Why Are Hospital Negligence Claims On The Rise In The UK?

Hospital negligence claims are something that are supposed to be a thing of the past. Technology is advancing, new surgeries are being invented, and medication is almost stellar and guaranteed to treat a plethora of medical issues. The doctors that treat us are a hell of a lot more qualified and have in depth knowledge of the human anatomy, but still the figures of hospital negligence claims in 2016 are a damn site higher than say, 20 years back, and the reason? Rushed jobs, overcrowding- understaffing, too much know, poor communication skills, and a rise in the solicitors well known marketing pitch, no win no fee claims! This article covers some of the common issues that hospitals today are faced with that contribute towards the rise in hospital negligence cases in UK establishments today.

Waiting Lists and Medieval Doctor Referrals

Waiting lists are way too long, half of the time that a patient is referred to the hospital for an appointment from the doctor their name goes into a computer system, and an appointment is auto generated. Some of the time, higher risk patients are way laid at the bottom of a computerised system that the hospital administration has no idea how to override.

Overcrowding and Lack of Doctors

Despite being a well-paid job, and being an in demand trade, there is a severe lack of doctors in the UK today. Those that are qualified to be doctors are shoved into surgeries and hospitals where they quite often feel overwhelmed, and like any human being cannot cope under increased amounts of stress with a lack of sleep. Seeing around 50 patients on an average day does not allow doctors the chance to be able to connect with patients on a one to one basis, and quite often what happens is that they see each person as a statistic, a name on a list that needs to be hurried through and ticked off. Sadly, unlike the past when GPs used to connect on a one to one basis, a huge contributing factor to this problem is technology and human reliance on computers and gadgets.

Glitches in Computers

That leads to the next point that contributes to hospital negligence. Computer systems that do not work and have crashed, when this happens appointments get way laid, emergency patients get ignored,  and of course patients do not realise that they need to be seen urgently as appointment cards are not generated.

Communication from Patient to Doctors

Sometimes when a patient goes into see a doctor, they do not show how ill they are. Doctors can quite often think that they are not as sick as what they really are because of a problem with communication from the patient to the doctor. As humans we automatically think that if someone is crying and making a scene, they are really ill, whereby if someone is quite and has a lot to say about their problem, they are not as sick. It is a natural thing that humans do- we play on emotion and react to noise.

Jobs That Are Rushed

Of course if you have 10 patients all sitting in the waiting room, each one expecting to be seen within the next hour, you are going to have to rush. There will be a sense of see them quick, get them treated, out, and in with the next! It is sad, but true in today’s medical world. When this happens a lot of the time patients feel rushed, and it takes time to actually open up. If they are going to walk into a room with a doctor that seems text book, it is going to be a lot harder to open up about issues. This is particularly the case when it comes to mental health issues, or clinically embarrassing issues that require intimate bodily parts. Patients need time to connect and trust doctors enough to feel comfortable enough to discuss these matters. This is not always possible with a 5 minute consultation.

An Influx in Private Clinics

Hospitals negligence claims went on the rise with the many cosmetic procedures that were performed in private hospitals. In the 80s plastic surgery stared to become more affordable and a lot of people that used to associate the procedures made under the knife, like breast implants, nose jobs etc with celebrities, started to change their view about the operations. Surgeons from abroad seemed to find a market for surgeries, and many, not so good doctors managed to obtain licences and deceive people about their surgeries, and, of course skills. Along with this industry also comes fake qualifications. There are a lot of people that have fake certificates that are practicing medicine. This also contributes to a lot of hospital negligence claims.

Overcrowding and Immigration Issues in Hospital Negligence

Immigration in the UK is a very hot debated topic at the moment. The country has become overcrowded and a lot of clinics have been pushed to the brim. It seems like the country is filling up but there are no more clinics and hospitals opening up! This of course runs into the short staff issues and overworked, underpaid feelings that staff in the medical profession experience.

No Win No Fee Claims

Last, but not least, no win no fee claims are a huge problem on the financial system in the country. It seems that with the opening up of solicitors that do not charge, and the opportunity to rake in some extra cash- people seem to feel that they have nothing to lose but everything to gain. Small issues are opened up into cases, and well, the amount of compensation that has to be paid out in hospital negligence cases is terrible. The government health funds are running dry with compensation claims. So, there you have it some of the most common causes that help to contribute to hospital medical negligence claims in the UK today. Something really needs to be done in order to fix this.

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