Bolton Medical Negligence Solicitors – No Win No Fee Claims Lawyers Guide

On this page, you will find a guide to finding a good team of medical negligence solicitors in Bolton. We will give some advice on how to start looking for a legal team, as well as some of the reasons you may need to make a claim. We will also explain how our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors are not based in Bolton but can cover the area and help you make a personal injury claim.

Every claim is different, and you may have questions about your own claim that are not covered in this guide. If this turns out to be the case, please speak to a member of our team on 0800 652 3087. They will be able to provide you with any additional information that you need.

Medical negligence Bolton

Medical negligence Bolton

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How To Claim For Medical Negligence That Happened In Bolton

Before you continue reading this guide, we need to explain that this is not a substitute for speaking to a solicitor. If you talk to a solicitor, they will be able to tell you which personal injury claims time limit applies in your case. They could also be able to give you an estimate of how much you might be able to claim, although you could possibly use an online personal injury claims calculator to find this out as well. If you would like to speak to a solicitor, our panel of medical negligence solicitors can cover the Bolton area, and you can speak to them using our contact details in this guide.

The process of finding a good legal team can be a challenging one. Most people have very little experience in dealing with solicitors. Some good ideas for trying to find a solicitor to help you claim, are:

  • Ask your friends, family and co-workers for recommendations.
  • Post to your social media sites, asking your connections for recommendations.
  • Try to find an online independent review site that compares medical negligence solicitors.
  • Search online for highly-rated legal firms.

All of these are valid methods for finding a solicitor to process your claim for you. However, we can offer you a short cut. Use the number at the bottom of this guide and speak to one of our team members. They will explain how a claims service can be the simplest option for having your claim processed.

Do Claims Need To Be Conducted By Local Clinical Negligence Solicitors?

To answer the question, do I need to use medical negligence solicitors near me? The answer is that no, there is no legal reason why you have to use a local legal firm. Modern communication channels such as email, phone, etc, make it a simple proposition to keep in touch with your legal team, no matter where they happen to be located in the UK.

A much more important consideration is whether your solicitor is a private healthcare and NHS negligence specialist. Many high street solicitors are generalists, handling everything from property conveyancing to criminal cases. Others specialise in one aspect of the law, such as corporate law. By looking further afield, so that you can use a medical negligence claims firm, you will increase the prospects of your claim being successful.

Claimants Could Have A Medical Assessment With Our Panel Of Doctors Covering Bolton

If you have been the victim of Bolton medical negligence, an important aspect of making a claim is getting an independent medical examination, the outcome of which will be submitted in support of your claim. We work with a panel of doctors from across the UK who can perform your assessment locally. The closest medical professional from our panel of doctors in your area can be found in the table below:

Taqi ZaidiThe Bolton HubBoltonBL1 1LS
Bold Street
Andre Brittain-DissontRegus Business CentreBoltonBL1 2AX
120 Bark Street
Khalid Shehzad1 Higher Bridge StBoltonBL1 2EW

How Helpful Are Online Reviews?

The first part of the answer to the question, how to claim for medical negligence? Is that you need to find a suitable legal team to process your claim for you. One way that you can start shortlisting potential legal firms, is by reading and comparing medical negligence solicitors reviews. If you do this, you might want  to make a note of facts related to each review, such as:

  • Is the review too old to be relevant still?
  • Is the claim covered in the review similar to your own?
  • Was the claim successful?
  • What were the positive and negative points of using the solicitor?
  • Did the solicitor work under a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA)?
  • How much, as a percentage, did the solicitor charge for their fees?
  • Was the review positive or negative?

Once you have gathered information such as this about a number of different legal firms, you can compare the results, and choose the best one. However, if you don’t have the time to go through a complex exercise in data correlation, we can help you. Speak to one of our legal advisors. They will explain to you how a claim service can offer you a simple and effective way to get the compensation that you are entitled to. They can also connect you to our panel of medical negligence solicitors, who are not based in Bolton but can cover the area with ease.

Common Storts Of Medical Negligence Claims

There are many reasons why people need to make a clinical negligence claim. However, in reality, some of these reasons to claim are more common than others, for example:

  • Negligence in a care or nursing home.
  • Misdiagnosis or late diagnosis.
  • Mistakes made during a surgical procedure.
  • GP negligence.
  • Negligence during childbirth.
  • Mistakes made during a dental procedure.
  • Pharmaceutical errors.

Although these are some of the most common reasons to claim, a solicitor can likely help with any medical negligence claim no matter the reason. Speak to one of our team to learn more.

