Baby Medical Negligence Verdict Disappoints All

Parents of a tot that was starved of oxygen as a result of baby medical negligence have taken an inquest into the baby’s death. However, the tests that were taken failed to provide a proper explanation that it was in fact a trauma caused by baby medical negligence that was responsible for causing the baby’s death at birth. The parents of the tot admitted that they were extremely disappointed when a coroner stated that the death of their infant cannot be ruled as baby medical negligence, because it clearly was.


The parents are claiming that if an earlier caesarean would have been performed on the mother of the child, that this could have prevented the infant from being inflicted with brain damage. The infant  pronounced to be dead, after his lifeless body was delivered from his mother. The infant appeared to all in the delivery room, to be entirely lifeless.

Doctors could not figure out why the infant was delivered in this manner. They attempted to resuscitate the infant, and were able to bring the baby back to life, after thirty six minutes. What should have been a happy occurrence for the parents of the infant, turned out to be tragic. The infant was found to have severe brain injuries, due to the fact that his brain had been starved from a lack of oxygen, while he was being brought into the world.

The parents of the child were able to spend a short three months with the boy, before his condition started to get worse. The baby died, three months after his miracle birth of cardiac arrest. The parents believe that if the infant had been delivered sooner and an emergency C-section would have been performed, that this procedure could have possibly saved the infants life. However, there is no telling if this could have made a difference, in this tragic occurrence.

When the case was brought to trial, the court was unsure of which way to go. It is probable that a C-section could have helped save the infants life, but there is no telling if doing a C-section earlier on could have made a difference in this case. The judge was forced to rule out that there were any medical errors that were carried out in the case. The judge was able to bring up several different cases where the same thing had occurred, even after a woman had been given a C-section.

The litigation team that the parents of the infant hired admitted that after the litigation’s that they were extremely disappointed that some of the facts of the case, were left unspoken of. There were certain traumas that the infant experienced that were never openly discussed in the courtroom.

The mother and father of the baby have since had several other children since the death of their infant. They claim that they have never forgotten about their infant son, and will do everything in their power to ensure that his memory is always remembered. The parents have admitted that they will not give up the fight, until they can be assured that justice has been given to their son.

Baby medical negligence cases are on the rise, and what should be a happy occurrence for parents in the UK is sadly turning to be a nightmare. If you are a victim of what you believe to be negligence, make sure to seek legal advice.