Why Was An 18 Year Old Throat Cancer Patient Misdiagnosed Multiple Times?

An 18 year old girl was concerned when she found a lump in her throat. As any worried teen would do, she booked an appointment with her local doctor and went to show the lump to him and address her concerns. What happened next though could have led to her death. The doctor was wrong and the 18 year old cancer patient misdiagnosed, and led astray to feel that she was a hypochondriac.


Why Was A Cancer Patient Misdiagnosed Five Times?

Fortunately though the girl was not going to accept that she just had a cosmetic lump in her throat, and she went onto seek not one, not two, not three, four, BUT five second opinions. It just goes to show how hard it is to get a doctor to take you seriously these days.

Persistence finally paid off, and she found a doctor that would operate and remove the lump from her throat. The biopsy came back as negative though because the entire lump was not removed and, the poor girl had to undergo another operation to remove the final piece of the lump. Luckily though she persisted and had patience without giving up. Unfortunately, the biopsy came back as positive and she had in fact been suffering from lymph node cancer. The cancer was not progressive and was caught just in time. Her journey was just beginning though and the teen had to endure 8 years of cancer treatment as a result of the throat cancer patient misdiagnosis.

At the age of 26, she is now cancer free and has suffered permanent damage to her vocal cords as a result of the late misdiagnosis. She is also reliant on pain medication to make it through the day, and is unsure if she can have children. Doctors have told her that she has a 50% chance of being unable to conceive, something that hurts a lot as she loved kids and just married last year.

It is so sad to keep hearing stories like this, when they really could have been avoided. All cancer patients that have been misdiagnosed have the right to sue for compensation, and ask for money to help them out with the suffering that they have endured. If you have been in a situation like this and feel the need to seek compensation for cancer patient misdiagnosis then please feel free to exercise your right.

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Should GP and Doctor Negligence Have Caused The Death of a 28 Year Old Lady?

Earlier this year a 28 year old lady from Luton was admitted to the hospital to be treated for what should have been a routine procedure. She had developed an infection on her lung and had to be hospitalised to check her health and administered antibiotics through a drip.


Why Did GP and Doctor Negligence Leave A Dirty Line In A Patients Arm?

The line that was inserted into her hand was left there for the Easter weekend because there were no staff on call to change the line. Staff had actually noticed that the line had become dirty and there was visible bacteria in the line that should have been changed immediately. There is no questioning the fact that bacteria can be the cause of infection and there should be no questioning just how soon the line should have been removed and replaced, that of course should have been immediately.

The 28 year old woman was left though as the doctors and nurses were too busy to attend to such a routine procedure, in fact no one seemed to want to take responsibility for it. So all over the weekend despite them knowing that the ladies drip had bacteria inside; they went about day to day procedures, waiting until there were more staff in after the weekend holiday. The 28 year old lady developed a fever in the meantime, and then developed blood poisoning. The blood poisoning was unfortunately caught too late and the lady died before anyone was able to treat her effectively and make sure that her infection could be treated.

Her family were fuming when they found out that she had died and certainly did not expect that to be the outcome of such a short illness. The case was taken to court and passed onto a specialist solicitor that was able to prove that GP and doctor negligence was a result of the cause of the ladies death, and her relatives received a substantial pay-out, along with an apology from the hospital that the negligence took place at. That is not to say that the cash would compensate for the death of the lady, but the cash would in fact help to receive an acknowledgement that there was a mistake that had taken place on the hospitals part.

Cases like this are on the rise a lot more and GP and doctor negligence is becoming something that is heard of a lot more. If you or someone you know have suffered as a result of something similar, make sure to seek professional advice and get compensation.

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Should Ambulance Failures Happen In The UK?

The scenario seems simple, a man is sick, he calls for an ambulance, the ambulance comes, the man is taken to hospital, treated and then he lives to see another pain free day.


Well, you would expect that this would be the scenario because most people in the UK that call for an ambulance do not do so unless they are in excruciating pain and in dire need of medical attention. One man thought that this would be the case when he called for an ambulance to take him to the hospital when he found himself suffering from severe stomach ache. Instead he suffered from one of the worst cases of ambulance failures in the UK.

Just Why Was This Call Handler Allowed To Get Away With Ambulance Negligence?

The call handler down the other end of the phone seemed to think that he was not in need of emergency medical care, but the man kept insisting throughout the call that he did. In fact, he had already self-diagnosed himself with a gall stone issue, and the call handler did not take him seriously. In fact, her advice was to take a hot bath, take some painkillers for his stomach ache and then to wait for his GP to call and fix an appointment.

