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Medical negligence Braintree

Medical negligence Braintree

GP’s, doctors, surgeons, paramedics, and hospital staff in both the NHS and the private healthcare sector are held to a high standard of care for those that they treat and take care of. The vast majority of the time this duty of care is upheld, but sometimes, a patient could suffer an avoidable injury as a result of a medical professional failing to properly carry out their duties. These cases are known as medical malpractice, clinical negligence or medical negligence. In such cases the patients who were victims of malpractice are eligible to file a medical negligence claim for compensation for the unnecessary harm caused. Read more below to find out what you can do to claim compensation if you have been the victim of medical negligence in Braintree and are considering using medical negligence solicitors in Braintree.

It maybe useful to know that our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors can cover the Braintree area and take on all valid clinical negligence cases using a No Win No Fee agreement.

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What Do I Need To Know Before Finding A Solicitor?

The first step in beginning your medical negligence claim is finding a solicitor to represent you. You might want to look at what different potential solicitors are available and find a medical negligence solicitor with the experience most relevant to your case. Read online medical negligence solicitor reviews to see what their previous clients think of them and if they were successful in their cases.  Do not limit yourself to medical negligence solicitors in Braintree, or even to medical negligence solicitors in Essex, as we will discuss later our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors can cover the Braintree area. Look at what financial arrangements each solicitor offers,  and may be try to find one that offers a no win no fee agreement as you will not have to pay out any fees in order to begin your claim. Please be aware that there is a three year limit on personal injury claims, however there are some exceptions, please contact us using the number below to discuss further.

Online Reviews and Offline Recommendations

You might want to read medical negligence solicitors reviews online as well as talking to people you know who have made claims with medical negligence solicitors in the past. It could be beneficial to look for solicitors who have worked with claims most similar to yours in the past and consider how successful they were in securing medical malpractice compensation. Adding to this, you might want to look for solicitors that have a good reputation for communicating well with their clients. It might be helpful if you also seek out expert legal advice on making a personal injury claim, you can get that from us by calling us at 0800 652 3087 or filling out the contact form.

Does The Location Of A Solicitor Impact Your Claim?

If you are looking to make a clinical negligence claim in Braintree, we would like to emphasize that your options are not just limited to clinical negligence solicitors in Braintree, Essex. You don’t  need to just search for “medical negligence solicitors near me”, take the time to search further afield for a solicitor you think might suit you best. Modern communications and the internet make it possible for you to work with a medical negligence lawyer on making a clinical negligence claim no matter where they are located. As well as covering the Braintree area our panel of medical negligence solicitors can cover the London area as well. Although, you may have suffered from medical negligence in Braintree you are free to choose from medical negligence solicitors based anywhere in the UK.

Medical Check-ups Could Be Carried Out By Our Panel Of Doctors

Shortly after beginning  your personal injury claim you will need to undergo a medical examination by an independent medical expert. This examination will confirm the extent to which you have suffered harm as a result of medical negligence and will be used to support your claim.  Our panel of medical negligence solicitors will be able to arrange for you to attend the assessment in the Braintree area. Below is an example of some of the independent medical experts that our panel of solicitors may use in your area.

Alba Sanchez Mascunano

Regus office 4th floor, Victoria house, Victoria road


Christopher Parry

Victoria House, Victoria road


Reasons For Making A Medical Negligence Claim

Our panel of expert personal injury solicitors can carry out a wide variety of different personal injury claims arising from clinical negligence. These include negligence in pregnancy care and childbirth, negligence in both medical and cosmetic surgery, dental malpractice, hospital negligence and so on. In this guide you will find various examples of medical negligence.

Hospital Clinical Negligence

Hospital clinical negligence is when doctors and nurses at a hospital fail to properly uphold their duty of care to their patients, resulting in their patients suffering injury or illness while in hospital. It is absolutely vital that, hygiene standards are strictly upheld as hospitals can become sites of infection for so called “superbugs” that are resistant to most forms of anti-biotics. Our panel of clinical negligence lawyers can cover both private and NHS hospital negligence and would be willing to assist you with your claim today.

GP Medical Negligence Claims

General Practitioners are normally the first medical expert that you will seek advise from when you suffer with symptoms that you are unsure of. They are  also the gateway into the rest of the resources that our healthcare system in the UK has to offer. GP’s are held to a specific code of conduct and can provide treatment and diagnosis’ for basic illnesses. In some circumstances it is also their duty to refer a patient to a specialist as they are not knowledgeable enough in specific areas. If a GP fails to do so, and causes a patient to suffer with their symptoms for longer then necessary causing adverse harm, then this could base a claim for medical negligence. A GP must also provide their patient with the correct prescription, failure to do so could cause avoidable harm and therefore form the base of a medical negligence claim. If you have suffered as a result of your GP’s malpractice in the Braintree area and want to see if you are eligible to make a claim for personal injury, contact our panel of medical negligence solicitors today.

