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Cancer Misdiagnosed: When and How to Claim

Cancer MisdiagnosisBesides all the advances in medical science, cancer remains one of the most dreaded diseases in the history of medicine. Not only cancer misdiagnosed resulted in many deaths, it has also made many people suffering in unbearable pain. This is what calls for even more clinical expertise and professional care while dealing with the disease. In a lot of cases misdiagnosis and mistreatment of cancer has led to many casualties in the past.

In case the consultant, doctor or operating surgeon commits a mistake in the process of treatment, the patients might have to suffer dire consequences. This holds all the more true in the case of cancer. Right at the first place treating cancer is no cakewalk. So, it is always advisable that the treatment should be done from a highly experienced and professional surgeon. However, some customers make the mistake of visiting the wrong doctor and taking advice from immature consultants. In such a case a negligence claim can be filed against the consulting physician or surgeon. However, it’s best to know when to go for a claim.

Consulting legal experts who professionally deal in misdiagnoses claims is the best available option to the patient and the family. Firstly, this ensures that the family which is already suffering due to the negligence caused by the operational team of doctors does not have to deal with the legal hassles of the issue. Then, the legal experts are also equipped to understand the intricacies of compensation claims.

In order to get fruitful results from the lawsuit, it is important to know what to expect and where to claim for cancer misdiagnosed claims. The following are the cases where the patient or the aggrieved family can claim for compensation.

When the cancer is left undiagnosed

There are many cases when the cancer is in a nascent stage and left undiagnosed by the physician. Even if this happens during a regular check up, the patient is entitled to getting a compensation claim.

In case of misdiagnosis

If the consulting doctor is unable to diagnose the disease in the patient, or suggests that the patient is suffering from a disease which he is not actually suffering from, the patient or an appointed lawyer who acts on behalf of the patient can sue the doctor or medical institution in question for medical negligence and be entitled to getting a compensation.

In cases of wrong advice

The patient or the family is entitled to receiving the claim if the doctor or the consultant in question is guilty of misguiding the patient. These are cases where the patient might have been suffering from a disease which was diagnosed properly but not advised well upon. Here the doctor actually misleads the patient. The patient might also run the risk of undergoing wrong treatment.

If the treatment carried out is incorrect

In many a case, the disease is not treated well by the doctor. The case with cancer is a little different here. If Cancer is not treated properly in the first stage and the patient has to suffer because of that, the patient or the family might win a claim.

Claim against a GP through Experienced and Widely Serviceable Professionals Only

Claim against a GPGeneral practitioners play a pivotal role in the UK healthcare system as they are trusted community doctors for a large section of the population. However, some GPs forget that their acts of negligence can land their patients in bigger troubles. People in general consult with medical specialists based on the assessment and recommendation of their GPs. GPs making inexcusable mistakes in their line of work, therefore, can contribute significantly to patient suffering and can even lead to untimely demise of their patients. If you think that your community doctor had failed to meet the standard of care pertaining to his or her line of work, you can claim against a GP through specialized solicitors.

A succinct overview of most common GP negligence cases

Some of the weirdest and most disturbing cases of medical negligence involve general practitioners. However, legal experts who deal with these cases have found some patterns in the negligent acts of general practitioners and here they are.

  • Wrong diagnosis and wrong prescription: Wrong diagnosis and prescribing wrong medicines are actually two closely related types of medical negligence and the former is in fact the cause of the latter, though some clinical negligence compensation claim experts see these two as two different cases. However, pharmacists also sometimes prescribe wrong medicines and GPs should not be imputed in these cases. Delayed referral and failing to take appropriate steps with professional discretion are two other consequences of wrong diagnosis.
  • Failure in assessing underlying conditions: You can also claim against a GP if you believe and it is quite evident that a doctor failed to assess your dormant medical conditions despite all the medical reports duly furnished by you. Many doctors simply ignore the additional factors and assess medical conditions of their patients based on what is most apparent.

How to claim and where to start?

