed for medical conditions, like she should have been. The mother was already going through a high risk pregnancy, as a result of her age.

The lawyers have argued in their clients defense that after she had given birth, she should have been given drugs to prevent the condition that she ended up developing. Further negligence occurred, when the woman initially went to the emergency center after she had given birth exhibiting DVT symptoms. Women are more likely to develop blood clots after giving birth, especially with this type of pregnancy.

The clots can become fatal, if they dislodge and travel into the lungs. The woman, who has had two additional children following the incident, said at the time when she was suffering with clots that she was told that it was just her hormones and the condition would pass. However, the condition has never passed, and now the woman is forced to deal with the condition for the rest of her lives, and the symptoms associated with it.

Did Doctors Steer This Pregnant Mother Wrong?

The woman states that the misdiagnosis of her condition has affected every aspect of her life. She admits that she feels older than what she is, she is unable to do things that women of her age should be able to enjoy. She cannot walk ten to fifteen minutes without feeling overwhelmed. Stairs are incredibly difficult for her to climb over.

The mother had to go through several operations after giving birth to her other two children, due to issues that she had with her condition. She stated that if she had experienced another blood clot like she had with her first child, she would have been forced to have her leg removed. She now has to wear tight undergarments in order to eliminate clots.

If you have suffered from something similar and have fell victim to what you believe can be hospital infections claims case, then follow it up today.

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Eight Infants Die Due To Medical Negligence

Eight infants have been declared dead, due to a freak accident at a medical facility, the parents of the infants believe it is a case of medical negligence.  According to a local broadcaster, the cause of the infant’s deaths was due to faulty medical equipment. The staff believes the infants died due to the ventilators malfunctioning. However, even though this would seem to be a unfortunate accident, the parents of the diseased infants believe that the primary cause of the deaths of their children was a result of medical negligence.


Can Medical Staff Be Blamed For Medical Equipment Functioning Improperly?


The reason why the parents are assuming that medical negligence had to do with their infants deaths is because, only four of the children died due to not having enough oxygen. The children all died around the same time in the morning hours. The official records have indicated that medical negligence could have something to do with the deaths of these infants.

According to hospital records, four of the eight children died from an inadequate amount of oxygen. Three of the infants that passed away in this manner were boys, one was a girl. Family members of the children that died believe that the medical staff have to do with the ordeal. Some of the family members report seeing hospital staff members on their phones all night, while patients were left unattended.

At the time that these family members seen staff members on their phones, there were thirteen infants that were under-weight that were in the intensive care unit. These infants were left in the ICU without the proper amount of medical attention being given to them.  The nurse and doctor that were supposed to be watching the infants have been suspended as a result of the ordeal.

Should Medical Professionals Be Suspended For Medical Negligence?

The doctor and nurse that were assigned to the wing at night, were asleep when the incubators started operating inadequately. The nurse and doctor, had they been awake would have noticed the infants were actually peculiar, which would have caused them to have to react in that situation. However, because the infants were left to fight on their own, there was nothing that could have been done to save them.

Medical staff members do have a hard job to fulfill. They are responsible for hundreds of lives on a daily basis. However, this is the profession they have chosen, and they have to be able to take on the responsibilities that are put in their hands. The staff should be on their toes at all minutes, to ensure that their patients are being taken care of appropriately.

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Medical Negligence Caused Sons Death

When parents lose a child it is bad, but what makes it worse is when it could have been prevented, and the reason for the loss was because of medical negligence. The grieving parents of a baby boy, who died a few days after being born, have filed suit against the staff members who were present at his delivery. They believe that the actions taken by the staff there at the time is tandem to medical negligence. The little boy that only made it to five days old, tragically passed away due to brain damage. The parents are hoping that their suit will teach the staff members at the facility that their son was born at, how to listen to the parents of these children.


Should Mid-Wives Be Required To Listen To Untrained People?

When the baby’s death was initially being reviewed, it was revealed that the infant had died due to a medical condition known as hypoxic ischaemic encephalopathy, which is a condition that occurs when the brain is deprived of an adequate amount of oxygen. The death of the boy was considered to be an accident at the time, something that could not have been prevented. However, after another patient had died at the same location due to the same problem, suspicions began to arise.

At an inquest into the death of the boy, records revealed that there were several things that were done incorrectly when dealing with the boy. The mother of the infant, cried as the information was revealed that something could have been done in the situation that would have prevented the death of the infant. The parents GP stated that the situation that these two individuals have gone through is every parent’s worse nightmare.

Should An Innocent Baby’s Life Had To Be Taken Before Authorities Decided To Do Something?

The parents of the little boy stated that they had to suffer the loss of their son, over something that could have been prevented. If the correct precautions were taken and intervention was done immediately, the little boy that lost his life would have been healthy and there would have not been any issues.

The parents are hoping that after their encounter with the facility that the midwives that are employed at the facility will learn that it is important to listen to the maternity parents of the children they are delivering. The midwives typically refuse to listen to the parents of the babies that they are delivering, presuming that they know what is best, and not that the parents, who typically have no medical training, know what is going on in the scenario.

The parents want their story to be heard, because they do not want any other parents or children having to be put through what their family was forced to go through. The parents have been trying to get their story heard and their sons story heard since 2006, and the entire scenario has been extremely frustrating and painful.