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Medical negligence Bradford

Medical negligence Bradford

Anyone needing medical treatment expects to be treated with professionalism and a high level of care, regardless of whether they are receiving treatment privately or through the NHS. Unfortunately though, not every patient has a positive experience and are treated negligently in some manner resulting in a personal injury. This guide looks at some of the common types of medical negligence how we can help patients connect with medical negligence solicitors anywhere in the UK that can help them to take legal action against those responsible for their personal injury whether it occurred at a hospital, GP surgery, dentists or other medical treatment centre.

Medical negligence may occur due in a number of different ways such as a doctor making a wrong diagnosis, failing to diagnose a condition quickly enough or failing to provide the correct treatment. It can also include things like making a surgical error, making a mistake when administering anaesthetic or prescribing the wrong medication or incorrect dose of medicine. Another form of medical negligence is if a patient is ill-informed of the possible side effects certain treatments may cause before giving consent to go ahead with a certain treatment or surgical procedure.

In order to make a successful medical negligence and personal injuries claim, a personal injury solicitor will need to prove that those responsible for your injury or condition to worsen owed you a duty of care, that this duty of care was breached and that the breach in their duty of care is the cause of your injury or condition to get worse.

A medical negligence personal injury lawyer can help you to make a successful compensation claim as being medical negligence experts, they will have the knowledge, experience and expertise in pursuing these types of claims to their maximum potential. We connect with medical claim solicitors that cover areas all over the UK including Bradford and can help you find an experienced solicitor best suited to your needs, just call Medical Negligence Assist on 0800 652 3087. For now, carry on reading through the guide to gain more knowledge in making personal injury claims for medical negligence.

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How Do I Choose My Medical Negligence Solicitor?

To get the best result from your medical negligence claim, you need to work with medical claim solicitors that are highly experienced in the personal injury industry that will do their best to get you the compensation award amount you deserve. Probably a good way of finding a medical negligence solicitor is by asking family or friends for recommendations. Another good way is to look at medical negligence solicitors reviews online. Reading reviews online, or offline for that matter, can give you an overall picture of what each solicitors firm can offer and their strength and weaknesses so that you can make comparisons to then find the best solicitor for you.

If you’d prefer to have help locating a good solicitor, you can contact us at Medical Negligence Assist and we can help you to find a suitable personal injury lawyer who can cover the Bradford area.

Is A Local Medical Negligence Solicitor Best For My Claim?

We are very lucky nowadays that we have numerous ways in which we can communicate with other people without needing to be located close to them. With the internet, email, and mobile phones, we are able to be contacted at any time of the day or night, in more or less any location and so it isn’t necessary to work with a solicitor local to you, your solicitor can be based anywhere in the country and still provide the best service for your needs. More important than location when choosing a personal injury solicitor, is their competency at the job you are hiring them for, their expertise and experience, customer service and the professional relationship between you, and their track record for making successful claims.

Research Reviews Of Clinical And Medical Negligence Solicitors

Being able to view reviews online has been a great help to many clients and makes it easier to find out what services are offered, what experience the solicitors have and what their track record is for successfully winning their clients the highest levels of compensation they are entitled to. Another important factor to consider and compare is their payment structure and whether they offer a no win no fee service.

By reading various solicitors reviews, you can compare the different services they offer and their suitability for your requirements, and of course their success at getting the job done so that you can make an informed decision as to which solicitor you feel would be best for you personally to hire.

Speaking to a legal help team such as Medical Negligence Assist who connect with a panel of medical negligence solicitors can be really beneficial as we will be able to offer more information on solicitors based on their extensive experience and knowledge.

What Clinical Or Medical Negligence Claims In Bradford Could Our Panel Conduct?

The specialist medical negligence solicitors that we connect clients with deal with all manner of medical and clinical negligence claims from botched surgery to misdiagnosed illnesses and more. We connect with solicitors that cover the Bradford area as well as all other areas within the UK. Further in the guide we look at types of medical negligence claims in more detail.

If you have suffered any kind of medical negligence and would like to enquire about making a claim for damages, call us at Medical Negligence Assist and we can help you to find a reputable solicitor who specialises in medical negligence compensation.

Our Panel Of Doctors Could Assess Your Injuries Close to Bradford

The legal firms that we deal with offer a free local medical when required when pursuing a claim on a client’s behalf. Our panel of medical negligence solicitors that cover the area of Bradford as well as all over the UK and can arrange for you a medical free of charge that is in a convenient location local to you to have your injuries thoroughly assessed.