Care Home/ Nursing Home Clinical Negligence Claims

As a healthcare establishment, a care or nursing home must conform to all regulations related to providing an acceptable level of care for residents. Many care or nursing homes are staffed by untrained, overworked, and often inexperienced care staff. This is a recipe for a less than stellar level of care being given to the residents. If the level of care drops to a standard that results in a resident being put at risk of harm, a private health care complaint can be made. If harm is actually caused, then a claim for negligence could be processed by a personal injury lawyer.

Misdiagnosed Cancers

One of the most serious causes of a medical negligence claim is the misdiagnosis or late diagnosis of cancer. Cancer patients, especially those with late-stage cancer, can face life-threatening consequences if they do not receive appropriate treatment in time. If you yourself have suffered due to receiving late cancer treatment due to negligence, or you have lost a loved one for the same reason, you could be eligible to make a claim for personal injury.

Surgical Errors And Medical Negligence

There are a number of ways that a person can come to harm through negligence during a surgical procedure or operation. For example:

  • Mistakes made by the anaesthetist causing the patient undue pain.
  • Inadequate post-op care resulting in an unnecessary infection.
  • Wrong-site surgery resulting in the loss of a perfectly healthy organ or limb.

No matter how you were harmed during surgery, if negligence can be proven, then it could be possible to make a hospital negligence claim.

Pregnancy & Gynaecology Injury Claims

Unfortunately, medical negligence can and does happen during a birthing procedure, resulting in a pregnancy injury of some kind. When mistakes are made during the birthing process, the mother can suffer injuries ranging from, preventable 4th-degree perineal tears and fractured bones to permanent internal damage. The baby is exposed to often serious injuries, that can range from scarring and disfigurement to broken bones, Hypoxia, brain damage, Cerebral Palsy and even death. If you or your child were injured during childbirth due to negligence, it could be possible that you have a valid claim for personal injury compensation.

Dental Negligence Cases

As a medical professional, your dentist is expected to provide you with a specific level of care. As are the dental nurses. Mistakes during a dental procedure can lead to injuries such as:

  • Damage to the jawbone, including fractures.
  • Permanent scarring and disfigurement.
  • Psychological issues due to loss of confidence.
  • Damaged or infected gums.

No matter how you have been harmed during a visit to the dentist, if negligence was the cause, a medical negligence lawyer could be able to process a claim for you.

Negligence At Royal Bolton Or Other Hospitals

If you are a local Bolton resident, who is injured that the Royal Bolton Hospital, then as long as you were the victim of negligence at Royal Bolton hospital, you could be able to make a claim. This negligence could be any of the kinds we have discussed in the previous sections, as well as not receiving adequate care whilst hospitalised, or coming to harm due to being handled improperly as an outpatient.

Hospitals Serving Bolton And Greater Manchester

Below, you will see both NHS and Private Healthcare hospitals in and around Bolton and Greater Manchester

    • Royal Bolton Hospital.
    • North Manchester General Hospital.
    • BMI The Beaumount Hospital.
    • Leigh Infirmary
    • The Pennine Acute Hospital.

NHS Or Private GP Healthcare Complaints

As your first port of call when you have a health issue, your GP, either private or NHS, is expected to make an initial diagnosis, and then refer you to the applicable specialist to treat your illness or injury. In the case of minor health issues, your GP can also prescribe medication. If your GP fails in either of these roles, which causes you harm, then a medical negligence solicitor could be able to help you to make a claim.

Reported Instances Of Medical Negligence In Local NHS Trusts

In the table below, you will find data related to cases of Bolton medical negligence.

Healthcare ProviderClaims Received (2017-18)Number of Incidents (2017-18)Payments Made
Bolton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust73*£8,588,939.42

These and other hospital statistics can be found in the relevant NHS data release here.

No Win No Fee Bolton Area Medical Negligence Claims

All of our panel of medical negligence solicitors provide no win no fee agreements for their personal injury claims to their client which means that there would be no charge to start your claim and process it. There will also be no charge if your claim is unsuccessful. You will pay a fee automatically, deducted from your settlement, when your solicitor successfully received a compensation payment on your behalf. As mentioned above, although our panel of no win no fee medical negligence solicitors are not located in

Start A Medical Negligence Claim Today

Do you think you eligible grounds to make a personal injury claim for medical negligence? Do you need to find a personal injury solicitor to process your claim for you? If so, call our team on 0800 652 3087, and they will explain how we can be of assistance with this. You can also fill in our online contact form.

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