Grandmother Dies Due To Medically Negligent Hospital

Relatives of a sixty eight year old woman from Runcorn, have chosen to take legal actions against a medically negligent hospital, where the woman died, shortly after being diagnosed with a treatable bowel condition. The sixty eight year old grandmother, passed away in agony, after being force to deal with the symptoms that were associated with her bowel condition. The family is placing all blame against the scandalous doctors that did nothing to help her.


The relatives of the older woman are now filing suit against the hospital where the lady was kept. Her relatives claim that the mother of four, and the grandmother of thirteen, did not have to pass away from this horrid condition. If her symptoms had been spotted earlier, the woman would still be alive and well today.

In a twist of tragic events, the husband of the lady that passed away suffered an extreme stroke, shortly after the ordeal. Relatives believe that the stroke that he suffered was due in part by the stress that he experienced from his wife passing away. Family members state that the bowel condition that the lady was suffering from was only diagnosed after they had paid for the woman to seek private care.

They took her to a private facility, due to losing faith in the NHS practices. The grandmother passed away, shortly before the birth of her fourteenth grandchild. The forty seven year old son of the woman stated that the care that his mother experienced was scandalous. He wishes now that he would have pushed the facility where his mother was taken to, a little harder, to get to the bottom of what was ailing her.

However, he had assumed that the doctors were doing everything that they could, in order to help his mother. But, it turns out that the doctors could have done more. There was an immense amount of confusion that surrounded who was responsible for providing care for the woman. Uncertainties arose regarding what type of care should be administered. As a result of all of the confusion, the symptoms that the woman was undergoing were missed, and her condition began to worsen.

The lady originally was taken to the hospital in June of 2012. Her condition was a loss of blood within the bowel area. The condition could have been treated with surgery. However, nothing was ever done to assist with the condition. The woman’s health continued to diminish, until she passed away five months after being originally brought into the facility.

If you or someone you know have been a victim of a medically negligent hosptial, make sure to seek compensation.