Pressure and Bed Sores Negligence Claims

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Pressure and Bed Sore Negligence

Pressure sores or bed sores as they are more commonly known are wounds or lesion that can form around bony areas of the body. By and large they affect people who lie in the one spot for far too long and who do no receive the necessary treatment as soon as they appear. Bed sores have a grading system when measuring their severity, grade 1 being a mild bed or pressure sore with grade 4 being the most severe type of bed sore to a degree that the wound has gone as far down as the bone. Such wounds and lesions can be of a very serious nature with some taking a long time to heal while others tend not to heal completely. Bed sores that reach such a point can have a knock on effect on the person’s life and can cause in some insistences mobility problems.

Bed sores especially those that reach to the higher grades may be preventable. Such sores appear when a person/patient has been lying in the same position in a hospital bed or a patient that receives home care for some time without being moved at regular intervals by a health care worker reducing the blood supply to certain parts of the body causing tissue to be damaged. A high percentage of bed sore cases can be prevented if the necessary steps are taken as soon as they begin to develop, bed sores can be prevented altogether if the patients are moved and turned regularly. If medical practitioners follow the appropriate gridlines bed sores can be kept to the minimum.

Doctor Hands in head If you feel that you have fell victim to bed sore negligence, maybe you was not assessed properly at the initial stages of your treatment to see if you would be susceptible to bed or pressure sores and at a later stage you developed them or the inadequate care you received caused you to develop bed sores then you may be able to make a compensation claim.

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