Claim Compensation for Misdiagnosis Negligence if You Have Been a Victim

Misdiagnosis By DoctorsThere can be many causes of misdiagnosis. Common among them are inefficient training, incompetence and sometimes sheer negligence. But whatever be the causes, the consequences are always the same. Firstly, the patient and family suffer monetary losses due to the misdiagnosis. But the more threatening part is that, the end result could well prove to be fatal for the patient.

On identification of misdiagnosis, the patients or their relatives can legally sue the medical institution or consultant in question for a compensation claim.

Misdiagnosis Leads to Wrong Treatment

Wrong or inefficient treatment is responsible for major health losses and sometimes even death. There can again be several causes of wrong treatment. These could be equipment failure, wrongly carried out surgeries or simply misdiagnosis. The first among these is matter of pure chance. Equipment failure might occur in the best of hospitals. However, reasons like inappropriate surgeries and misdiagnosis negligence can hardly be excused; the latter all the more so. To some extent human errors in surgeries can be considered. But, negligence shown in diagnosis is something like a guarantee for wrong treatment. It is something like giving pills that contain loose motion to someone who is suffering from constipation. There will be no benefit of such medicine. However, it is always advisable that in such cases the patients go ahead with a claim for compensation.

When to Claim?

It is also important on patients’ part to know and understand when to claim for medical negligence related to misdiagnosis. Broadly there are three possibilities when a claim for compensation can be secured.

  • If the patient is left undiagnosed: There are cases when a consultant declares that a patient is completely healthy and is not suffering from any disease. However, later findings reveal that the patient was suffering from a particular disease at the time the doctor was consulted. These are cases when the patient is left undiagnosed. The patient qualifies more compensation on this ground.
  • When the patient is diagnosed with a different disease: If the patient is misinformed about his health condition or diagnosed with the wrong disease, it might lead to wrong or maladroit treatment. This can result in fatal consequences. Had the disease been correctly identified in the first place, chances of wrong treatment would have reduced significantly. A claim for compensation can be filed in such cases.
  • Wrongly prescribed medication: Even if the disease or health condition is identified correctly, the patient can apply for compensation if he feels that the right medication has not been prescribed.

Seek Help from an Expert

negligence claim expertConsequences of negligence related to misdiagnosis can be traumatic for the patient and the family. In such conditions, engaging in legal hassles can be a formidable task. However, one does not need to worry much about that anymore.

Seeking help from a legal expert is a good idea in such instances. There are professionals who help the patient understand their claim better and also give advice on whether the claim is valid or not. In case they feel that the claim is a valid one, most experts follow a no win no fees principle.