Medical Negligence Leads To The Death Of An Aspiring Singer

A 21 year old girl committed suicide in a severe case of medical negligence.

She was an up and coming singer, and committed suicide, after being sectioned from a hospital; Maritza had been admitted to the facility, after she had attempted to commit suicide, six times in the course of three weeks. Maritza passed away when she stepped out in front of a moving train that was travelling at speeds of 125mph, in June of 2010.


Maritza’s final suicide attempt ended in success. The twenty one year old was released a few hours before her successful suicide attempt, from St. Georges Hospital which is located in Stafford. She was sent out of the hospital, and unescorted by the staff within the facility. Maritza was admitted to a suicide ward one month before she committed suicide.

Maritza ended up getting herself admitted into the facility, when she attempted to hang herself. Maritza was the lead singer of a band that was on the verge to stardom, known as China Red. After she had made six different attempts on her life within a three week time frame, and started composing notes in her diary regarding trains, the singer was sectioned to a facility to be monitored.

However, despite all of the escapades that Maritza had been through, and her long track record of failed suicide attempts, the facility only kept her in watch for one month. After spending a month at the facility, the singer was released from the facility. Maritza’s mother admits that she warned the hospital that her daughter was in no shape to be released.

She knew that her daughter was not ready to be able to function in society on her own. But, despite her mother’s requests, her cries, and her attempt to save her daughter went unnoticed. Later after being released from hospital, the singer died due to a fatal collision with a train. The singer was able to be identified by a tattoo of a treble clef that she adorned, to signify her admiration for music.

Maritza’s parents, Joan and Stephen, 55 and 57 years old, have already paid a five figure lump sum, after filing a medical negligence claim against the hospital that allowed their daughter to get away. The healthcare foundation, settled with the parents of Miss Maritza outside of the courtroom, after claiming that they were not liable for the death of their daughter.

Maritza, who was training to become a hairdresser, had suffered with a manic state of depression for two years prior to her death. After making several attempts on her own life, within a three week period, the singer was sectioned. However, despite the fact that the singer was on antidepressants, she still dedicated her time to helping out young musicians that lacked the confidence to pursue their dreams.

Further investigations found that Sam had killed herself, while she was not in a mentally stable state. Her death devastated her family, and everyone that adored the ambitious girl.  The hospital that released the young woman, stated in a conference that they were deeply saddened by the death of the aspiring singer, yet they claim that they are not liable for what occurred, once she left their facility.