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Dental Negligence Claims Are Best Handled by Clinical Negligence Claim Legal Professionals

Dental-Negligence claimNHS reports reveal that dentist negligence cases have increased by leaps and bounds over the last one decade. The facts and figures that we happen to see in newspapers and on online news websites often turns out to be  quite disturbing. It seems that dentist phobia has a reason to be so widespread.  Dental negligence cases occur during general orthodontic procedures as well as cosmetic dentistry procedures. If a dentist, under whose treatment you were, did not take reasonable care while a dental transplant or any other orthodontic procedure, and you were injured as a consequence of that act of negligence, you can consider filing a compensation claim case against the dentist involved in your case.

How to file a claim?

The process of claiming compensation for dentist negligence is quite similar to claiming recompense for other types of medical negligence cases. You need to prove that the dentist had a duty of care towards you and he breached that. Next, you need to prove that the error on his part actually caused you injury and a whole lot of suffering. You should also prove at the court that you lose your working days and many other benefits because of the clinical accident. In addition to that, you may claim compensation for the facial deformity that might have resulted from a medical error of this type and nature. As you see, you actually need to prove many things and that too by drawing a logical correlation between the causes and their outcomes. If you think you can represent yourself in the court and prove the breach of duty of care, you can consider that option. However, it is always an imperative for laypeople to take expert legal advice and services as the process of claiming dental negligence compensation may seem too straightforward, but it is easier said than done.

How can legal professionals help you?

The traditional notion about lawyers is that they are highly qualified individuals who prefer to talk less outside courts and may not be open to trivial questions. However, modern day clinical negligence solicitors have revolutionized the classical depiction of lawyers as most of them are young, energetic and dynamic professionals who are ready to run the extra mile for their clients to guarantee the best possible outcomes for them. These days, you can meet a solicitor at a local espresso bar or at his office. Choice is yours. You can also have an online chat with your solicitor and stay abreast about the case progress.

Coming back to the serviceability of the medical negligence solicitors, they actually work more than just legal representatives of their clients. In fact, these clinical negligence solicitors provide necessary financial and mental support to their clients and also make sure that the bankrolls of their clients are not anyway affected. You should go online to find important dental negligence compensation claim related legal advice and to get the proper legal assistance as well. There are many solicitors who offer free legal advice now.

Claim Compensation for Misdiagnosis Negligence if You Have Been a Victim

Misdiagnosis By DoctorsThere can be many causes of misdiagnosis. Common among them are inefficient training, incompetence and sometimes sheer negligence. But whatever be the causes, the consequences are always the same. Firstly, the patient and family suffer monetary losses due to the misdiagnosis. But the more threatening part is that, the end result could well prove to be fatal for the patient.

On identification of misdiagnosis, the patients or their relatives can legally sue the medical institution or consultant in question for a compensation claim.

Misdiagnosis Leads to Wrong Treatment

Wrong or inefficient treatment is responsible for major health losses and sometimes even death. There can again be several causes of wrong treatment. These could be equipment failure, wrongly carried out surgeries or simply misdiagnosis. The first among these is matter of pure chance. Equipment failure might occur in the best of hospitals. However, reasons like inappropriate surgeries and misdiagnosis negligence can hardly be excused; the latter all the more so. To some extent human errors in surgeries can be considered. But, negligence shown in diagnosis is something like a guarantee for wrong treatment. It is something like giving pills that contain loose motion to someone who is suffering from constipation. There will be no benefit of such medicine. However, it is always advisable that in such cases the patients go ahead with a claim for compensation.

When to Claim?

It is also important on patients’ part to know and understand when to claim for medical negligence related to misdiagnosis. Broadly there are three possibilities when a claim for compensation can be secured.

  • If the patient is left undiagnosed: There are cases when a consultant declares that a patient is completely healthy and is not suffering from any disease. However, later findings reveal that the patient was suffering from a particular disease at the time the doctor was consulted. These are cases when the patient is left undiagnosed. The patient qualifies more compensation on this ground.
  • When the patient is diagnosed with a different disease: If the patient is misinformed about his health condition or diagnosed with the wrong disease, it might lead to wrong or maladroit treatment. This can result in fatal consequences. Had the disease been correctly identified in the first place, chances of wrong treatment would have reduced significantly. A claim for compensation can be filed in such cases.
  • Wrongly prescribed medication: Even if the disease or health condition is identified correctly, the patient can apply for compensation if he feels that the right medication has not been prescribed.

