Medical Negligence On The Rise Grandmother Dies

Medical negligence is sadly very common now in the UK. A more recent example of a case of this would be a photograph of an ailing grandmother crawling on the floor of a hospital in agonising pain. The grandmother, had chosen to crawl on the floor to locate nurses that could help her sort out the pain she was in. Two days after the staff at the facility that the grandmother was taken to, had ignored her cries, the grandmother died, from a treatable blood clot condition that was located in her bowels.


The grandmother was taken to the hospital by her family, who was concerned about the chronic stomach pain, she stated she was feeling. The family had informed the staff of the facility that the grandmother was taken to that she had a history of developing blood clots. This information was notated into the ladies file. The family urged doctors and other medical professionals to perform tests on the lady quickly.

However, the family of the forty five year old grandmother, stated that the medical professionals failed to perform tests, as they had requested. If the facility would have performed a CT scan on the young grandmother, there is a big possibility that they would have been able to locate the blood clot that was ailing the woman, and possibly end up daving her life, in the process.

Instead, the grandmother and loving mother, was sent to a room in the hospital, where she was forced to ail in pain. Her cries were repeatedly ignored by all of the members of staff, despite the fact that the grandmothers family continued to speak with staff and beg them to do something to help her.

In the evening, the grandmother was joined by her daughter. She had already been at the facility for a span of nine hours. Her eldest daughter could see the pain that her mother was in, and wanted to help her. She rang the buzzer for the staff to help her mother, and waited thirty minutes for a response, but no one came to their aid.

The grandmother, then took it upon herself to get out of her bed and crawl in pain to retrieve a nurse. The nurses turned her away and stated that they would not be able to provide her with any more pain relievers to help rectify her pain. The next day the staff released the grandmother, even though her primary reason for coming into the facility, was not managed properly.

The same day that the grandmother was released, her daughter took her back to the hospital, because her mother could not stand the pain she was being forced to endure. The next day that she went back to the facility, the staff finally located the blood clot that was in her bowels. However, the diagnosis came too late. The grandmother quickly started to deteriorate. Her organs started to fail, and she ended up dying from multiple organs failing.

The grandmothers family stated that prior to going to the facility, the young grandmother was in great health. They feel as though the medical professionals at the facility, neglected to help the mother of four and young grandmother. The only thing that the doctors of the hosptial did for the family of the grandmother, was offer their condolences.