Hospital Negligence Claims

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Hospital Negligence Claims – What Are The Most Common Causes?

Medical negligence in a hospital can take many forms. It’s important to be aware of what can be described as hospital negligence as claims being successful can depend on whether or not your injuries were actually caused by negligence. An injury or illness sustained in a hospital is not necessarily negligence. It must have been caused by a medical professional not administering the minimum standard of care required.

We have included some examples below of instances where you could be eligible to receive hospital negligence claims payouts.

  • Medication errors – This can cover an array of scenarios. One example could be that you are prescribed the wrong medication. Another could be that you are given the wrong dose. Alternatively, it could be that you required medication in order to recover and you were not prescribed any. All of these occurrences could have a negative impact on your health.
  • Misdiagnosis – The medical professional who treated you may have ignored certain symptoms or missed them altogether. If so, this could result in you being told you are healthy when you are in fact suffering from an illness or injury. The lack of treatment you’d then receive may result in your health being affected.
  • Surgical errors – There are certain errors in a medical setting that are deemed to be serious and avoidable. Unfortunately, they still do. They’re known as “never events”. One instance of this could be a surgical procedure being carried out on the wrong patient. Alternatively, the wrong part of the body may be operated on, despite it being the correct patient.
  • If a doctor, nurse or other staff in a hospital fail to follow correct procedures that make up their duty of care, then this could lead to accidents such as an infection spreading or an incident where a patient falls out of their bed.

Negligence in a hospital can occur in various ways. The list above is not complete, there are other examples. If you wish to make a negligence claim against a hospital, get in touch with our advisors today.

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