Seek Help from an Expert

negligence claim expertConsequences of negligence related to misdiagnosis can be traumatic for the patient and the family. In such conditions, engaging in legal hassles can be a formidable task. However, one does not need to worry much about that anymore.

Seeking help from a legal expert is a good idea in such instances. There are professionals who help the patient understand their claim better and also give advice on whether the claim is valid or not. In case they feel that the claim is a valid one, most experts follow a no win no fees principle.

How to Claim against a GP in the Aftermath of an Act of Negligence

claim against gpThe responsibility areas for general practitioners are really vast. Though they are not specialists, they need to diagnose and treat a number of medical conditions and refer patients to specialists whenever necessary. It is, therefore, highly important for GPs working independently or in community healthcare centres to take extreme caution and care while treating their patients. A single fault on the GP’s part can aggravate the clinical condition of the patient. Thankfully, UK Legal system allows victims of GP non-performance to file compensation claims against the general practitioners who are held liable for their suffering. If you do not know how to claim against a GP, here below are few tips for you.

GP negligence examples

General practitioners often make very basic mistakes that become costly for patients and their families later. To cite an example, GPs often fail to examine their patients thoroughly, partly due to their inexperience and party for their own behavioural traits. On the other hand, GPs are responsible for making home visits whenever necessary which they often refuse to do, citing many reasons. This causes delay in diagnosis and treatment and the conditions of the patients worse. Wrong diagnosis is more often than not followed by prescribing wrong medicines and taking resort to wrong treatment regimes. Overconfidence of the GPs often calls forth many unwelcome consequences. They often fail to address and diagnose symptoms of severed medical conditions and they often sidestep the standard procedures for diagnosing standard diseases. These issues have created a trust deficit among general healthcare sector consumers and the GPs and the healthcare bodies they represent cannot just shrug off their liability in this case. GP negligence claims legal experts do their bit to help the victims in filing clinical negligence claims against the doctors.

As GPs are considered to be living gateways to the healthcare services, common people rush to them at the onset of even the simplest and commonest of medical conditions, or when they assume that they have got a new illness. Many patients approach GPs for making everyday health related queries and getting health tips. It is needless to say that GP negligence can affect many more lives than negligence of specialists can do.

How to file a GP negligence compensation claim?

To file a claim against a GP, you should start with organizing your medical bills, reports and invoices. The court may want to see a variety of documents for making sure that your current injury or medical condition was caused by GP negligence and no other causal factor is there. You should see a specialist after getting misdiagnosed or having been taken wrong medicines because of GP negligence and get your condition diagnosed. After that, consult your case with a solicitor to find whether you are eligible for making a claim. There are medical negligence solicitors who charge absolutely nothing for offering expert tips and advices on litigious matters. They may or may not recommend you enter litigation based on your case’s merit. Always collaborate with solicitors who have high experience in dealing with GP negligence claims cases in specific.

Filing a cerebral palsy compensation claim is now much easier

Cerebral palsyQuite often we find patients suffering from cerebral palsy. The way their overall movement is affected as a result of suffering from it cannot be merely explained in words.  Kids who suffer from this condition are barred from functioning normally. They display a wide range of symptoms and develop other problems like incontinence, epileptic fits, delayed growth, attention and learning difficulties.

For people who are still unaware about this debilitating condition, cerebral palsy is a term assigned to disorders that affects the neurological functioning of the person. The individual is not able to perform the daily functions as eating, talking or walking like any normal person. The condition is caused at the time of birth, which ultimately produces long-term anomalies like balance and concentration problems.

Since it encompasses a wide range of causes, cerebral palsy compensation claims can be made only at the event of being able to prove that the condition is an outcome of the negligence caused during delivery.  If proved that the condition was caused by hpnoxia or oxygen deprivation or the hospital acted negligent that resulted in such a distress, only then the claim stands successful.

