Bedfordshire Medical Negligence Solicitors – No Win No Fee Claims Lawyers Guide

A Guide To Making A Claim For Medical Negligence Compensation In Bedfordshire

Medical negligence Bedfordshire

Medical negligence Bedfordshire

If you have been harmed due to medical negligence in areas such as Bedford, Luton, Dunstable, Flitwick or Leighton Buzzard you may be searching for medical negligence solicitors in Bedfordshire who could help you claim compensation. In this guide we shall explore how our panel of solicitors could help you. Medical negligence could happen in many different ways, but it generally boils down to a medical professional acting in a negligent way and failing to meet their duty of care towards you as a patient, leading to you suffering harm. This harm could present as injury or illness.

To find out how to claim compensation for medical negligence in Bedfordshire, please read the guide below.

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How To Select A Solicitor For Your Medical Negligence Claim

Perhaps the most important step you can take in the process of claiming compensation is to choose the right person to handle your claim. There are some simple steps which you could take to best sift through the different options available to you.

  • Do not limit your search to ‘medical negligence solicitors in my area’.
  • Consult a variety of medical negligence solicitor reviews.
  • Look at how your claim may be funded, such as through no win no fee agreements.
  • Contact our team to discuss your options to make a claim.

Will I Have To Claim Compensation With Medical Negligence Solicitors In Bedfordshire?

Whilst you may think that there is either a requirement or benefit to working with a solicitor or personal injury lawyer in your area there is often no tangible benefit to doing so. A medical negligence lawyer or solicitor based in Bedfordshire may be the best person for your claim, or they may not. Instead of geographically limiting your search area, you could instead base your search on the person best equipped to conduct your case successfully.

Whilst we are not specifically medical negligence solicitors in Bedfordshire, our panel of solicitors are equipped to conduct claims across the country.

We Work With A Panel Of Doctors To Carry Out Your Medical Exam

An integral part of establishing evidence necessary to make your claim, you may need to see an independent doctor, dentist or other physician. We work with a panel of doctors across the UK who could carry out your medical examination. Those based in Bedfordshire include,

Reheela Khand
245 Ampthill Road,
MK42 9AZ

Masood Ahmad
Maxet House,
Liverpool Road,

Consult Different Reviews Of Medical Negligence Solicitors In Bedfordshire

Whilst you may have initially searched for ‘medical negligence solicitors in Bedfordshire‘, we have shown that you do not need to claim with medical negligence solicitors in your area and can expand your search beyond the county. This could leave you with a large pool of solicitors and legal services to choose from. So, how do you differentiate between them? One way of doing so is to consult medical negligence solicitors reviews to see if their previous clients have been satisfied with their service.

Whilst such reviews may be helpful to you, we also recommend contacting our team. They can better explain how a solicitor could help you in your unique circumstances and the services which solicitors or personal injury lawyers on our panel may provide.

Circumstances In Which You Could Claim Medical Negligence Compensation

Medical negligence can present in many different ways and cause harm to patients in different circumstances. Our panel of medical negligence solicitors can both cover the Bedfordshire area and could help you to claim compensation for harm caused by medical practitioners.

Circumstances in which you could have been harmed due to negligent medical care and for which you may be seeking medical negligence solicitors in Bedfordshire include;

  • The misdiagnosis of an illness or medical condition. See our related guide here.
  • Amputation negligence.
  • Anaesthetic negligence.
  • Dental negligence.
  • GP negligence.
  • Birth injuries.
  • Surgical errors.
  • Nursing home negligence.
  • Hospital acquired infections. See our MRSA claims guide here.

We shall look at some of these circumstances in a little more detail later in this guide.

GP Negligence Examples

A general practice doctor or other healthcare provider at your local GP surgery may be the first point of contact you have with the NHS or a private healthcare provider. A GP (nurse or healthcare assistant) will reasonably be expected by a patient to either provide a diagnosis of an illness or to recommend that the patient be referred for additional testing or diagnosis if they are unable to do so/ believe this is necessary.

GP negligence examples could be,

  • Not carrying out a full examination or diagnosis of a patient.
  • Failing to refer you to a specialist for diagnosis, testing, or treatment.
  • Not taking your prior medical history (or relevant family medical history) into account.

