Medical Negligence Cases For Botched Maternity Care Costs NHS Millions

Giving birth is supposed to be a great time, one where a woman only needs to focus on looking after her health, and the health of her newborn. Instead though those that are giving birth through the NHS are facing medical negligence.


Could This Have Been Prevented?

Instances where women were treated improperly for maternal care are beginning to surface throughout Scotland. These women, that feel as though they were not properly cared for, are seeking financial compensation for their ailments. The NHS within Scotland has already paid out over £108 million, in legal claims. The payouts have progressively grown over the past ten years, with more complaints flooding in over the past four years, in comparison.

The costs for mothers who were treated improperly while pregnant, as well as for mothers whose children were born with birth defects that could have been avoided, are what make up the total funds being paid out. However, the true figures of what has actually been paid, is actually higher than the stats that are currently being released, with older negligent case details being withheld.

Complaints have rapidly increased since 2009. In comparison to complaints, in 2009, there were 214 complaints filed, and in 2011, the number had increased to 307. Many boards throughout Europe have seen the amounts of complaints they have been receiving fall, however, the complaints within Scotland, continue to hold steady at twenty six percent higher than the continents average.

Mrs. Smith, who is the director of the Midwives at Royal College in Scotland, stated that the levels of staff members within Scotland are actually better than those within the United Kingdom. However, the UK has experienced an unexpected baby boom, which has carried over, since 2012. In Scotland, the amounts of pregnancies being reported have diminished.

However, even though the numbers of pregnant women that require maternity care have dwindled, this does not mean that here is a reduction in the complex needs of pregnant women within the country. In fact, the number of complex pregnancy cases has increased in Scotland, as the amounts of pregnancies started to see a decrease.

A spokesperson for the Scottish Government released a statement, stating that they will uphold patient care for pregnant mothers. If any patient feels that their care has fallen below 93 percent, they should inform someone immediately. Scotland has been recognized as having some of the safest hospitals for pregnant women to labour in. In fact, in comparison to global rankings, Scotland facilities are amongst the tops of the lists. The clinics and hospitals within the area are doing everything in their power to reduce the amounts of incidents reported.

However the question remains, if Scotland hospitals are amongst the safest in the world, why have the amounts of negligent claims increased? Perhaps, a few personal interviews with some women who received care from the facilities, could help answer this pressing question.

If you or someone you know have been a victim of medical negligence, make sure to seek compensation.