Common medical negligence causes that are key contributors to cerebral palsy

  • Baby being left in the birth canal for a prolonged duration causing oxygen deprivation in the brain
  • Insufficient monitoring of the baby’s heartbeat and rate of breathing
  • Delayed treatment of serious conditions as meningitis
  • Failure to respond or treat mother’s high or low blood pressure causing intracranial haemorrhage of the baby resulting in impairment of motor functions.
  • Baby’s distress not seen to and carrying out the caesarean section then
  • Failure to attend at the proper time owing to the unavailability of the paediatrician
  • Incorrect use of vacuum extraction or forceps while delivering the baby
  • Specific brain injuries at the time of foetal development such as the following:

– Abnormal development of the brain, due to injury caused to the baby’s head, infections or genetic mutations

-Per ventricular Leukomalacia, or damage to the brain’s white matter

Medical negligence is a potent cause for cerebral palsy. Not just the hospital staff comprising doctors and nurses, even midwifes fail to perform their duties. Naturally, when a child is deprived from good medical care, the emotional distress builds up. There is an added pressure on the family to provide for such children. The excessive costs cannot be borne by the family alone and hence seeking compensation claims is mandatory.

Deciding When to Claim Compensation for Cancer Misdiagnosed by Negligent Medicos

Cancer PatientMisdiagnosis has dire consequences on the patients’ life, particularly if the person is enduring severe pain and discomfort. And when a disease like cancer is misdiagnosed, it can potentially pose life-threatening repercussions. Though, cancer treatments have improved greatly in the UK, but occasional medical negligence ponders all such achievements. Correct diagnosis of cancer depends upon appropriate understanding of the symptoms. A few professionals end up making a wrong interpretation of the symptoms, which eventually lead to wrong diagnosis or misdiagnosis. The outcome is more serious when you endure cancer, but are provided with wrong treatment. However, if you have suffered from the disastrous effect of cancer misdiagnosis, you may have a claim to make. Talk to a legal advisor today, if you believe you have a cancer misdiagnosed compensation to file.

When wrong diagnosis begin to aggravate patient condition?

Depending upon the severity of the condition and the type of misdiagnosis, the effect of medical negligence will slowly start causing health problems. In order to realize whether you have been misdiagnosed or not, it is likely to take one or more weeks. And once you identify the symptoms, take medical help for confirmation. Clinical documents should be kept securely as while taking a legal action you will require showing these papers.

Claiming compensation: what do you require to prove?

In order to file a legal action against the medical specialist, it is essential to prove that you have been negligently diagnosed. Whatever the cause may be so, failing to diagnose cancer may have devastating impact on the victim.

The NHS trust will thoroughly review your case to find out who is at fault. It may happen that they find no solid evidence against the medico, so, it is suggested to have all the essential documents and evidences ready with you. Although their verdict is important for your claim but they do not have any legal authority to decide upon the future of your case. If your appointed solicitor has sufficient proofs to establish the act of medical negligence, you may receive the compensatory reward.

Cancer misdiagnosis cases that can be awarded with compensation

Identifying the symptoms of cancer is actually a difficult task, especially when the condition hardly has any symptoms. Thus, often cancers are mistaken for other serious health conditions. Often, a type of cancer is confused with another type, which ultimately results in delayed treatment. For example, in case of blood cancer, leukaemia is often mistaken by lymphoma. Such type of confusion in treatment can occur while diagnosing the following types as well;

  • Breast cancer
  • Colon cancer
  • Skin cancer
  • Oral cancer
  • Vagina cancer

Undergoing wrong treatment due to misdiagnosis can be very depressing. Think about the patient who had to take chemotherapy when he actually does not need it at all. Not only, medical errors give a lot of pains and sufferings to the patients, but leave them completely exhausted. If you or any of your acquaintance has suffered from any forms of cancer misdiagnosis, quick legal action is advised to take as you will have only three years in your hand to make claim.

Information on Dealing with Surgery Claims and Importance of Hiring Professionals

Claims against Surgical negligenceMedical surgical procedures have found permanent way in the main stream society after years of research and experiment. In yester years, these processes were recognized as the last resort to save human life. However, with advanced medical treatment facilities and improvement in medicinal industry, now it is possible to execute these treatment procedures without any mistake. Modern medical personnel are trained in a sophisticated manner to shoulder such responsibilities. They are trained to follow certain regulations that can ensure health improvement of patients. However, accidents still occur during the surgical treatment process, mostly because of the negligence of surgeons. These complications render patients physically damaged and in most cases, patients lose their certain ability to blend in the competitive world. Fortunately, now victims of medical negligence can file a complaint against the liable party and claim for compensation.

