Another Case Of Medical Negligence- Death Of A Young Lady

Dirty hospital equipment was to blame when staff at a hospital committed severe medical negligence acts. A Luton woman passed away from septicemia, as a result of a dirty catheter tube that was used while at L&D, claims state. A young twenty eight year old woman, was taken to the hospital last November, as a result of a flesh eating condition, known as necrotizing fascitis. Following multiple operations, and two months of careful planning, the young woman had been diagnosed from the facility that had treated her for the condition.


While at the facility that was treating her for the skin condition, the young lady made a full recovery. While her parents had been visiting their daughter at the facility where she was recovering, they overheard a nurse state that there was a catheter tube that was in use that was dirty. However, even though the nurses knew that this tube was being used, there were no steps taken to correct the problem.

Just a few short days after the young ladies mother and father had overheard nurses discussing the dirty tube, their daughter suffered a bout of heart attacks, five to be exact, and eventually passed away. The lawyer that the young ladies parents hired, stated that it is evident that the young lady died from septicemia. The microbiologist at the facility, had requested that the catheter that was being used on the lady needed to be removed. He made this request the Friday prior to the young ladies death, nothing was ever done.

However, even though the evidence of what truly killed this young woman is clear, the hospitals investigation revealed that the young lady was given antibiotics that she should have never been put back on. A further investigation into the death of the young lady, has been scheduled for October. The mother of the young woman who passed away so tragically states that they are going to be forced to see what happens after the investigation has been completed.

After the hearing has been concluded, then the lawyers will discuss with the parents of the young woman if there are going to be any grounds for them pursuing legal actions against the hospital for negligence claims. The hospital has extended their sincere apologies to the family. However, regardless of the apologies that are being given, nothing has the authority to bring the young lady back. At this particular moment, all the parents of the young lady can do, is hope that everything goes in their favor, and the questions they have related to their daughters death are finally answered.