The GP negligence examples above are just some of the different ways patients may be harmed by negligent general practice doctor care. Contact a personal injury solicitor today to ensure you make your claim within the medical negligence claims time limit.

Nursing Home Negligence Examples

Residential care facilities, such as care homes and nursing homes, are relied upon to care for those unable to do so for themselves. Residents are likely to be the elderly or the infirm and could have a range of different clinical, psychological and physical requirements. If entering residential care yourself or placing a loved one in care, the staff at the care home need to be able to be relied upon. We need to place a lot of trust in the care which will be provided. If a resident is harmed due to negligent actions, a nursing home negligence lawyer or solicitor may be able to conduct a compensation claim on their behalf.

Nursing home negligence examples may be,

  • Neglectful medical care or physical care.
  • Physical or psychological abuse.
  • Failures to meet standards in medical care or to meet nutritional needs.

There are of course many more ways in which someone could be harmed in residential care than the nursing home negligence examples listed above. To find out how a nursing home injury lawyer could help you, please contact our team.

Surgical Negligence Examples

If a surgeon makes any mistakes in pre-surgical care, during your operation or if mistakes are made in your surgical aftercare, you could claim compensation for the harm caused. To do so, the harm caused to you will need to have been due to an avoidable mistake or error by a medical professional, such as the surgeon. Negligence could happen at any stage of your surgical treatment journey and could even include a doctor, specialist or surgeon failing to fully inform you of potential side-effects or risks of a surgical procedure, thereby denying you the chance to make an informed choice about having the operation.

Whilst there are many different ways in which people could be harmed before, during or after surgery, examples of surgical negligence could be,

  • Errors by an anesthetist.
  • Mistakes related to blood transfusions.
  • Claims for tissue damage, such as damage to nerves.
  • Negligent errors in spinal surgeries.

Birth Injury Examples

Both during childbirth and the pregnancy beforehand, the mother and the child are both vulnerable. They rely on having the highest possible standard of medical care from doctors and anyone else providing medical care. If care during a pregnancy or at the point of birth in either not provided at the right time or in the right way, harm may be caused to either the mother or baby. There may even be cases where a parent needs to claim compensation for a pregnancy which was caused by a failed sterilisation and a ‘wrongful birth’. Further birth injury examples may be,

  • A negligent birth injury diagnosis.
  • Wrongful births and failed sterilisations.
  • Misdiagnosis or other negligence leading to a miscarriage.
  • Negligence in fertility treatments, such as IVF.
  • Cerebral Palsy, Erb’s Palsy and other related conditions.
  • Vaginal tears.

If harmed due to negligence on the part of a medical practitioner engaged in providing you with pregnancy or birth care, you could claim compensation.

Dental Negligence Examples

When a dentist makes a mistake the results could be painful, costly and potentially even traumatic for the patient. Negligence by a dentist or dental assistant could refer to circumstances where either an injury (which could have been avoided) has been caused, or where an existing one has been exacerbated. It could also include circumstances where your oral health has been impacted negatively because of the dentists actions.

Dental negligence examples may be,

  • Delays to a diagnosis or treatment.
  • Cosmetic dentistry mistakes causing injury, illness, cosmetic harm or psychological harm.
  • Mistakenly removing the wrong tooth or removing a tooth which does not need to be removed.

Cancer Treatment Negligence

Diseases such as cancer need to be diagnosed at the earliest possible opportunity for treatment to be its most effective. If an oncologist, GP or technician involved in cancer screening has acted in a negligent way or if avoidable mistakes have been made, your diagnosis may come too late for treatment to be effective. In some cases a patient could be left facing a terminal diagnosis. Cancer treatment negligence could come in many forms throughout your treatment journey.

Cancer treatment negligence could affect those which any form of cancer. Medical negligence solicitors in Bedfordshire (and those covering the area) could help you to claim compensation for,

  • Breast cancer misdiagnosis.
  • Lung cancer misdiagnosis.
  • Prostate cancer misdiagnosis.
  • Bowel cancer misdiagnosis.

If you have been affected by cancer treatment negligence please see our dedicated guide for more information.

Bedfordshire Hospital Negligence

If you are injured or ill you should be able to trust that by visiting a hospital you will get the appropriate treatment or care that you need. You should also be able to trust in the doctors, nurses, specialist staff and even administrative staff to provide you with the best possible and safest care and environment. For most hospital patients this will be the case. However, you could be the victim of Bedfordshire medical negligence in a hospital.