Is It Wise To Pursue A Claim?

Surgical procedures have expanded its limits to bring a positive change in different fields of health treatment. So, it is apparent that medical negligence can affect different surgical treatment plans. Surgery is a complex process; even a little mistake in the treatment method can introduce severe physical and mental damage to the patient. Patients entrust their life at the hands of surgeons, so it is their duty to offer best possible treatment. Negligence in taking care of patients is considered to be a crime worldwide. It allows the patients to pursue surgery claims to obtain compensation. So, as the information shows, we can state that it is not just wise but within your moral duties as well.

However, trying to maintain the claim process on your own can be challenging. Claiming compensation comes with legal ties and it can’t be maintained without experience and legal knowledge. Asking professional solicitors for help seems to be a wise decision one can make in this regard.

Injuries Inflicted By Surgical Mistreatment

Reports of negligence during complex surgical procedures are increasing every year. Competence of health experts is forcing people to lose their faith in medical treatment. Here is a list of few injury types that can be inflicted through surgical mistreatment.

  • Organ damage
  • Internal injuries from leaving surgery equipment inside patients
  • Severe nerve damage
  • Usage of wrong anaesthetic doses
  • Failure to require consent before initiating the surgery
  • Infection from surgical wounds
  • Brain damage

These conditions make patients eligible to pursue surgery claims. However, experts suggest asking professionals for help to steer the process to success.

How Solicitors Help?

Professional solicitors are more than just a legal advisor to the victims of medical negligence. They analyze the condition of the victims and then find best possible ways of pursing a claim. Their expert knowledge can help you to measure your chances in this legal process. They discuss the situation with the medical professionals and legal authorities to find the solution. Their relentless investigation helps you to find evidence of the medical malpractice or negligence. So, it is fair to state that with the help of professional solicitors, it is easy to pursue a legal claim without any complication.

Systematic Steps to Deal with Dental Negligence

Dental-Negligence Maintaining dental hygiene is required to promote overall health. Medical experts in this field have successfully offered revolutionary ways of treating several serious conditions regarding dental health. These medical professionals are well trained to analyze the health condition of the patients and to understand the type of their ailment. They are well versed in following certain procedures to cure the disorder as well. Their precise education has proven to be beneficial in treating patients with deteriorating dental health. However, in some cases, medical personnel forget or ignore to follow the rules and they put the patients in harm’s way. In such cases, the patient is considered to be eligible to pursue a compensation claim against medical negligence.

Why You Would Need Compensation?

Medical professionals swear a serious oath to protect the patients from the pain of ailment by curing them and offering them their expert guidance. Care, sympathy, and precision in taking medical action are the three columns of the professional life of a medical treatment provider. Mistreatment or dental negligence shows the absolute opposite nature of a health expert. It is considered to be a complete breach of their oath and ethics. In most cases, their wrong actions render patients physically and mentally damaged. Taking care of these issues can leave the patient and his/her family financially distressed. However, with the help of compensation, victims can get financial aid to take care of their problems. This is why seeking compensation is a good idea.

As statistics prove, in most of medical negligence cases, patients suffer horrifically. Let us discuss about a few common injury types that wrong medical treatment can inflict.

Nerve Damage

The joining point of our teeth and our gum shield is recognized as a vital area of nerve location. These nerves carry the sensations to the brain and inform us about hot, cold, soft, and tough elements in our mouth. Without precise dental treatment execution, these nerves can be damaged and the results can be catastrophic. Miscalculating the doses of Anastasia, inflicting injury on the nerve location etc can cause permanent numbness or pain in different areas of the mouth.

Mistreatment during Cavity Filling

Cavity filing is a well known process that can subdue and cure re-occurring pain and dental health deterioration. However, any mistake during the treatment can cause severe problems. Following incorrect teeth filling method, wrongly administering dental anaesthesia, malfunctioning equipment, etc can steer the treatment to failure. Results can cause severe infection or even implement of a crown for the damaged tooth.

A few other reasons of wrong dental treatment are-

  • Damaging Inferior Alveolar nerve while working with wisdom teeth
  • Wrong dental procedures causing bite malocclusion
  • Faulty crowns, veneers, implants, or dental bridge installation inflicting injury
  • Faulty restorations
  • Failure to explain the side effects of prescribed medication
  • Wrongly using antibiotics before dental surgery

These heath problems can drain the financial reserves of patients. Seeking compensation is the only logical way of dealing with this problem.

