GP Negligence Responsible For The Death of An Elderly Woman

Sadly, GP negligence is on the rise. A woman from Burton died as a result of multi-organs failing, blood poisoning, and internal bleeding. However, her condition escalated as a result of having to wait two months for proper treatment and surgery. After she received the surgical procedure that was intended to rectify her ailments, the care she received was extremely poor.


The hospital responsible for putting the woman through turmoil has admitted its mistakes. In doing so, it has agreed that it will pay financial compensation to the woman’s family, in the sum of five figures. The daughters of the woman decided to call upon the NHS, so that they could improve the healthcare that is being given to elderly people, which would help to stop GP negligence. The woman suffered with her ailments for months before her passing.

IS GP Negligence To Blame For The Death Of A Burton Woman?

The trust has admitted its faults for the death of the eighty five year old woman, and has agreed that a five figure settlement is going to be rendered to the family members. Lawyers representing the family in the case, admit that there were delays in referral that are to blame for the elderly woman’s death. If the elderly woman had not been forced to wait two months to have surgery to rectify her existing problem, which was known as fistula, a condition affecting the bladder and colon, she would have survived the ailment.

Treatment And Surgery Options Came To Late For This Elderly Woman

Further investigations into the case have revealed that when the elderly woman did undergo a surgical procedure, that the procedure was performed negligently. The keyhole surgery was supposed to rectify the existing ailment; instead it caused a tear within the ovarian vein of the patient. It took doctors an additional twenty four hours to diagnose the condition to the tear that occurred during the surgical procedure.
However, when the diagnosis was made, it was already too late for anything to be done.

The elderly patient passed away in March of 2011. One of the daughters of the deceased spoke up regarding the incident. She states that the family will forever remain devastated by the situation that their mum was put in. Their mum was in agonising pain for weeks, and due to being given the wrong diagnosis, doctors were not quick to determine what could be causing her pain. Instead, the elderly woman passed away, and the family was helpless, unable to help the inevitable from occurring.