Due to the varied nature of healthcare services which may be provided by hospitals, there are numerous different ways in which a patient could be harmed. These may be,

  • Bed-sores.
  • Medication mistakes / errors.
  • Unnecessary delays to treatments.
  • MRSA or other infections acquired in a hospital.
  • Accident and Emergency negligence.

A medical negligence solicitor could help you to claim compensation for these and other forms of hospital negligence.

Hospitals In Bedfordshire

Bedfordshire is a county in the East of England. It is home to the county town of Bedford and large town of Luton with an airport. If you want to read our guide to medical negligence claims in Bedford click here. Bedfordshire has a population of 664,600. As there is both a large population and several larger towns and urban areas, Bedfordshire has several hospitals. These come under the following NHS trusts; Bedford Hospital NHS Trust and Luton and Dunstable University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. There are also private hospital and medical facilities. Hospitals in this county are;

NHS Hospitals

  • Luton and Dunstable University Hospital.
  • Bedford Hospital South Wing.
  • Bedford Renal Unit.

Private Hospitals

  • BMI The Manor Hospital.
  • Bridges Clinic.
  • Thornhill Clinic.
  • Moorfields Private Eye Hospital, Bedford.

Patients who have been harmed under the care of these or any other hospital or clinical facility in Bedfordshire (whether operated by the NHS or a private provider) our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors could assist you in claiming compensation.

Statistics Highlighting Medical Negligence At Bedfordshire NHS Trusts

In this article we have discussed a variety of different forms of medical negligence as well as listing additional forms of clinical negligence which you could be able to claim compensation for. To highlight how commonly medical negligence happens in some circumstances in Bedfordshire we have created the following table. Here we take data (published on an annual basis by NHS Resolution and available here) which looks at the number of medical negligence claims made against NHS Trusts covering or based in Bedfordshire.

NHS Trust Or Relevant Healthcare AuthorityNo. of claims recievedNo. of reported incidentsCNST Damages Paid
Bedford Hospital NHS Trust33*2,591,034
Luton and Dunstable University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust16*6,550,533
East of England Ambulance NHS Trust15*2,377,669

The data in this table is correct at the time of writing.

No Win No Fee Claims

One of the main benefits of claiming compensation with our panel of medical negligence solicitors who can cover the Bedfordshire area is that they could commonly offer no win no fee agreements. This allows claimants to make claims with medical negligence solicitors (and other types of personal injury solicitors) without taking on any financial risks or having to pay any fees to a solicitor upfront. Such fees will not be charged until your claim has been successfully resolved. If your private healthcare or NHS negligence claim is not successful, there will be nothing to pay.

When you first talk to your personal injury solicitor they will assess your claim and look at whether you could make a successful claim. If they are confident that you will be awarded compensation they may offer you a no win no fee agreement. This means there is no financial risk to you and all of the terms and conditions of this type of agreement will be fully explained to you before you agree to make your claim with the solicitor.

Talk To Our Team

If you intend to make a personal injury claim you need to make sure that you are still within the relevant medical negligence claims time limit. You also do not necessarily need to claim with medical negligence solicitors in Bedfordshire, our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors could help you, even if they are not located here.

To start you claim with our panel of medical negligence solicitors who can cover the Bedfordshire area fill in the form on this page. Our team will then get in contact with you to discuss your claim. You could also begin your claim for Bedfordshire medical negligence online by clicking here. Or discuss your options by calling us on 0800 652 3087.

Further Resources

In addition to the information which we have provided in this guide, we also recommend the following resources as well as places to find medical services for the Bedfordshire area. You could find other ways in which our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors could assist you and also see some of the operators of medical services or facilities in Bedfordshire.

Personal Injury Claims Calculator – see how much you could be able to claim in compensation by working with a medical negligence solicitor.

Bedford Hospital NHS Trust – this is the NHS trust operating services in Bedfordshire and against which NHS negligence personal injury claims may be made against.

Bedfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group – this is the Clinical Commissioning Group responsible for services in the county of Bedfordshire.

Bedford Hospital
South Wing,
Kempston Road,
MK42 9DJ

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