Claiming compensation for medical negligence and resultant sufferings should be a straightforward process, except that you are spoilt for too much of legal advices that are contradictory to each. You should take your first wise step forward by choosing a solicitor who has been practicing his or her noble trade for a quite a few years and one who understand the dynamics of entering this type of litigation. In other words, a practiced lawyer should understand the legal aspects of GP negligence and other types of medical negligence inside out and should have all the necessary licenses and permits. You should, in a nutshell, look for a legal firm which is duly regulated and highly experienced professionals working from within the same.

One important step to take to claim against a GP is to consult a specialist and get your injuries assessed. If you do not know a medical specialist of your interest, approach your lawyer for related assistance. Medical negligence solicitors these days go above and beyond to help their clients in every possible manner. They also assist clients in managing paperwork, introduce them with courtroom norms and help them in myriad other ways, which might give you the edge over your courtroom opponent.

Misdiagnosis Negligence Cases: How They are Dealt With?

Misdiagnosis NegligenceWhen we fall ill, we usually see a medical practitioner to get appropriate diagnosis and treatment of our medical conditions. We have faith on the doctors and have a strong belief that they will be able to track the right reason behind out illness and offer the right kind of treatment to eliminate the health problems. In majority of the instances, our faith on the doctors is well placed and the medical practitioner we go to perform a fantastic job to give us the appropriate treatment. However, in a couple of exclusive cases, the doctors fail to act in the right way, thus failing to evaluate the signs and symptoms properly and offer right diagnosis and treatment. The wrong diagnosis offered by the doctors make the patients suffer both physically and emotionally. However, the good thing is that the patients who have fallen prey to the doctor’s misdiagnosis can file misdiagnosis negligence claims. No matter how minor the effects of the doctor’s error are, you can seek help from a medical negligence solicitor and make claim for compensation.

In the United Kingdom, the cases involving misdiagnosis are banal. A survey was recently conducted to find out the prime reasons behind wrong diagnosis. The surveyors found the following as the common reasons behind medical misdiagnosis:

  • Use of faulty diagnostic equipment
  • Wrong medical test results
  • Improper interpretation of medical test results
  • Distraction of the physician

Whatever the reason behind a misdiagnosis case is, it is always important to approach a reputed medical negligence solicitor. Prior to choosing a law professional, you should make sure that the chosen clinical negligence solicitor has years of experience in successfully handing misdiagnosis claims.

There are a large number of benefits that you can enjoy by seeking professional help from a renowned medical negligence solicitor. An experienced medical negligence solicitor usually has excellent communication skills and convincing power which he can use to convince the jury about the negligence of the doctor in question.

First of all, a medical negligence solicitor approaches the accused doctor with the proposal to settle the case outside the court. If the doctor accepts the proposal, the case does not go to the court. If the doctor in question is not willing to accept his guilt, the solicitor initiates action to file the case in the court of law. What the reputed medical negligence solicitor evaluates the case thoroughly and design the plan of action that he thinks would successfully help his client win the case.

A medical negligence solicitor usually attempts to prove a few points before the jurist in charge of the case. First of all, he tries to show that the treatment received by his client fell much below the standard set by the law of the country. Secondly, he needs to show that the medical practitioner was negligent and thus provided his client with wrong diagnosis and treatment. Thirdly, the diagnosis and treatment offered by the concerned doctor led to the physical and emotional pain and suffering of the medical negligence victim who filed the case.

Dental-NegligenceA trip to a dental clinic is not that enjoyable an experience. However, that does not rule out one not undergoing a check-up every six months. Barring a few cases, dentists in general, are capable of doing their job well. These cases sometimes manifest into serious ones that calls for compensating. The rising incidences of dental negligence have been a potent reason to keep patients away from their clinics these days. The cases may vary from something as simple as a routine check-up or highly serious as misdiagnosis or improper treatment offered in dental illnesses. Depending upon the damage caused, a victim of this negligence has the complete right to file a claim.

Our society is composed of a large section of oral health conscious masses. For those who are not, they face hurdles along the way. Especially when it comes to the immense development dentistry has made over the years, the latter are not aware to the maxim. Naturally, they are unsure about their future course of action in the event of having suffered from some serious negligent action.

