Mental Health Negligence Causes Death Of Man

Mental health negligence caused the death of a young man from Norwich.

The family of a young man that committed suicide, by jumping to his death at a mall in Norwich, have decided to take legal action against mental bosses within the health field, claiming that they did not do everything they could to help their son. After the young man’s death, several studies were conducted, regarding the reason why the young man took his life.


The twenty five year old, tragically took his life, when he jumped to his death from the fifth floor of a local shopping centre. The coroner that collected the body of the young man, criticised the mental health trust, describing the trust as being uncoordinated and fragmented. At the time of his suicide, the young man had been visiting with two different members of the mental health staff.

However, despite the fact that the young man was being seen by two different mental health advocates, neither of the professionals shared notes with one another. In fact, the two professionals were unaware that the other was seeing them. The cororner showed an immense amount of concern that a GP referral that was supposed to be followed up upon within the course of four hours, ended up taking two days.

The family of the young man, believes that the people that they put their trust in to help their son, are the same people that ended up letting him down. The family has instructed that their lawyers need to enter into litigations with the mental health bosses. A specialist that concentrates on medical negligence, claims that details that encircle the torment and lack of help that the young man who was being treated received, is evidence that the mental health services that were bestowed to him, ended up letting him down, when he truly needed them.

The coroner who was responsible for caring for the young mans remains, came to the conclusion that the young man who jumped to his death, intended to kill himself. However, the coroner did add that the young man was suffering from a severe mental disorder at the time of his suicide. After the coroners announcement, the family of the young man stated that they are extremely heartbroken that their son, who was an outstanding person had to be taken in such a tragic manner. They claim that their son did not start to exhibit the behaviors he was being treated for prior to the past nine weeks.

The family states that their son was an caring and intelligent young man. When he began realising that there was something wrong with him, he sought out help for issue as soon as possible. It is unfortunate that the team that was assigned to look after the young man, and do right by him, is the team that ended up letting him down. The death of this young man, marks the first of two different tragedies that has occurred at the mall. These suicides have resulted in hoardings having to be installed along the upper levels of the centre.