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Nursing home image nurse with resident We are here to help you in the best way we can, we appreciate that any victim of medical negligence will be going through a tough time so we have a team of solicitor’s on hand who can be there for your every need. We offer any potential client a free and confidential consultation so that they can go through their case with a solicitor who specialises in their area of medical negligence. We provide this service so that victims of medical negligence can receive advice on their case and how the case would stand up in a court of law if it should ever reach those stages, many cases are settled before they even reach that point. It is important to say that at no point even if you have received a consultation with one of our medical negligence experts, you are not at any obligation to appoint your claim to us we offer this service for your benefit you are free to take your claim to whom you feel your claim is best suited to. By calling us on our free phone number 0800 652 3087 you can speak to a medical negligence solicitor who is highly trained in your required area who can answer any queries you may have alternatively by filling in an online contact form a solicitor can contact you at a more convenient time.

We have a high success rate due to the expertise we have on board our team, many of our medical negligence solicitors have decades of experience and we are very grateful to have them as part of our law firm. Due to their dedication and hard work we have gained an outstanding reputation and come highly recommended by many clients we have had the opportunity to represent. We represent 99% of all our clients on a No Win No Fee agreement because we are confident that we can pursue any valid claim and receive maximum compensation. No Win No Fee agreements are no longer what they were in the past. The client still remains at no financial risk but if the case does succeed they have to pay their legal teams success fee of 25% but no more of the compensation awarded.

We are fully aware that deciding to put a relative in to a care or elderly persons home is no easy decision for anyone. It’s a big decision and where possible should never be handled alone, it can be a time of worry and anxiousness as the decision can be very challenging. Apart from actually coming to the conclusion as to whether a relative should go in to a care home being such a hard decision also choosing which care home can be just as tough. The stress that comes with making such chooses is warranted as many care homes are involved in big scandals and people want to ensure that their loved ones are in the best place possible and receiving a standard of care that is next to none. That is why we offer a care home medical negligence service so that people who have been wronged and neglected can have their case heard.

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Negligence Care Home and Nursing Home Claims

Care home with stethoscope imageWhen the decision has been made to put an elderly relative into a nursing home you want to be sure that you have put them in the right place to receive the care that you can no longer provide at home for whatever reason. Putting a elderly relative in a care or nursing home is often done with a heavy heart and a feeling of guilt no matter the circumstances, we want to feel that the environment and care that they will receive will be to a high standard however we are fully aware that some care homes don’t even go so far as to offer adequate care. In some sad cases care is far from what the residents receive some experiencing neglect and treatment that no one should ever be subjected to. By pursuing a care home neglect case you are not only pursuing a case for your relative and family but you are bringing to light the negligent treatment people are receiving at that care home and in a way maybe stopping it from happening in the future. By appointing us as your legal representation we can offer you immediate assistance and any rehabilitation that maybe required. We deal with clients all over the country ensuring that any needs they have are met.

Types of Care Home Negligence

Here are some of the common types of care home negligence:

• Serious neglect and abuse
• Mismanagement of medical reports
• Catheterisation mistakes
• Dehydration mistakes
• Mismanagement of documents containing medical history
• Hospital referral delays
• Wrong medication
• Medication delay
• Negligence in patient supervision
• Wrong diagnosis
• Patient transportation mistakes
• Trips and falls (no supervision)
• Delayed diagnosis
• Bed sores

Whether you have suffered due to inadequate supervision or the inexperience of the care home staff, you can file care home negligence claims. Warning signs of care home negligence include abrupt appearance of allergy, sudden weight loss of the patient and the sudden onset of bed sores. In most instances, it is seen that care home negligence could have been easily avoided if legal guidelines were followed.

Proving Care Home Negligence

It is not easy to prove care home negligence. You need to seek legal assistance of expert medical negligence solicitors to represent the case in the court. We have some veteran medical negligence solicitors in our team who have successfully handled care home negligence cases and helped the clients get the compensation they deserve. You can approach our solicitors and file care home negligence claims.

Things to Prove to Establish Your Claims

there are three things you need to be proved to establish care home negligence compensation claims. They include proving that:

• The care home owed a duty of care towards the victimized patient
• The care home failed to maintain the standard of care specified by law
• The care home’s negligence caused the patient to suffer

Our medical negligence solicitors will assess your case and collect relevant documents to substantiate the above points and help you get the compensation that you deserve. We know how much pain you are enduring due to care home negligence and we promise to deal with your case with the heights of professionalism.

What Does a Successful Care Home Negligence Claim Cover?

A successful claim for negligence against an old people’s home covers the following:

• Compensation for the aggravation of a medical condition
• Injury or death
• Loss of earning
• Private medical expenditure
• Rehabilitation costs
• Out-of-pocket expenses
• Funeral Costs.

Care Home Claims Procedure Explained?

How a care home claim starts is by contacting our specialist care home solicitors and getting free advice to see if you are able to make a compensation claim against the care home. This can take a short time and you will know within minuets. Then if you want to start the claim our solicitors will put your claim forward and aim to get the maximum compensation possible. You will not need to travel as the service will be arranged locally for you and the victim who has been neglected.

How Can Our Care Home Solicitors Help?

We are here to help those that have fell victim to care or nursing home neglect and can reassure you that you will receive a service that is next to none. We are fully aware that elderly relatives that are put in to care homes are already in a vulnerable state and need care and attention however it is no secret that very often care homes fail to do their duty and often residents are neglected. If you appoint us as your legal representation we can offer you immediate assistance and we will ensure that any rehabilitation needed is accessed as soon as possible. We can guarantee you will not find a service any where better.

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