Delays In Referral Almost Claimed The Life Of A Loving Grandad

A loving grandfather almost lost his life because of delays in referral,  and will possibly never walk again following numerous blunders that occurred during a routine procedure. The grandfather’s heart stopped beating on five different occasions, due to his hospital failing to detect an infection. Due to GP negligence, the man suffered with a horrible infection for the course of five days, which later turned into sepsis, and started causing vital organs in the man’s body to shut down.


The sixty two year old patient was put into an induced coma for a month. At one point, the patient’s wife was told that her husband had only an hour left to live. Incredibly, the man pulled through, but he ended up having to spend an additional eight and a half months in the hospital, recovering from the ordeal. Funny thing is that the patient was admitted for a routine surgery, a hip replacement procedure.

When Treatment And Surgery Goes Terribly Wrong

The male who now has to figure out how to live his new life, is absolutely devastated by what happened to him. He admits that he once owned a fishing and tackle shop. He had his own business, and him and his wife were content with their lives. He was a pretty busy and fit individual, who now has to be confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life.

The grandfather admits that the entire situation has put his head in bits. He has developed severe depression due to what happened to him, believing that now he has no way out. His future does not look very bright at this point. The patient had his right hip replaced in 2009, and two years following the surgery, started to develop sharp pains around the joint that was accompanied by a fever.

Patients Should Not Have To Pay For The Wrong Diagnosis Or Delays In Referal

The grandfather had been taken to the same hospital he had his previous replacement performed at. At this point, he was examined by a doctor that suspected that he had some type of infection. However, a consultation quickly overruled the findings. Multiple errors followed the diagnosis.

The grandfather was not given anything to treat his ailment for five days. The delay in treatment caused the infection to spread rapidly. The infection spread to the left hip of the patient and to both of his joints, causing these body parts to have to be removed, in order for the infection to be rectified. The untreated infection has also caused damage to the spine of the patient and his mobility.