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NHS CompensationThere is no denying that medical practitioners on a daily basis do an outstanding job, the NHS is one of our most valued assets. The NHS which was formed in 1948 by the Labour Government was done so that all citizens of the United Kingdom regardless of their class or status could receive health care prevention, treatment and care which was set at the same standard for all. The service although labelled as free is funded through central taxation and is a credit to our country and quite unique. There is no secret that in recent times certain medical practitioners have not acted in according to the code of conduct and have breached their care of duty causing negligence towards their patients. There has been an increase in the amount of patients putting complaints in against the NHS and an undeniable increase in the amount of medical negligence cases being pursued against the National Health Service.

If you feel that you may have received medical treatment that has not has not been to the standard that you would have expected and in some way this treatment has caused your further ill health then you may be able to make a claim for medical negligence compensation. We pride ourselves in helping those that need help and advice regarding a medical negligence claim. We offer free legal and confidential advice to those who feel they have fell victim to negligent treatment.

We offer 99% of all the clients that appoint us as their representation a No Win No Fee agreement which means that at no point are they at any financial risk.

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When Can I Claim for NHS Compensation?

A patient who has been receiving treatment from an NHS run hospital can bring a claim for medical negligence compensation if they feel that the treatment or service that was provided by an employee of the NHS was below the standard that is expected and as a direct consequence has in some way injured or caused you further ill health.

It is vital that anyone wanting to pursue a claim for medical negligence does so within three years of the incident or date of knowledge as there is a strict time limitation period. There are exceptions but ideally a claim for any compensation should always be made at the earliest possible moment in order for the claim to reach its maximum potential.

How Much Compensation is Awarded?

Each and every case of medical and clinical negligence is entirely different to the next it is quite difficult to give an estimate to how much compensation will be awarded in the event an NHS hospital is responsible for an incident of medical negligence. How much a person has suffered due to the negligence and how other factors such as external costs all depend on how much compensation a victim of medical negligence will be awarded. You can use a compensation calculator to estimate how much compensation you may be awarded.

Is Suing the NHS No Win No Fee?

We offer all potential clients the chance to approach one of our medical negligence solicitors to receive free and confidential legal advice so that it can be judged whether or not the case has successful merits. At no point through this consultation is the potential client at any obligation to appoint us to represent them.

For 99% of NHS medical negligence claims we take on we do so on a No Win No Fee so any clients can rest assure that at no point will they be required to pay any legal fees if the case does not succeed. Since the change in the law it is now required that law firms receive their success fee from the client, which can be up to 25% of the compensation which is awarded but no more.

How Can We Help?

Deciding to make a medical negligence claim is no easy task. Apart fromClaim Against The NHS people feeling that the whole claiming process might be quite daunting a medical negligence claim can be quite long in duration that is why it is always best to appoint your case to a law firm that specialises in the area of medical negligence in which your case falls under. A law firm such as this can ensure that all the necessary work is taken out of your hands leaving you to recuperate as best as possible.


All figures are estimated and are only a guide and each and every individual case is completely different. *The examples provided are for illustrative purposes only, and may differ from compensation offered in your case.

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