You can ask for compensation from your dentist or the concerned staff members if the treatment received has been substandard or have made you suffer injuries of any kind. Most of the claims management companies have been the ray of hope for thousands of patients who have vested their faith in them. Reputed companies dealing with dental negligence issues are blessed with state of the art facilities for making out of the court settlements or assisting the claims for their clients.

Dental negligence cases that compete for compensation

In general, there are these two ways where people tend to suffer injuries because of dental negligence. They are:

-Lack of treatment or Misdiagnosis

-Insufficient medical techniques

The following in the list also account for compensation claism:

  • Nerve injuries leading to abnormalities in the form of numbness of tongue and taste buds
  • Faulty tooth extraction
  • Missed or faulty diagnosis
  • Poor standards of hygiene
  • Reckless dental work
  • Anaesthetic errors causing oral paralysis
  • Complicated implants

Help at hand

Dental negligent claims process is a complicated one. Everyone who has suffered from negligent services can rightly compete for claiming. Most of them claiming for it however, lack a medical history that does not guarantee them the right to claim for compensation.

When starting a clinical negligence claim, especially for a dental one, ensure that you have obtained proper legal advice from an expert solicitor with years of experience at the back. As the field is quite specialized, not all legal firms have skilled solicitors to fight for your case. The best of lawyers put in maximum effort to collect relevant data, formulate the entire case and train claimants so that compensation can be achieved without undue hassles. Moreover, legal experts are extremely compassionate in their nature, so that you are spared of the burden of going through this critical phase alone.

For free assessment, it is worthwhile filling up the free online form and registering yourself or calling the toll free number to get assistance from professional solicitors dealing with dental negligence cases.

Get Compensated on Surgery Claims with the Help of an Expert

Surgical error claimsMost surgeries are extremely stressful on the patients. Upon that if the surgery goes wrong and the patient has to suffer, the situation becomes all the more grotesque. Though the number of faulty surgeries in UK is not alarmingly high, the fact that someone’s life might be threatened due to it can be extremely tormenting. This has seen an array of surgery claims for compensation come to the surface. These claims can be based on a lot of reasons depending on the nature and scope of the surgical negligence claim.

Determining Surgical Negligence

Surgical negligence occurs when the surgery undergone by the patient is not done professionally enough. The responsibilities of a surgeon are simply too great and serious to leave any scope for negligence. This is all the more true in cases of complex surgeries where even a small mistake could prove to be fatal for the patient. If it is identified that the cause of damage is surgical negligence, the hospital or the medical surgeon who presided over the surgery can be sued.

However, it must be understood that not all cases of surgery failure can be classified as surgical negligence. Some surgeries are already very risky and the medical institution in question informs the patient’s family about it before the surgery. The hospital can only be sued for surgery claims if the damage suffered by the patient could have been avoided if better clinical care was administered during the surgery.

Claiming Compensation

Depending on the level of damage caused to the patient the surgeon who operated on the patient or the hospital on the whole can be sued for medical negligence. There are pretty strict laws on surgical negligence in the United Kingdom. If proven, the hospital might have to pay a handsome amount to the aggrieved party. Also, there is a fixed clinical code of conduct that every hospital and nursing institution is supposed to abide by. The patient or family can also receive compensation if the investigating body finds that this code was breached while the patient was being operated on by the hospital.

However, at times it so happens that the patient or the family of the patient is too depressed to follow the legal procedure to claim compensation for surgical damage. In such cases, it is best to take the help of professionals who ensure that the patients get their rightful claim if the damage done by the hospital is proven. Outlined below are few benefits of taking help from a professional legal assistance firms.

  • The professionals who deal in legal claims have adequate experience in the field of medical negligence and know exactly what measure to take depending on the case.
  • Good legal firms first study the case of each individual differently. Then they advise their clients quite frankly on whether or not they should go for the claim.

