Cancer Negligence: How A Young Woman’s Stubbornness Saved Her Life

Stubbornness saved a young ladies life and now she can sue for cancer negligence!

A young woman that would not take no for answer is lucky that her stubbornness ended up saving her life; The young patient was referred to as a hypochondriac when she noticed a lump in her throat, which turned out to be a cancerous growth.  At the time, the eighteen year old, who is now twenty six, noticed a growth in her throat.


Concerned with the growth that she discovered, she sought out her GP. However, instead of running a series of test on the young woman to determine what caused the lump in the first place, her GP advised the lady that she was vain for wanting the lump removed, and that there was nothing wrong with her. But, the young woman was determined to find out what was wrong with her, so she pressed forward.

GP Negligence Could Have Took The Life of A 18 Year Old

Wanting the proper assistance that she believed she was entitled to, the young woman sought out answers from other medical professionals. Unfortunately, her cries fell on deaf ears and she was turned away repeatedly by different medical practitioners. The young woman stated that doctors continued to dismiss her, and kept treating her like she was a young and naïve hypochondriac.

The growth at the time that the young accountant sought help was three centimeters. It was not just affecting the young woman in an aesthetic nature, but it also was affecting her voice as well. But, despite what she was telling medical professionals her concerns were consistently being dismissed.

Cancer Negligence Can Be Difficult To Prove

Eventually the young patient was able to get someone to listen to her. She found a doctor that agreed to perform a biopsy on the growth, so cancer could be ruled out as a plausible cause. The initial biopsy that came back was negative for cancer, because it was not performed correctly. When a doctor finally agreed to remove the growth, the young patient was ecstatic.

The doctor advised the patient he was removing the growth for aesthetic reasons, and that there was nothing medically wrong with her. However, once the growth was removed, it was sent off for a proper biopsy to be performed. Once the biopsy was done, it revealed that the young patient had been suffering from thyroid cancer for the past ten years. If it had not been for the stubbornness of this eighteen year old patient, nothing would have been done to help her.