Hospital Resident Sues For Medical Negligence

A patient that suffered from a horrific infection after a hip replacement procedure was performed, at a hospital in Sheffield is chosen to take legal actions and sue for medical negligence, to be able to uncover the primary cause of her injuries. The sixty year old lady, became ill after she had underwent a surgical procedure at the Hallamshire facility.


It is at this same facility, where two theatres that were once operational, had been closed down due to a spread of infections. The lady has instructed negligence lawyers that they need to investigate her case and the facility. The facilities were shut down, after twenty patients that had also undergone knee and hip replacement procedures had developed deep infections in their open wounds.

The protection agency for health related matters, stated that the ventilation systems within the facility were working properly, and the medics that were employed at the facility, were not in fault. However, it is believed that an anteroom that is shared amongst the theatres is causing the bacteria to spread. When bacteria spreads, the only thing that comes with it, especially, in situations where people are already ill or healing from open wounds, is infection.

There have been measures that have gone underway in an attempt to reorganise the two theatres where people have been getting ill being in. Work on the theatres is anticipated to be completed by September. The woman that is pursuing negligent charges against the facility, refuses to be named, but underwent her hip replacement surgery last September.

After having her hip removed as a result of an infection, the woman then suffered from other serious infections, as a result of being in the facility. The other infections, caused the woman to have to undergo other surgical procedures to correct the issue. The lady had another hip replacement performed at a seperate facility.

A solicitor for the law firm that the lady hired, stated that their client has been forced to endure incredible amounts of pain. She not only had to deal with the infections that plagued her, but also had to go through an additional surgical procedure, as a result of it.  The lady then received a letter that stated that her infection was a result of problems that occurred at the theatre that was still operational. Investigations are currently being performed, in order to determine what truly caused the duel bouts of infections that the lady was forced to suffer from, and had to have procedures performed on to fix.