Medical Negligence Causes

Medical Negligence happens when a doctor, or nurse practitioner injures their patients, either by using care or a skill that is less than expected from a competent doctor or the health care clinic provider has diagnosed a condition that is receiving the same treatment from the existing doctor without looking at the chart or knowing what is happening to the patient.


Medical negligence is different from other litigations simply because the person filing the claim must rely on the medical evidence which may establish the elements of the liability. When a patient has an underlying condition, which treatment was being given Causation is difficult to prove, especially related to negligence.

Medical negligence in this case becomes harder to prove because the court must be able to compare the existing medical condition, and the damages created by the complication of the medical prognosis within the hypothetical condition if the patient is claiming medical negligence.  The court must only compensate for the current injuries in the claim. When there is a complete standard of recognized practice that is under the ruling court system and they are unable to find a reason for the claim of negligence people may find themselves in a sticky situation. Otherwise if there is a good file proving the information the claimant has brought before the court, the file about the problems with detailed proof for the solicitors to see, anyone will be able to get compensation for this type of negligence.

Misdiagnosis for medical negligence could be one reason individuals seek compensation, when presented information is handed to the courts, they will decide whether the matter is concerning treatment, plain advice or a misdiagnosis. Usually these claims come from a private practice, where the medical practitioner is using unconventional methods to give patients an alternative type of medicine which have not worked for the condition of the patient. In this case, a loved one may have signed a piece of paper allowing the doctor to perform a specific type of treatment. It’s under this form where you may be able to file your negligence claim. Non-traditional medical services are often at the root of most claims. New World Medicine as it is called in some areas, do not always help the individual, sometimes the medicine is not the right type and can cause serious side effects, as well as death.

Extreme negligence cases are often in line with patients needing to have an amputation, a surgery or more medication for an existing problem. While not all medical negligence cases are in these areas, there is a good chance that having the wrong extremity removed is the reason behind the claim. There are times when having a good person around to help you with the laws and details to filing a claim. Without someone to help you with your negligence cases, you could be facing a long lonely road. Being prepared, with all your medical evidence is a key aspect of knowing what is right for you.

If you have been a victim of medical negligence, make sure to seek compensation.