Birth Injury Negligence Occurs When Doctors’ Mistakes Land Families in Deep Troubles

Birth Injury claimsThough the National Health Service (NHS) claims to be offering top quality healthcare services to the citizens of the United Kingdom, medical negligence is a common phenomenon is the country. Among the various types of clinical negligence cases, birth injury negligence cases are extremely common. These types of cases not only have a disastrous effect on the affected mothers and their kids, but it brings calamity to the entire family of the victims. However, if a mother or baby or both of them become the victim of the doctor’s or medical staff’s errors, birth injury negligence claims can be filed in the courts of law.

Possible Reasons behind Birth Injury Negligence

Some of the possible reasons behind birth injury negligence have been discussed below:

•          Medical Practitioner’s Failure to Determine Cephalopelvic Disproportion:  Cephalopelvic Disproportion refers to a medical condition in which the baby in the womb becomes so large that it becomes difficult for the mother to accommodate the child in her birth canal. A medical practitioner can easily diagnose the condition while assessing the pregnancy progression. If detected on time, necessary measures can be easily undertaken to prevent the problem. Failure to diagnose the problem on time can result in a medical negligence case.

•          Physician’s Failure to Undertake Prompt Measures in Emergency Circumstances:  In emergency circumstances like infant bleeding, erratic heartbeat, umbilical cord entrapment, distress and like medical conditions demand the obstetrician to take prompt measures to save the lives of both the mother and the child. However, in some cases, the medical practitioner fails to act in the way the situation demands, thus causing birth injury negligence.

•          Failure to Understand the Need of a C-Section:  C-section turns out to be a necessity when the mother or the child is in distress. The obstetrician should be able to detect the time when he should perform the surgery to save the lives of both the mother and baby. If the medical practitioner fails to understand the need of c-section and the mother or baby or both suffers due to his negligence, the victims can file birth injury clinical negligence claims.

•          Inappropriate Use of Vacuum Extractor or Forceps: In specific instances of childbirth, vacuum extractors or forceps are used for hassle-free delivery. The medical practitioner should be extremely careful while utilizing these medical tools. He should make sure that the tools are used with expertise so that no harm is caused to the child and the mother. If the misuse of these medical tools injures the mother or the child or both resulting in great suffering, a case can be filed in the court of law.

•          Improper Administration of Pitocin: Pitocin refers to the hormone that is administered to the mother to accelerate labour in certain instances. Inappropriate administration of the hormone can result in the suffering of the mother and can be treated as a case of birth injury clinical negligence.

Legal Assistance Can Ensure Successful Filing of Claims

The birth injury negligence cases are usually very complicated, demanding the involvement of a professional medical negligence solicitor. If you or your near and dear ones have sustained birth injury negligence, you can consider resorting to a reputed medical negligence solicitor and seek his help from representing the case in the court. Legal assistance from a solicitor would definitely ensure successful filing of your claims and improve of chances of winning the compensation you deserve.