Ambulance Failures Can Be Avoided By Careful Attention from Call Handlers

The appointment was made, but the man did not make it. In fact, the doctor’s surgery didn’t blink an eyebrow when he failed to attend, nor did any of the other people that he had spoken to. Despite being a vulnerable man with learning difficulties the unfortunate gent that called was abandoned by the very service that should have been there to help him. Timing was bad for the gent too, as this all happened over the Easter weekend. In fact, by the Monday morning after calling for help his carer went to attend to some of the household chores and was shocked when she found him curled up in pain on the floor crying.

Eventually this time an ambulance did arrive to take the gent to the local hospital, however, it was a very long time to have waited and 30 minutes after getting to the hospital the man died of a heart attack as a result of a pancreatic block. All of this could have been avoided had the call taker had taken him more seriously when he called up to report pain, and was sent to the emergency room on the same day he called asking for medical intervention. It is a sad state of affairs to have to see medical negligence cases like this arise more and more often, and if you have been a victim of something similar make sure to seek professional advice.

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Are Clinical Negligence Claims On The Rise In The UK Today?

Clinical negligence claims is a word that gets used too much nowadays. It is everywhere, all around us in society. Sadly cases are on the rise and do not show a sign of halting. Last year a lady went to visit her local doctor’s clinic with her teenage daughter. The unnamed teen was complaining of pains in her ligaments and lower back. The doctor put the diagnosis down to teenage growing pains. Sending the teen home to get a hot bath and take pain medication.


Why Did GP Medical Negligence Send A Teen Home When She Was Seriously Ill?

After being sent home the teen was still complaining with pains, in fact her concerned mother took her to the doctors over 15 times to see if she was OK, and try to establish the cause of the pains that she had been experiencing.  The problem is though that the girl did not just have growing pains and she actually had cancer that had started with a growth in the bottom of her spine. The cancer had grown so strong that it was in her lungs, her head and was rife all over her body. The teen was shocked at the diagnosis, and the way that the final diagnosis was made was shocking. She had been stopping with her father for the weekend when she was woken with pains so bad that her father called an ambulance. She was immediately admitted and had to go through with extensive chemo.

In fact her diagnosis was so bad that the girl has not recovered yet, and is still undergoing chemo to reduce tumours. Luckily her prognosis is a lot better, but had this disease been caught a lot earlier and clinical negligence had not taken place then she would certainly have not had to suffer so much.

Should The GP Be Held Responsible For Failing To Diagnose Her?

The GP should be held responsible because the time that her mother took her to the doctor if he did not know what was the cause, further tests should have been recommended. It seems to be that we live in a country with a medical tombola and to get a correct diagnosis you have to be on death’s door. Luckily the girl is getting better, and has 2 loving family members in the form of her sister and mother to take care of her and help her as she transitions into remission from her illness.

If you or someone you know has had a problem with misdiagnosis then seek advice from a qualified solicitor for compensation.

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In 2014 Should Midwife Medical Negligence Still Exist?

Midwife medical negligence is a thing that should be well in the past. In days gone by there used to be a lot of stillbirths in the UK, well, 100 years back!


Now though with the advancements in technology, scanning machinery and heart monitors, along with the c section and highly skilled consultants, stillbirths should be a rare occurrence.

A lady in surrey was pregnant in 2010 with her second child, a baby girl. Both her and her husband were ecstatic and could not wait for the birth. They were told that it will be a high risk pregnancy, and put their complete trust into the NHS staff that were there to protect them and ensure the safe arrival of the baby.

The lady was in complete trust of medical staff and had no reason to be concerned when the consultant discharged her and put her under midwife care a month prior to a scheduled c section. Just days later she noticed reduced movements in the baby, and decided to call midwives for advice. They said that the baby had probably fallen asleep and at one point the advice that was offered was to shake her stomach in order to awaken the child.

The lady was a little shocked, but then midwifes started to take her a little more seriously when the scan revealed that the heartbeat of her unborn baby girl had in fact stopped. It was established that the child had died in the womb and that the poor lady would have to deliver her angel a stillborn princess. It was a definite case of midwife medical negligence and the couple knew that from day one. That is why the sought legal advice for the trauma that was suffered by both parties and in the end they managed to win the case and gain a substantial amount of compensation. Surrey NHS have taken full responsibility for the case and have admitted that they were negligent in missing the fact that the lady had cause to be concerned and that she should have been taken more seriously in a high risk pregnancy.

Does It Pay To Put In A Claim In Cases Of Midwife Medical Negligence?

It sure does! It certainly cannot cover the trauma suffered by the patients; however, it can help to compensate for time lost at work and the costs of funerals, and medical transportation. Not to mention the emotional distress that has taken place along the way.

So, if you are a victim of midwife medical negligence or any other source of hospital negligence then seek advice today!

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Did A Seven Year Old Boy Need 2.25 Million Compensation Because Of GP Negligence?