The greatest benefit of hiring a reputable legal firm for claiming a surgical negligence compensation is that the firm will not charge a fee if the client does not win the case. This makes the company go all the more seriously about its business.

When to Claim for Birth Injury Negligence Compensation

Birth Injury negligenceNegligence during childbirth is considered to be one of the most offensive acts in the field of medicine. Not that the other forms of medical negligence are not of importance, but a child is something that is very dearly attached to its parents. In case the parents or guardians of the child feel that the injury caused to the child or the mother during childbirth could have been avoided, then a claim might be filed against the medical practitioner in question.

There can be many forms of birth injuries that can be used as grounds to claim for compensation. Based on the level of injury caused, the medical practitioner, a group of medical practitioners or the hospital as a whole can be sued for not taking the steps that were necessary to avoid the injury. However, before applying for a compensation claim, it is best to know when to claim for compensation. Here are the most common forms of birth injury negligence cases where a claim for compensation can be filed.

In Cases of Premature Birth Injuries

Premature birth is a common phenomenon in many parts of the world. In many cases, doctors resort to premature birth if the normal delivery of the child poses a significant risk to the child or the mother. However, many a time, hospitals are too keen on making quick money and decide to arrange for a premature delivery when the conditions are otherwise favourable for normal deliveries. This can result in a series of complications. There have been many instances when the internal organs or limbs of the child were not developed enough at the time of birth. In such cases, the parents or relatives of the child might sue the medical practitioner for a compensation claim.

When the Baby receives Injury due to Clinical Negligence 

There are several cases when the child that was supposed to be born fit and healthy receives injury due to the negligence of he medical personnel at the time of delivery. This is an utterly unacceptable outcome that could have been avoided if the staff in question followed the level of clinical care that is prescribed by the state. The best way to teach a befitting result to the medical institution in question is to slam a birth injury negligence lawsuit.

If the Child is Born Dead 

A child that is born dead can be the cause of one of the worst ordeals both for the parents and the family. This is often the most severe of the consequences of medical negligence. The pain that the family has to bear in such cases is too great to tolerate. In many stillborn cases, the cause for death is natural. But in a lot other cases where it is not, the family can go ahead and claim a compensation for the negligence caused by the hospital or surgeon in question.

Often such losses are too great for the families to contemplate legal measures. Nor is it true that a mere financial compensation can give solace to the tribulation of child loss. But at least it ensures that the culprit organization learns a lesson in clinical care and other people do not have to suffer the same consequences.

Has you or your loved one been the victim of clinical negligence during childbirth? Seek the services of reputable solicitors and win birth injury negligence claims.

How to Initiate a Claim against a GP

claim against gpIn technical terms, medical negligence occurs when a professional medical practitioner does not meet the accepted level of clinical expertise in his respective state or country. As a consequence of this, the patient might have to suffer several injuries, the worst of which might result in death.

Despite the latest technological advances in medicine and surgical methods, a large number of patients still die merely due to the negligence of General Practitioners or GPs. A general practitioner is a doctor who treats chronic diseases and advises the patients on the general health and fitness. GPs are supposed to take into account various biological, psychological and physical circumstances before advising the patient on the medical needs of the patient. Unlike, specific doctors like cardiologists who deal only with one of the organs of the human body, a GP is supposed to have a working knowledge of the human body as a whole. GPs are trained in a manner that allows them to treat the patients irrespective of their sex and age.

This calls for tremendous precision. Any negligence that is caused by the GPs can result in dire consequences for the patient. In the United Kingdom, GPs form the basis of the NHS Trust. Also, like in most other countries, they form the basis of the entire healthcare system in the UK. The GPs are the first people whom the patients visit in case of any major or minor health issues. They are heavily trusted by their patients who blindly take the medicine prescribed by them.

But sometimes the GPs commit mistakes that cannot be excused and might be subject to legal prosecution. If a patient has been the victim of the negligence caused by a GP, it is important that the patient or the people that are near to the patient file a claim against a GP. There are many companies that work solely for the cause of the patients who have been on the receiving end of medical negligence. But before that it is important to know what the GP is supposed to do and when can someone file the claim against the GP.

