Compensation For Medical Negligence Brain Injured Child

An 11 year old child suffered from brain injuries as a result of medical negligence, they were described as “catastrophic” by attending physicians, which have been blamed upon mistakes made by Royal Surrey County Hospital medics. In a recent ruling, London’s High Court has decided that the female child is entitled to the right to a compensation payout.


The child cannot walk without assistance, and she will never lead an independent, autonomous life because of a brain fever that developed within months after her September 2002 birth. Although described as an “animated and sparky” child, the girl suffers from lifelong learning disabilities and difficulties, according to a June 25th statement made by her mother.

The young girl was born early while her parents were visiting Turkey on holiday during the fall of 2002. Within weeks of her delivery, she developed an infection whose symptoms mimicked those of meningitis.

At the time, the family was residing in Surrey, and at the tender age of 25 days, she was rushed to Royal Surrey. After initially being treated with antibiotics, she appeared to be making satisfactory progress. However, the barrister representing the child claims that the hospital’s medical staff acted negligently in failing to refer her to a neurological specialist for treatment after an alarming amount of fluid built up within her brain cavity.

It was not until December of 2002 that she was referred to Kings College Hospital in London for surgery, and at this point, it is claimed, it was too late to save the infant from permanent brain damage.

The child, whose claim is being pursued on her behalf by her father, had filed a claim for damages against the Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, who has admitted negligence in the case.

After some dickering back and forth, the two parties were able to reach a settlement that will compensate the child for 75% of her total claim. Had the suit gone to trial, it is possible that the patient could have received nothing. The agreement now eliminates the need for a contested trial.

Although the total amount of the victim’s compensation payout will be determined at a later date, it is believed that the total award amount, even after a 25% reduction, will amount to over seven figures, in order to pay for the assistance and care the child will require for the rest of her life.

In their approval of the deal, London’s High Court praised the child’s parents for the devotion and care they have provided her with.