Medical Negligence Case Reveals Surgeon Botched A Back Surgery

In a recent medical negligence case surgeons in Edinburgh were forced to give their apologies to a cancer patient in remission, who they left in an excruciating amount of pain, after botching a back operation that she had performed. The woman received treatment for an issue that she had been experiencing with her spine, in June of 2012. However, it was not until a year after the procedure had been completed, that the woman discovered, the wrong part of her spine was operated on, during the surgery.


The woman’s husband, who has faithfully stood by her side, stated that he noticed his wife was in an immense amount of pain, while she was recovering from her radiotherapy treatments, she was undergoing as a result of breast cancer. The public services, located in Scotland chose to uphold the complaints that they were receiving against the facility. They in fact, revealed in an interview that the care the woman was given was entirely unreasonable.

The patient had to undergo a spinal procedure, towards the end of her radiotherapy treatments. She was to have an implant inserted between several vertebras in her back. The procedure was performed by a leading surgeon at the facility. But, a few short weeks after undergoing the procedure, the patient fell ill and was experiencing pain in her legs. An x-ray was performed at the time, and revealed some horrid news.

The scans were sent off to the facility where the lady had undergone her back surgery. When the neurosurgeon viewed the images, they instantly realized that the implant had been placed along the wrong section of the spine. The consultant called the patient and apologised for the inconvenience, before the procedure was performed again, to fix the first mistake.

The mistake is being regarded as an error of judgment, o the surgeon’s behalf. If a x-ray had been performed while the operation was taking place, the accident could have been caught then, and the patient would not have had to go through the pain she has been having to face as a result. The new procedure that the woman is being given, is supposed to alleviate the issue, and correct what should have been done in the first place.

X-rays of the patient’s spine are going to be taken before and after the procedure, to ensure that no medical negligence takes place this time. The NHS and the facility have given their sincere apologies to the patient and her family, but undoing what has already been done may prove to be daunting.

If you have every suffered medical negligence, seek help in the form of compensation. Contact a legal expert today and make a claim.