GP negligence has long been on the rise in the UK, and sadly there was a very bad case of it seven years ago. In fact, so bad that it caused a family to have to undergo an unwanted pregnancy, and also a little boy to suffer for life as a result of the mother having had to keep the pregnancy.


Why Did Such A Case Of Medical Negligence Happen?

It all started out with the mother’s routine visit to the negligence GP, in fact she was going to have an iud contraceptive device fitted in order to ensure that her family didn’t get any larger. At the time no pregnancy test was offered, and the doctor proceeded to fit the device to the lady. After the device was fitted thanks to the case of GP negligence, the device caused great discomfort and the lady bled. It was considered normal after having such a device fitted.

It was not until 25 weeks into the pregnancy that the lady realised that something was really not right, and doctors presented her with the confirmation hat she was in fact pregnant, and had been 14 week pregnant when the contraceptive device was fitted. It was a terrible shock for the seven year olds mother, whom at the time had fitted the device as she already considered the family complete. Now, as a result of the device being fitted and UK abortion laws, the boy was not able to be aborted, and the mother had to carry in with the pregnancy. She sadly delivered her son, who is loved and wanted now, early at 29 weeks.

Because of the premature delivery the child suffered irreversible brain damage and has cerebral palsy.  After battling it out in the high court the boy’s parents have managed to win him a tidy sum of 2.25 million GBP for compensation and to help him to be more comfortable whilst having to deal with his injuries in life. The case is quite unique, bur sadly GP negligence is on the rise, and since this happened 7 years ago- more similar cases are coming to light.

Should Doctors Be Trusted?

In one short word, no, we always put so much trust into doctors when looking for medical care and that is why it is important that when they are wrong, cases are opened to help highlight them and make others aware.

If you or someone you love had been the victim of GP negligence, make sure that you seek the correct compensation and make a claim with a reputable solicitor.

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Why Is GP Negligence Still Happening?


You would like to think that in the UK today, GP negligence is a word that is not commonly mentioned in conversation. However, that is really not the case. Infact it seems to be used more and more often.

GP Negligence Leaves  A Grandmother to Raise Her Daughters Children Alone

That is exactly the word that crops to mind when the 47 year old mother of a once healthy 21 year old expectant mother thinks about the actions of her daughter’s health care provider.  The 47 year old was preparing herself to become the grandmother to her daughters second child last year, when her pregnant daughter was struck down with flu. For some the flu is not a deadly bug, however, in pregnant ladies it can quickly turn nasty, as is the case with the 21year old.

Just 4 days before New Year she fell ill with the flu virus and was rushed to hospital. Not long after the mother to be was coughing up blood. The shocking thing is that had she been offered a routine flu jab by her negligent GP, the bug could have been avoided. Sadly though, down to a case of GP negligence, she was not offered the jab. That means that now her mother has to raise both her children, one whom was brought into this world via a c section when her mother was on deaths door.

What should have been happy memories and the start of 2014 with 2 grandchildren and a daughter meant the organisation of a funeral for the 21 year olds mum. It is so frustrating when you think about it because all it would have taken was the ladies GP to speak up and offer the flu jab which is offered to pregnant ladies in the UK as a routine vaccination. Unfortunately though because of GP negligence the injection was not offered, and as a result the lady died.

Sadly, in all cases of GP negligence it is not just one person that suffers, it is a group of people, the direct relatives, the children, the parents and friends. Happy times become sad ones and a whole lot of suffering reoccurs each and every year on the anniversary of a loved one’s death. Just when are GPs going to take blame for their negligent actions?

If you are a victim of something similar make sure that you pursue the health care provider that left you to suffer. Find a solicitor, and start to seek the compensation that you deserve. No one should suffer at the hands of a bad doctor.

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Woman Given The Wrong Diagnosis Donates Money To The Facility That Treated Her Poorly

A 39 year old lady who had the wrong diagnosis donated her compensation before dying.


Her mother who resides in Essex, passed away as a result of cervical cancer, donated thousands of pounds to the facility that was unable to spot her condition. Although this sounds a little absurd, the mother of the thirty nine year old that passed away as the result of a wrong diagnosis on multiple occasions, commends her daughter for her decision, and upheld her wishes.

The thirty nine year old patient died this past September. She had visited her local hospital five times in a six month time frame. Her chief complaint was related to excruciating pain. But, every time that the woman visited the facility, she was informed that there was nothing wrong with her, and instantly turned away.

Can Someone Who Has Been Given The Wrong Diagnosis Multiple Times Ever Forgive?

The mother of the thirty nine year old stated that on one occasion her daughter was told that she was drunk, and that there was nothing that was wrong with her. Aside from being told she was drunk on this one occasion, the patient was also told that she had possible mental problems and was wasting the medical professional’s time by coming into the facility on multiple occasions. Another medical professional had told the patient to shut up, due to her screaming in agonizing pain.