Why Do You Need Professionals?

These claiming processes come with legal attachments, which require experience and knowledge to reach a successful completion.  Professional solicitors are qualified to deal with these issues in a proper legal manner. They analyze your claim and check for its validity. They find evidence of the dental negligence and design an appealing legal case on your behalf. With professionals by your side, you can forget about confusion and expect genuine information, expert guidance in obtaining the compensation.

Birth Injury Negligence Occurs When Doctors’ Mistakes Land Families in Deep Troubles

Birth Injury claimsThough the National Health Service (NHS) claims to be offering top quality healthcare services to the citizens of the United Kingdom, medical negligence is a common phenomenon is the country. Among the various types of clinical negligence cases, birth injury negligence cases are extremely common. These types of cases not only have a disastrous effect on the affected mothers and their kids, but it brings calamity to the entire family of the victims. However, if a mother or baby or both of them become the victim of the doctor’s or medical staff’s errors, birth injury negligence claims can be filed in the courts of law.

Possible Reasons behind Birth Injury Negligence

Some of the possible reasons behind birth injury negligence have been discussed below:

•          Medical Practitioner’s Failure to Determine Cephalopelvic Disproportion:  Cephalopelvic Disproportion refers to a medical condition in which the baby in the womb becomes so large that it becomes difficult for the mother to accommodate the child in her birth canal. A medical practitioner can easily diagnose the condition while assessing the pregnancy progression. If detected on time, necessary measures can be easily undertaken to prevent the problem. Failure to diagnose the problem on time can result in a medical negligence case.

•          Physician’s Failure to Undertake Prompt Measures in Emergency Circumstances:  In emergency circumstances like infant bleeding, erratic heartbeat, umbilical cord entrapment, distress and like medical conditions demand the obstetrician to take prompt measures to save the lives of both the mother and the child. However, in some cases, the medical practitioner fails to act in the way the situation demands, thus causing birth injury negligence.

•          Failure to Understand the Need of a C-Section:  C-section turns out to be a necessity when the mother or the child is in distress. The obstetrician should be able to detect the time when he should perform the surgery to save the lives of both the mother and baby. If the medical practitioner fails to understand the need of c-section and the mother or baby or both suffers due to his negligence, the victims can file birth injury clinical negligence claims.

•          Inappropriate Use of Vacuum Extractor or Forceps: In specific instances of childbirth, vacuum extractors or forceps are used for hassle-free delivery. The medical practitioner should be extremely careful while utilizing these medical tools. He should make sure that the tools are used with expertise so that no harm is caused to the child and the mother. If the misuse of these medical tools injures the mother or the child or both resulting in great suffering, a case can be filed in the court of law.

•          Improper Administration of Pitocin: Pitocin refers to the hormone that is administered to the mother to accelerate labour in certain instances. Inappropriate administration of the hormone can result in the suffering of the mother and can be treated as a case of birth injury clinical negligence.

Legal Assistance Can Ensure Successful Filing of Claims

The birth injury negligence cases are usually very complicated, demanding the involvement of a professional medical negligence solicitor. If you or your near and dear ones have sustained birth injury negligence, you can consider resorting to a reputed medical negligence solicitor and seek his help from representing the case in the court. Legal assistance from a solicitor would definitely ensure successful filing of your claims and improve of chances of winning the compensation you deserve.

Know How to Draft a Medical Complaint for Making a Claim against Your GP

claim against gpIf you are unsatisfied with the kind of medical treatment you have received from your general physician, you may have a claim to file. Like other medical practitioner, a GP too has a duty of care and responsibility towards their patients. And if he has been negligent in offering appropriate medical care, you can take immediate legal action against him. While making claim against a GP you will require lodging a medical complaint first. Only if the physician is found guilty you may be able to move forward with the process. Therefore, the complaint should be strong enough to prove the act of medical negligence and to get treatment what you deserve. Here are a few steps that might help you to make the medical complaint;

Write down the details about your treatment

Keep a record of the date and the specific event that happened. Having a brief account of all the circumstance can prove to be very helpful while lodging your complaint and also during the claim procedure. Additionally, take down the contact details of the eye witnesses, so that later, their testimony can be used later as one of the evidences.

