How Does a Lawyer Make a Difference in a Medical Negligence Case?

The number of medical negligence cases in the United Kingdom is growing by the thousands each year as hospitals continue to be understaffed and overstretched. But a local solicitor in York has warned that patients, especially those who have suffered from injuries as a result of medical negligence on the part of one of more staff members at a hospitals or clinic, are not going to put up with it anymore.



Many of these individuals are using different detective methods to uncover the truth, not only about their own injuries, but also the injuries of others, and they’re using this information to build cases that will help them get them the compensation and the justice that they so rightly deserve.

The solicitor’s office in York began working with medical negligence victims in 2011, and since that time has recovered millions of pounds for those who have sustained injuries as a result of medical negligence. In 2013 alone, the firm recovered more than £11 million for victims of medical negligence by hospitals and other health care providers.

One of the main sources of empowerment, according to this solicitor, for victims of medical negligence, is the internet. Primarily internet research is helping patients who were not involved in their treatment get the justice they deserve. There are many cases of informed consent override in medical facilities today and doctors are not providing patients with all of the information or options to make an informed decision.

But patients now have the internet and can dot heir own research prior to agreeing to a certain type of procedure or treatment. Even more important, especially to the legal process, is that the internet can help people who are investigating how and why their treatment went wrong. This may be even more important in the cases of deaths caused by medical negligence in certain types of procedures. People who have sustained injuries due to a certain type of medical treatment or the actions of a nurse, doctor, or other caregiver may be able to find other individuals who have had the same experience, answers about the incident, and possible solutions or other doctors and providers that can help them.

Informed consent still remains the primary issue of concern, and knowing all of the risks, concerns, and possibilities associated with a given treatment will forever remain a patient’s right.

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