Know How to Draft a Medical Complaint for Making a Claim against Your GP

claim against gpIf you are unsatisfied with the kind of medical treatment you have received from your general physician, you may have a claim to file. Like other medical practitioner, a GP too has a duty of care and responsibility towards their patients. And if he has been negligent in offering appropriate medical care, you can take immediate legal action against him. While making claim against a GP you will require lodging a medical complaint first. Only if the physician is found guilty you may be able to move forward with the process. Therefore, the complaint should be strong enough to prove the act of medical negligence and to get treatment what you deserve. Here are a few steps that might help you to make the medical complaint;

Write down the details about your treatment

Keep a record of the date and the specific event that happened. Having a brief account of all the circumstance can prove to be very helpful while lodging your complaint and also during the claim procedure. Additionally, take down the contact details of the eye witnesses, so that later, their testimony can be used later as one of the evidences.

Determine whether you at all have a case to file

Understand your situation. Consult a solicitor to find out whether you have a case to claim or not and also learn your legal rights.

Be very clear regarding your intentions when drafting the complaint

Be specific with your wants or requests. If you are seeking compensation, make sure you have mentioned the exact amount of compensation you require to recover your damages. Also mention the losses you have suffered as the result of the medical negligence. Or if you want to sue the general physician, be very clear while stating the reasons behind that.

Gather the evidence

Making a complaint without any evidence is of no importance. Compile all the evidences such as the medical reports, photographs and others related to the claim against a GP.

Whom to Direct the Medical Complaint Toward

Decide whether you want to direct the complaint towards the NHS Trust or the general physician in particular. Well, then, if only your medical practitioner has been responsible for your injury or condition, you can definitely report it to the Trust, but then on whom will you entrust the load of paying the compensation totally depend upon your decision. However, make sure to provide enough information about the physician responsible for your present condition. Also mention whether he has been previously accused of any other allegations or not.

Draft the complaint letter

Mention your name, phone number, postal address, the date and location of care right near the letter head. The first paragraph should include your objective data such as, X-rays and other medical documents. In the next paragraph, make a summary of the subjective data. This should be an explanatory note on the pains and sufferings you have received. Also include the name of the physician’s well as the witnesses’. At last sign the letter.

Do not forget to keep a copy of the complaint letter with you and your solicitor before filing it.