Surgery Errors and Medical Negligence

Surgical malpractice can come in a number of different forms, to give one example, perforation of healthy organs due to surgical negligence. Some patients may require a course of blood thinners before undergoing surgery, if a doctor fails to spot the need for such treatment and goes ahead without it, the patient may suffer from blood clot related issues such as deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism. Other examples of medical negligence in surgery could be operating on the wrong organ, on the wrong part of the body, amputating the wrong limb, leaving surgical instruments within the surgery site and so on.

Negligent Birth Injuries

Pregnancy and childbirth should be an exciting time for an expectant mother and her family, however it must not be forgotten that it is also a crucial time for spotting any issues that may arise and cause complications or any health issues that must be addressed. It is absolutely vital that the mother and baby’s health are strictly monitored for any possible complications that may arise. Medical Negligence Assist and our panel of medical negligence lawyers are here to assist you if you or your baby have been affected by clinical malpractice during pregnancy and childbirth and have suffered avoidable injuries. Our panel can cover psychological as well as physical injuries resulting from childbirth negligence. For example many women are affected by symptoms similar to those of Post-Traumatic-Stress-Disorder following a particularly difficult childbirth. Negligence during childbirth can also cause the baby to suffer with hypoxia or Erb’s Palsy. If you feel you have been affected by this, or you and your baby have suffered from another avoidable injury, call or contact us today and our panel of clinical negligence lawyers maybe able to assist you in making a claim for traumatic birth compensation.

Nursing Home / Care Home Medical Negligence

Nursing homes and care homes look after the elderly, those with severe physical disabilities, long term illnesses such as dementia and people with learning disabilities: some of society’s most vulnerable people. There have been scandals in the news over the past few years around residents of care homes being neglected and abused. Examples of negligence in a care home can include: failing to ensure residents are taking their prescriptions, failing to monitor food and fluid intake which lead to health deterioration, failing to turn bed bound residents leading to infections caused by pressure sores. If you or your loved one have been a victim of medical negligence in a Braintree nursing home then you may be entitled to compensation.

Delays To Treatment Or Misdiagnosis Of Cancer.

Although advances in medicine mean that the prognosis of many cancer patients is better than it ever has been it is still vital that the symptoms of cancer are spotted, diagnosed and treatment began as early as possible. If cancer isn’t diagnosed properly and promptly, or if the cancer is misdiagnosed, then it can have a serious effect on the patients health. An example of  cancer medical negligence could be if a doctor misdiagnoses the cancer for something else when they should have had the capabilities to identify with the symptoms present meaning treatment has only began once the patients health and symptoms have worsened considerably, causing preventable suffering or requiring much more drastic treatment and in worse cases the death of the patient.

Dental Negligence

A dentist’s surgery and its medical professionals must ensure that they are acting in the best interest of their patients at all times. Failure to do so could lead to malpractice. Negligence in dental practices could include: healthy gums and teeth being damaged by negligent procedures, the removal of wrong teeth, infections caused by improper cleaning of  instruments and failure to properly administer anaesthesia leading to unconsciousness or avoidable pain during the procedure. The effects of dental negligence could lead to difficulties chewing and swallowing food, pain issues, speech impediments as well as cosmetic and psychological damage.

NHS Resolution Data For Claims Made Against Local NHS Trusts

This table shows the number of claims made against your local NHS trust, the number that were successful and the amount paid out in compensation.

Name Of Hospital TrustNo. of claimsNo. of incidentsCNST damages paid (£)
Mid Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust589£5,178,856

What Is A No Win No Fee Claim?

Some personal injury solicitors offer no win no fee agreements. In a no win, no fee agreement a personal injury lawyer agrees to accept a portion of any compensation you are awarded if your claim is successful as payment for their services and will not charge you for their legal fees if your claim is unsuccessful. This is an ideal arrangement for you because it relieves you of the otherwise fairly substantial financial burden of making a claim, but it also is an assurance that your personal injury solicitor has the utmost confidence that your claim will be successful.

Hospitals And Clinical Services

  • Braintree Community hospital.
  • St Michael’s Hospital & Birthing centre.

Start Your Claim

If you are a victim of medical negligence and have a valid claim you could potentially receive compensation as a result of the suffering caused. Call for free legal advice or to discuss arranging for you to work with one of our panel of solicitors. Our lines are open from 8am to 9pm seven days a week. Alternatively, you can fill out a contact form here.

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