GP Negligence: Doctor Forgets To Inform Patient That She Has Cancer

As a result of GP negligence, a doctor that neglectfully forgot to inform a patient that a bone erosion within her shoulder showed possible signs of cancer, has been found guilty of cancer and GP negligence. A lobbyist for the breast cancer coalition stated that they advise all women to request copies of any and all x-rays that they have rendered so they can read over the information and discuss it with their doctor.


The GP, who remains unnamed, admits that they neglected to act on the suspicion of a radiologist that the woman had cancer which had spread into her arm. The GP that is being held liable is currently going through disciplinary actions for his neglect upon this patient, and his choice to simply not tell the patient that she had cancer.

Cancer Negligence Is Unforgivable

Unfortunately, this patient had managed to fall through the cracks in the medical system. This case shows that all medical professionals and GPs need to properly follow up with their patients, and any and all reports that their patients receive. It also shows that women that have previously been diagnosed with cancer, will need to remain vigilant after winning the battle, to be able to watch for signs signifying that the illness may have possibly spread.

The woman, who was fifty seven years old, was referred to go see a radiologist in order to be given an ultrasound and an x-ray of her shoulder, which she had hurt due to a sporting injury. The radiologist diligently performed all of their required tests. When obtaining the results from the test, the radiologist noticed that the massive amount of bone erosions that appeared on the ladies shoulder were clear signs that the cancer the woman had previously beaten had spread to other areas of the body.

Delays in Referral And A GPs Inability To Act Took The Life of A Patient

After receiving the woman’s test results the GP made a note into the medical centres computer regarding the tear in the woman’s tendon, and that there was a possibility that the cancer the woman had just fought and won had returned. However, despite the notes that the GP left in the facilities database, the GP never discussed the cancer with the patient. Instead, the GP gave her a steroid shot for her pain, and sent her on her way.

The lady returned to the facility a few months later, due to an immense amount of pain. Her GP referred her to an orthopedic surgeon. The surgeon, after an x-ray was performed diagnosed the existing cancer within the woman’s arm. She received radiotherapy and chemotherapy thereafter, however, the diagnosis came too late and the woman died within the year.