Eight Infants Die Due To Medical Negligence

Eight infants have been declared dead, due to a freak accident at a medical facility, the parents of the infants believe it is a case of medical negligence.  According to a local broadcaster, the cause of the infant’s deaths was due to faulty medical equipment. The staff believes the infants died due to the ventilators malfunctioning. However, even though this would seem to be a unfortunate accident, the parents of the diseased infants believe that the primary cause of the deaths of their children was a result of medical negligence.


Can Medical Staff Be Blamed For Medical Equipment Functioning Improperly?


The reason why the parents are assuming that medical negligence had to do with their infants deaths is because, only four of the children died due to not having enough oxygen. The children all died around the same time in the morning hours. The official records have indicated that medical negligence could have something to do with the deaths of these infants.

According to hospital records, four of the eight children died from an inadequate amount of oxygen. Three of the infants that passed away in this manner were boys, one was a girl. Family members of the children that died believe that the medical staff have to do with the ordeal. Some of the family members report seeing hospital staff members on their phones all night, while patients were left unattended.

At the time that these family members seen staff members on their phones, there were thirteen infants that were under-weight that were in the intensive care unit. These infants were left in the ICU without the proper amount of medical attention being given to them.  The nurse and doctor that were supposed to be watching the infants have been suspended as a result of the ordeal.

Should Medical Professionals Be Suspended For Medical Negligence?

The doctor and nurse that were assigned to the wing at night, were asleep when the incubators started operating inadequately. The nurse and doctor, had they been awake would have noticed the infants were actually peculiar, which would have caused them to have to react in that situation. However, because the infants were left to fight on their own, there was nothing that could have been done to save them.

Medical staff members do have a hard job to fulfill. They are responsible for hundreds of lives on a daily basis. However, this is the profession they have chosen, and they have to be able to take on the responsibilities that are put in their hands. The staff should be on their toes at all minutes, to ensure that their patients are being taken care of appropriately.

Source – https://www.medicalnegligenceassist.co.uk