Determine whether you at all have a case to file

Understand your situation. Consult a solicitor to find out whether you have a case to claim or not and also learn your legal rights.

Be very clear regarding your intentions when drafting the complaint

Be specific with your wants or requests. If you are seeking compensation, make sure you have mentioned the exact amount of compensation you require to recover your damages. Also mention the losses you have suffered as the result of the medical negligence. Or if you want to sue the general physician, be very clear while stating the reasons behind that.

Gather the evidence

Making a complaint without any evidence is of no importance. Compile all the evidences such as the medical reports, photographs and others related to the claim against a GP.

Whom to Direct the Medical Complaint Toward

Decide whether you want to direct the complaint towards the NHS Trust or the general physician in particular. Well, then, if only your medical practitioner has been responsible for your injury or condition, you can definitely report it to the Trust, but then on whom will you entrust the load of paying the compensation totally depend upon your decision. However, make sure to provide enough information about the physician responsible for your present condition. Also mention whether he has been previously accused of any other allegations or not.

Draft the complaint letter

Mention your name, phone number, postal address, the date and location of care right near the letter head. The first paragraph should include your objective data such as, X-rays and other medical documents. In the next paragraph, make a summary of the subjective data. This should be an explanatory note on the pains and sufferings you have received. Also include the name of the physician’s well as the witnesses’. At last sign the letter.

Do not forget to keep a copy of the complaint letter with you and your solicitor before filing it.

Descriptive Overview of Surgery Claims and Importance of Bringing Professionals to the Equation

Surgical  ClaimsContinuous advancement and progress in the field of surgical methods have helped us to make surprising discoveries regarding curing ailments. Now modern medical surgeons are well trained to take care of a multitude of medical treatment plans with ease. As this process is a bit different from other medicinal treatment processes, professionals of this field are charged with a huge level of responsibility than other medical personnel. Generally, their capability and skill to analyze the health condition of the patient and to find the most suitable and safe surgical solution for them is well appreciated and accepted throughout the world. However, accidents still occur, and in most cases negligent surgical care is credited to bring such conditions. When medical professionals make mistakes during executing a complex surgical process, the result is generally devastating. Pursuing surgery claims seems to be the only logical and most beneficial way to deal with such this problematic situation.

Surgical Errors Because of Medical Negligence

With time, surgical methods have changed a lot to ensure the safety and to reduce the pain of the patient. However, mistakes still take place and it has generally a very devastating effect in the life of the victim. In some cases, these mistakes complicate the treatment process immediately and put the patient in harm’s way. However, in other cases, these mistakes can cause post-operative issues. Treating these ailments can drain the financial reserve of the patient and his/her family. The best way to support the patient is to get financial help by pursuing compensation claims. Here is a list of few examples of surgical turmoil.

  • Wrongly administering medicine to the patient
  • Following wrong surgical methods
  • Malfunctioning surgical equipments
  • Muscle damage during the surgical process
  • Nerve injuries and tissue tear up during the treatment
  • Neglecting to dress open wounds in an appropriate manner
  • Failure to refer patients to a specialist

As the information shows, these conditions can damage vital organs of patients and render them incapable of journeying in different parts of life. Financial help, extracted from surgery claims can offer better opportunities to improve lifestyle with ease. However, without professional help, it is a bit challenging to obtain the compensation claim.

Why Choose Professionals?

Surgical treatment providers have gained the trust of patients by offering them flexible services and great resolve to cure ailments. However, negligence during surgery shatters our belief and sends us into trauma. In this situation, we feel the need of a professional who can shoulder our responsibility and bring us justice. That is when professional solicitors offer us their expert guidance. Their capability to follow legal proceedings, their dedication towards finding evidence of the medical negligence, and expert guidance helps patients to learn, if they have a valid claim to pursue a compensation or not. Here is a list of few surgical errors that professional solicitors deal with.

  • Hysterectomy procedure complication
  • Medical Negligence during cosmetic surgery
  • Breast surgery errors
  • Plying wrong doses of anaesthetic support
  • Injury during implementing silicone implants
  • Sterilisation compensation claims

With professionals help, executing legal process to obtain compensation claim for surgical mistreatment would be easy and free of stress.