A medical examination and report of the injuries plays an important role when claiming compensation as the level of the award is very much centered around the severity of your injury. We understand that you may feel a little apprehensive given that you’re a victim of medical negligence, but we assure you that this is nothing to worry about at all, it is merely an assessment to establish the level of severity of your injury and make sure that you are receiving the correct treatment, if any, as needed.

Here is a selection of medical experts we could use who can assess claimants in the Bradford area.

Qamar Lodhi
Great Victoria Hotel
29 Bridge Street, HallIngs

Rizwan Shafiq
Bradford Great Victoria
Meeting Rooms
The Great Victoria Hotel
Bridge Street

Simon Briggs
Windsor House Group
1-3 Wakefield Road,
BD11 1DH

Injuries During Negligent Surgery

Surgery procedures can range from fairly quick and simple procedures to long, complicated procedures and all will carry certain risks. They are carried out in either Private or NHS hospitals, clinics and dental surgeries. Some surgeries are used for medical correction, a way to improve somebody’s health or well-being or even to save life, and some surgical procedures are cosmetic. The majority of surgical procedures that take place are scheduled in advance but sometimes surgery needs to take place in an emergency situation. However, with due care and attention, the risks of having surgery should be minimised. Both the NHS and private healthcare professionals carrying out surgical procedures mostly do an amazing job, often life changing or even life saving. They have a duty of care to their patients to carry out the surgery ensuring the patient’s health and safety is top priority at all times before, during and after the surgery.  But unfortunately, if things go wrong that can cause the patient to sustain an injury or have an existing condition made worse then the patient may have the grounds to pursue a compensation claim for surgical mistakes.

Medical surgery negligence doesn’t just stand for negligence during the surgery itself but can include if mistakes were made in the preparation for the surgery, or the information regarding the surgery such as the possible risks, pre-op advice or aftercare advice, possible side effects etc. were not correctly or fully explained to the patient before the surgery was to take place, or if the wrong type or quantity of anaesthetic was administered, and so on.

Injuries or complications that may arise from negligent surgery and other reasons for claiming compensation for negligent surgery could possibly include:

  • Wrong part of body operated on or amputated – If a patient was booked in to have surgery on their right foot, or their right foot was to be amputated for example, and the surgeon operated on or amputated the left foot, this of course would be considered gross negligence and a valid reason to claim compensation.
  • Severe or wrongful and unnecessary scarring due to botched procedure.
  • Wounds becoming infected due to poor hygiene and / or incorrect pre-care and after-care.
  • Foreign bodies being left in the wound by mistake such as surgical swabs used during the procedure.
  • Incorrect type or quantity of anaesthetic being used causing the patient unnecessary pain.
  • Failure to carry out pre-operation checks to ensure the patient was fit for surgery which lead to avoidable complications.
  • Causing other body parts to be injured during surgery – for example, if someone was undergoing abdominal surgery and their surgeon accidentally punctured another part of their body such as their intestine or bowel, they could be left with further complications arising from this gross mistake.

If you have been injured or become ill because of surgery negligence, Medical Negligence Assist can help you to find a hospital negligence solicitor best suited to your needs in order to pursue your claim and get you the compensation you deserve.

Injuries By Negligence In Childbirth Or Pregnancy

Doctors, Midwives and Nurses are responsible for their patients well being, and have a duty of care to, both the mother and the baby during  pregnancy and childbirth to make sure they do all they can to ensure the baby is born safely and that the mother is safe whilst giving birth. Their duty of care is relevant before and after the birth, not just during the birth itself. If something goes wrong due to negligence and the mother or baby is harmed, they could be held accountable for compensation. Compensation could possibly be claimed for avoidable injuries that have occurred during the pregnancy, during the actual birth, or after the baby has been born. Claims for compensation could be made for injuries to the mother or child, if they have received substandard care which has lead to negligent errors in treatment causing unnecessary harm.

Injuries Caused By The Misdiagnosis Of Cancer

Medical and clinical negligence claims to do with cancer may include situations where a doctor has misdiagnosed cancer as something else, failed to make a diagnosis in good time, or even failed to spot the symptoms of cancer, which has lead to a massive delay in cancer treatment which may have caused the patient to suffer more extensive treatment as the cancer has progressed to a later stage or that the cancer is no longer treatable.

