Medical Compensation Claim

Whilst the UK healthcare system is often projected as one of the best in Europe, the cases of patient suffering caused by negligent acts of doctors and staffs and even authorities stand a sharp contrast against this otherwise bright picture. There are hospitals and individual practitioners/staffs that are imputed for injuries and critical medical conditions of the patients. If you got injured while under specialist treatment or were left untreated in a hospital, you can file a medical compensation claim. Our negligence claims specialists who are prodigiously experienced solicitors can help you file a claim either against a doctor or against a hospital authority.

Acts of negligence of the hospitals/doctors

It is an open secret now that many doctors and even healthcare facilities fail to adhere to the bare minimum standards as specified by the highest regulatory bodies. Though these cases do not happen very frequently, the reality is that many victimised patients forget and forgive such acts of negligence. What are the commonest negligent acts of the doctors/hospitals that are subject to medical negligence compensation claim litigation?

Here below is a brief summary.

• Wrong diagnosis/misdiagnosis/ late diagnosis
• Failure to refer critical patients to hospitals with advanced treatment facilities
• Prescribing wrong medicines
• Surgical blunders (leaving instruments in patient body, wrong anaesthesia etc)
• Equipment failures (due to major administrative negligence)

What legal steps you can take?

If you are of an opinion that there is no legal solution for an act of negligence or you are not sure whether you are eligible for filing a claim case, we can help you out. Solicitors empaneled with us have years of experience and can help you take the right legal steps. We are a medical compensation claim assistance firm offering comprehensive solutions for the victims of medical errors. We cover all aspects of medical error claim and we are confident to provide you with a legal solution that you have been looking for since the day you got an injury or a new illness while under treatment of a solicitor.

What services we offer?

We offer a variety of legal services that are aimed at bringing the right amount of recompense to the victims of negligence. Our medical claim compensation services include:

• Critical and minute analysis of the medical negligence cases (We offer free telephonic consultation)
• Extensive investigation and research
• Form downloading and related assistance
• Courtroom representation services by ace solicitors (Our medical negligence solicitors have up to 15 years of experience in this field)
• Additional support (Treatment and rehabilitation support)

Our expertise

We are a reputable legal firm that has earned trust of claimants through all these years of serving the victims of medical negligence. Our endeavor is to help victims in filing medical negligence compensation claims in a manner so that they can secure the maximum compensation payouts. We have a high success rate and we make sure that every potential claim gets rewarded with maximum amount of compensatory benefits from the losing party. Besides, we provide full support to our claimants. Whether you need medical care and treatment or you want to get assistance on the documentation part, we would be able to help you.

No win no fee legal solutions

Our medical compensation claim solicitors work on flexible payments terms that are commonly referred as no win no fee agreements. The correct legal term for these agreements is ‘Conditional Fee Agreements’.
If you want to know more about our serviceability and/or the no win no fee arrangements we proffer, call us or give us a call. We would respond to your query shortly.