It is important on the part of the patients and their relatives that GPs are general practitioners and do not specialize in any particular discipline. They are supposed to have a working knowledge of all the medical conditions that are prevalent in patients. However, the GPs sometimes turn out to be miserable failures in diagnosing simple health anomalies. The most common grounds when a GP can be sued for compensation are when they fail to identify diseases like meningitis, internal hemorrhages. They can also be sued if they fail in their duty of referring the patients to specialists and medical institutions where they can get better infrastructure and resources. In such cases it is highly advised that the patients or their families take the help of legal counselors, who not only offer free legal counseling, but also assure the compensation on the claim against a GP.

Legal Assistance from a Veteran Solicitor Can Help Win a Hospital Negligence Case

No Win No Fee BasisThe United Kingdom has one of the best medical systems in the world. The NHS (National Health Service) has some of the best medical practitioners working in the hospitals affiliated to it. In most of the cases, the doctors in the NHS recognized hospitals deliver their best efforts to provide the right diagnosis and offer appropriate medical treatment to address specific medical conditions. However, in some exclusive cases, they fail to act as is desired from them. As a result of this, the level of treatment falls below the standard specified by the NHS and the patients suffer due to it. If the medical negligence occurs in a hospital setting, it is categorized as hospital negligence. Not only the medical practitioners but also the nurses and non-medical staffs can be responsible for hospital negligence.

Medical Equipment FailuresLet us throw some light on the common circumstances involving involve:

  • Wrong dose of medication can lead to the patient’s suffering. It can give rise to new medical conditions and that even lead to temporary or permanent disability. In the worst instances, it can lead to death. 
  • Removal of wrong body part  through surgery 
  • Inappropriate diagnosis of medical condition 
  • Leaving surgical equipment with the patient’s body after surgery 
  • Inappropriate dose of anaesthesia 
  • Failure to conduct medical Test 
  • Wrong interpretation of the medical test results 
  • Hospital infection affecting the patients 
  • Wrong performance of surgical procedure 
  • Use of faulty surgical devices


There are certain factors proving which you can easily win a hospital negligence case and the compensation you deserve. First of all, the solicitor in charge of the case should prove with concrete evidences that his client has no contribution to the physical and mental suffering he has undertaken and the doctor in question is solely responsible for the mishap. He should prove that if proper care was taken on part of the doctor, the case would not have taken place and his client would not have suffered so much. The clinical solicitor looking after the case should prove that the doctor did not make his patient aware of the negative effects that the treatment can have in his life. Before doing a surgical procedure, the doctors should also seek consent of the patient. If the patient agrees to undergo the procedure, then the doctor would acquire the right to conduct the surgery. If a patient is not informed about the side effects of the surgery and the surgery is done and the patient suffers certain post surgery complications, the patient can make claim for compensation.

In order to file the case successfully in the court of law, the victim should seek legal assistance from a certified medical negligence solicitor. He should do a thorough research on the internet to find out a good solicitor who has years of experience in the domain of law. He should check the credentials of the chosen solicitor and find out his success rates in hospital negligence cases before availing his professional assistance.

Seek Legal Help to Get Deserved Compensation Following a Misdiagnosis Negligence Case

misdiagnosis negligenceCases involving medical misdiagnosis are very common in the medical world of the United Kingdom. Often patients complain about being misdiagnosed in the NHS hospitals. The government of the United Kingdom is highly sympathetic to those who have been the scapegoat of wrong diagnosis and has entitled them with the right to file misdiagnosis negligence compensation claims. The cases associated with this type compensation claims are most often complex and tough to deal with. Thus, it is always advisable to get in touch with a veteran clinical negligence a solicitor who is confident of handling this type of case.

Misdiagnosis cases that resulted from medical negligence are categorized into two different types. They are:

  • Delayed diagnosis
  • Misdiagnosis leading to improper treatment

Whether it is a case of misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis, it can prove to be dangerous for the patient who has been the victim of it. The patient undergoing it can become permanently disabled or can be subjected to long term health issues which would not have taken place if right diagnosis was offered. In the worst instances, misdiagnosis done by a medical practitioner can turn out to be fatal for the victimized patient.