In cases of medical negligence involving cancer, it is really important to hire a personal injury solicitor that is experienced and reliable so that claims brought against medical practitioners such as your GP, radiographers, oncologists, or surgeons responsible for the negligence you have experienced, are successful in getting you the compensation you deserve.

Injuries Or Illness Caused By Negligence In An NHS Or Private Hospital

Claims for hospital medical negligence can include the most serious types of negligence cases including claims for negligence for botched surgery and surgical errors, misdiagnosis,  incorrect administration of anaesthetic or the wrong type and dosage being used Some medical negligence cases in hospitals can involve life changing or even life threatening consequences. The Bradford District Care Trust Hospital and the Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust have both paid out compensation sums for medical negligence in the past. Regardless of whether the negligence occurred in an NHS hospital or a private hospital, Medical Negligence Assist can help you to find a good personal injury lawyer to conduct your claim for you to get you the right amount of compensation they can for your case. To be eligible for any type of medical negligence case it must be proven that the medical practitioner responsible for the negligence caused harm, the negligent act alone will not lead to a compensation claim.

Neglect And Negligence In A Care Home

Care homes are supposed to provide a safe environments for their residents to live in which includes making sure that every resident’s primary health needs are met. If this does not happen, then the home and health care professionals could be acting negligently in their duty of care and therefore maybe liable to pay compensation for the neglect to the resident involved should they become harmed or ill in any way as a result of this negligence. All health care professionals are obliged to do everything they can to ensure the safety, health and well-being of the residents of a care home. The primary health care needs are individually based, failing to provide the correct health care needed for each individual causing avoidable harm maybe deemed as medical negligence.

Medical negligence cases in a care home can be complex and so an experienced solicitor can be really beneficial in ensuring the case stands the best chance of success.

Negligence By A Dentist

Cases involving UK dental negligence claims can be brought about if the claimant has suffered an injury or illness because of something their dentist has done by mistake or through the dentist’s careless actions. A condition may not have been diagnosed correctly, a procedure may have been performed wrongly, or maybe the dentist has acted generally incompetent at some point whilst treating the claimant. Examples of dental negligence cases involve filling or removing the wrong tooth, damaging a nerve, damaging healthy teeth or administrating anaesthetic incorrectly causing illness.

Negligence By Your GP

The first place to visit in general when dealing with a health complaint is your GP surgery or family doctor either in an NHS or private practice. They are often the ones to diagnose health complaints, make referrals to health specialists when needed, or recommend treatment and medication. If the GP fails to recognise your symptoms or prescribes the wrong treatment and medication making the health issue worse, or if they recommend the wrong course of action to take, you maybe able to file a medical negligence claim.

Medical Negligence Statistics For Bradford NHS Trusts

As you can see, in the table, is the number of claims for accidents against Bradford Hospitals and the total amounts paid out:

Healthcare providerClaims received 17/18Number of accidents/incidents Compensation Awarded
Bradford District Care Trust**£38,788
Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust77£9,584,667

If you have suffered medical negligence, contact Medical Negligence Assist today to find negligence solicitors to help you with your case.

No Win No Fee Bradford Medical Negligence Claims

Hiring a medical claim solicitor doesn’t come cheap, and for many people, the worry of being able to afford a solicitor stops them from pursuing the compensation they are entitled to claim after suffering due to someone else’s negligence. However, we offer a solution to this problem by offering a no win no fee service.

No win no fee means just that! If a solicitor is conducting your claim for you but doesn’t win, then you will not be charged any legal fees by them at all. If they do win however, the legal fees are then paid as a small part of the compensation award up to a maximum of 25%. By offering this service, we are giving everyone who has been wronged by someone else’s negligence the chance to make a claim with expert legal representation without any of the financial risks you would encounter if hiring a pay by the hour solicitor as no fees to your solicitor are paid at all until the case has concluded, and only if it wins.

NHS And Private Hospitals Or Clinics In Bradford

There are both NHS and private hospitals and clinics in Bradford which serve patients in the area in and surrounding Bradford. These include:

  • Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
  • Bradford District Care Trust
  • The Bradford Moor Practice – Bradford NHS & Private Medical Services
  • MedicSpot Clinic Bradford Shearbridge
  • Clarendon Medical Centre

How To Contact Medical Negligence Assist

If you’d like more information regarding medical negligence claims, or you’d like us to connect you with a reputable and experienced expert personal injury solicitor, you can contact Medical Negligence Assist on 0800 652 3087 and we will do our best to help you get the compensation you deserve.

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