Distraught Mother Sues Health Board For Medical Negligence Birth

When a mother gives birth, her worst nightmare is the words medical negligence birth.

A claim against a local health board within the UK has been filed by both a mother and her daughter. It is as a result of what the family believe to be a medical negligence birth. The claim is presently being analysed by the court justice, in order to determine if it has any precedence. The mother and daughter have filed suit against the health board, protesting that they believe that they are entitled to a minimum amount of £300,000.


The duo is claiming that there was a case of medical negligence that came into play, concerning her baby’s diagnosis at the facility. The baby was born with a chronic brain disorder. The mother of the child is claiming that due to her baby’s issues, she has been forced to deal with psychological trauma caused by the ordeal.

The mother had initially thought that her daughter was stillborn. She is claiming that she was so traumatised by the event, and the birth that she had to succumb to that she now suffers from a psychiatric injury. The mother later ended up getting her newborn up for adoption, because she could not stand to look at her, after what she had been put through.

Apparently, the child was born with cerebral palsy, which has been linked to a negligent delivery. The institution, also failed to properly monitor the new mother, after the baby had been born, as well as throughout the entire labor process. The child, that was initially thought to be deceased, is now seven years old.

Her condition is so extreme, that she is unable to do anything that a normal child is accustomed to performing. The little girl is unable to talk, walk, or ever lead a normal existence. Her mother as well as anyone else that has had the opportunity to meet her would most likely need to admit that living in this type of existence, would cause anyone to feel like they are a prisoner in their own bodies.

The mother and daughter have joined forces with a legal guardian, who is working with the duo to help litigate the situation. All three of the individuals, claim that there was negligence that was caused by the nursing staff at a local health board. They are claiming that the negligence that was adopted was fetal hypoxia. It’s great to find an cheap online pharmacy where you can find any drug you need. From this website, I have ordered different medications for myself and the members of my family, such as vitamins, pills for weight loss, and others, and every time I was satisfied with their services.

This simply means that the child, during the birthing process, was deprived of obtaining an adequate amount of oxygen. The seven year old girl entered the world in a tragic means, in 2006. The child was delivered with its umbilical cord, wrapped around its neck. Documentations that were submitted by the health board that delivered the child, state that at the time of birth, the little girl was blue in colour, and to most of the professionals in the room, she appeared to be lifeless.

Right after she was born, her lifeless body was placed onto her mother’s chest. Despite all of the attempts to bring the infant back to life, breathing was not achieved, until the baby had been out of the womb for thirty five minutes. Records indicate that the baby did not cry during birth. Lawyers acting on behalf of the mother and daughter believe that their case will not be difficult to prove.