HIV Medical Negligence Nurse Sentenced To Three Years

HIV Medical negligence is not something that you want to hear when a loved one is staying in hospital.  Hospitals are supposed to be a place, where people go to get better. They are intended to be one of the safest places to be. We put all of our trust in the doctors and nurses that are assigned to take care of us, which makes medical negligence a serious problem.


A nurse, who had already been diagnosed with HIV, has received her jail sentence earlier this week. The nurse, pricked herself with a needle, prior to injecting it into a defenseless child. 64 year old, Rosemary Namubiru, was convicted after she admittedly utilized an intravenous needle on a child, after she had pricked herself with it. Namubiru’s decision to carelessly attempt to infect a child is seen as a flawed decision made by campaigners that support equal rights for individuals who are afflicted with HIV and AIDS.

While being on trial, the nurse claimed that she was not attempting to hurt the child she was being bestowed the honor of helping. She claims that none of her actions were done out of malice, and that she did not prick herself purposely, it was all an accident. Thankfully, tests that were administered on the child revealed that the child had not been inflicted with the disease.

The case against the nurse caused a lot of activists groups to get involved. Many of these groups, rallied around the nurse. They claimed that the nurse was being pushed into a corner due to her HIV status. They believed that the nurse should have never had to face trial. Despite all of the supporters that the nurse had, this did not stop the proceedings.

The nurse was charged with criminal negligence. Her sentence was given, and the nurse will spend three years behind bars, due to her apparent neglect. The nurse, due to her place of residence was not tried in a traditional manner. Instead, she was sentenced under colonial era style laws. Her sentence was for negligence that has the ability to spread a deadly disease.

Since the nurse was sentenced, the lawmakers within Ugandan have passed a law that criminalizes people that purposely attempt to spread the disease intentionally. There are a lot of people that are protesting the decision that was made. The new laws are being said to be a violation of human rights. There are some organisations that claim that the trial against the nurse was unwarranted.

The activists that were standing behind the nurse claim that the HIV nurse was plagued even before her trial began. Many people that were involved with the decision to sentence the nurse, looked at her as a monster, due to her disease. Despite all of the pleas that the activists made on the part of the nurse, there are many Ugandans that stand behind the decision that was made regarding the case. They strongly believe that what the nurse did was out of malice.

They believe that the medical worker did act negligent. She put the life of a defenseless child in jeopardy and should pay for it.