Let us talk about some of the prime reasons behind medical misdiagnosis. First of all, the doctor’s inability to jot down the medical history of the patient can be responsible for wrong diagnosis. Secondly, inability to read the test results correctly can also contribute to wrong diagnosis of the medical conditions. Thirdly, inappropriate performance of the medical tests can also be a major contributory factor of misdiagnosis. No matter what is the reason behind your medical misdiagnosis case, you need to seek the legal advice and help of a reputed clinical negligence solicitor who would properly assess your case and medical negligence solicitors in charge of the cases agree to deal with the cases if they find enough winning potential in the cases that come to them.

After agreeing to deal with a misdiagnosis negligence case, the solicitor tries to frame a specific plan about how to deal with the case. He arranges the arguments that he is going to put forward in front of the jurists and ventures out to collect the documents supporting his arguments. Usually, the amount of compensation depends on the severity of the suffering undertaken by the victimized patient. The greater is the suffering the higher is the amount of compensation to be received. The solicitor produces the required medical documents to prove the intensity of the physical pain and trauma undertaken by his client.

If you have been the victim of misdiagnosis, you should do a little bit of research on the internet to find out a reputed law firm that has a highly qualified and experienced team of clinical negligence solicitors who have a fantastic track record of winning misdiagnosis claim cases. Before selecting a solicitor, you should talk to him to understand if he is sympathetic towards your condition and sufferings you have undertaken and ready to stretch a helping hand t assist you to win a handsome compensation.

How to File Surgery Claims through Experienced Legal Professionals

Surgery claimsWhen patients opt for specialized healthcare services, especially when they need to undergo surgical procedure, the NHS and private healthcare sector doctors usually make them fully aware of the associated risks and about the nature of the outcomes. However, in many cases, it has been observed that the concerned physicians did not actually warn their patients about the risks associated with certain clinical procedures and their failing to act with care and caution had actually been the main causal factor behind the lifelong suffering of their patients. There are surgery claims compensation legal experts who infer these incidents as cases of breach of duty of care and they offer proper advice and legal guidance to their clients. If you have been injured before, during or after a surgical process because the specialist who was in charge of you breached his duty of care, you can file a surgical error compensation claim against the concerned authority and bring a charge against the concerned doctor.

Surgical mistakes can be heavily impactful

Surgical procedures, by their very nature, are highly complicated undertakings that require great effort, care and precaution. Surgeons working in the UK healthcare sector are carefully chosen for working in different government funded and privately held healthcare centers. These specialists are some of the most revered physicians in the UK healthcare sector and when they make inexcusable mistakes, they become top news headlines. Surgical mistake impacts can be life-changing and patient death cases are also not very rare. Victimized patients often lose their limbs and organs because of incorrectly executed surgery. They also suffer from limited mental as well as physical dexterity and many other medical conditions arise in the aftermath.

What you can do as a no-fault medical accident victim?

If you have been injured or one of your near and dear ones is now living through the dire consequences, you should consider filing a compensation claim case through reputable surgery claims compensation legal professionals. You should not just take it for just another isolated incident and should not let off the doctor who committed this costly mistake and the authority that employs him. Instead, you should find the right legal solution through the experts.

What services the legal experts can offer you?

Medical negligence compensation claim experts are specialized solicitors who have broad experience in fighting corners for clinical negligence victims. Surgical errors claims experts are a subgroup of solicitors who have handled surgical mistake compensation claims in specific. These solicitors offer a variety of services including free legal consultation, court representation, liaising, documentation assistance, paperwork assistance and also perform the necessary investigation so that their clients can actually increase their chances to win their compensation claim cases. Many of these legal experts work on ‘no win no fee’ basis. If you are looking to get expert advice assistance for filing surgery claims, you need to do some research on the web and find the right legal firm and professional that can help you in myriad ways. Feel free to ask questions that you might have before hiring legal experts.