Due to cancer negligence and delays in referral, the disease spread throughout the patient’s body, into their lymph nodes as well as her veins. However, despite the way that she was treated by staff that was assigned to help her, the woman decided to donate £320,000 to the facility. The money she was given was from the NHS, after being compensated for her injuries.

Cancer Negligence Can Be Forgiven

The patient gave the money to the facility in hopes that no one else would be forced to have to go through what she had to endure. Although the woman knew that it was only a matter of time that she passed on, she wanted to do something to help others that could eventually end up in her same situation. If that is not a show of mercy, it is difficult to define what is.

The leading nurse at the facility spoke out in an interview regarding the deceased patient. She stated that aside from the poor experiences that the patient was forced to endure, that the facility is extremely grateful for her overwhelming generosity.

Source- https://www.medicalnegligenceassist.co.uk/

Cancer Negligence: How A Young Woman’s Stubbornness Saved Her Life

Stubbornness saved a young ladies life and now she can sue for cancer negligence!

A young woman that would not take no for answer is lucky that her stubbornness ended up saving her life; The young patient was referred to as a hypochondriac when she noticed a lump in her throat, which turned out to be a cancerous growth.  At the time, the eighteen year old, who is now twenty six, noticed a growth in her throat.


Concerned with the growth that she discovered, she sought out her GP. However, instead of running a series of test on the young woman to determine what caused the lump in the first place, her GP advised the lady that she was vain for wanting the lump removed, and that there was nothing wrong with her. But, the young woman was determined to find out what was wrong with her, so she pressed forward.

GP Negligence Could Have Took The Life of A 18 Year Old

Wanting the proper assistance that she believed she was entitled to, the young woman sought out answers from other medical professionals. Unfortunately, her cries fell on deaf ears and she was turned away repeatedly by different medical practitioners. The young woman stated that doctors continued to dismiss her, and kept treating her like she was a young and naïve hypochondriac.

The growth at the time that the young accountant sought help was three centimeters. It was not just affecting the young woman in an aesthetic nature, but it also was affecting her voice as well. But, despite what she was telling medical professionals her concerns were consistently being dismissed.

Cancer Negligence Can Be Difficult To Prove

Eventually the young patient was able to get someone to listen to her. She found a doctor that agreed to perform a biopsy on the growth, so cancer could be ruled out as a plausible cause. The initial biopsy that came back was negative for cancer, because it was not performed correctly. When a doctor finally agreed to remove the growth, the young patient was ecstatic.

The doctor advised the patient he was removing the growth for aesthetic reasons, and that there was nothing medically wrong with her. However, once the growth was removed, it was sent off for a proper biopsy to be performed. Once the biopsy was done, it revealed that the young patient had been suffering from thyroid cancer for the past ten years. If it had not been for the stubbornness of this eighteen year old patient, nothing would have been done to help her.

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Seven Year Old Dies After Being Given The Wrong Diagnosis Three Times

A coroner has ruled that the death of a seven year old girl could have been avoided, if her parents had not continued to be given the wrong diagnosis by medical professionals. The seven year old passed away two hours after she had been sent home for the third time by a medical professional. The same misdiagnosis was given by three different professionals.


The Wrong Diagnosis Took A Seven Year Olds Life

The child had been rushed to the hospital, after falling ill. She was suffering from an increasing temperature and also vomiting. On her first visit to the hospital, the child was misdiagnosed and then sent away to have her GP monitor her. Not getting any better, the distraught mother of the seven year old, took her daughter to see her doctor three different times over the course of three days.

On the third visit, the little girl was sent away again. However, this time would be the last time. A little over two hours after the little girl had been sent away; she tragically collapsed at her residence, and died. Further investigations into the girl’s death have revealed some disturbing details.

GP Negligence Is Responsible

The seven year old died of a bacterial infection that is known as Bacterial Trachetis. The infection was due to croup. The funny thing is even though a doctor that had seen the girl diagnosed her with viral croup, they did not recognise the complications that came with her diagnosis. The little girl died due to the complications of her condition, which if general practitioners would have taken some time to properly diagnose the girl, could have been avoided.

The parents of the seven year old admit that losing her has been the hardest thing they have ever had to deal with in their lives. Her mother stated that her daughter began to deteriorate quickly. She was once a happy girl that was full of life, and then almost overnight, she became ill, and there was nothing she could do to help her.
Knowing the entire time that something was wrong, the seven year olds parents continued to bring her back to the medical facility. Unfortunately, despite their determination to find out what was wrong with their daughter, the doctors fell short on helping the family. The mother of the seven year old stated that all parents need to know when to trust their instincts and to never take no for an answer.

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