Bristol Medical Negligence Solicitors – No Win No Fee Claims Lawyers Guide

Medical negligence Bristol

Medical negligence Bristol

Have you been harmed due to negligent medical care? Are you searching for medical negligence solicitors in Bristol or those which can cover this area? Medical Negligence Assist may just have that solution for you as our panel of medical negligence solicitors can cover the Bristol area.

This article will answer frequently asked questions such as ‘do I have a case for medical negligence’ as well as showing where you can find a personal injury claims calculator which can help you to see what you could be owed if you have a valid case.

Clinical or medical negligence claims deal with circumstances in which you (as a patient) were owed a duty of care by a medical practitioner. This duty of care will have been breached and you will have been harmed as a result. An example of this could be a surgeon performing surgery on the wrong organ.

If you have been harmed due to clinical negligence you need to instruct a solicitor who specialises in this type of claim. This article will help you find out how to do so.

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How To Choose A Clinical Negligence Solicitor

If you have been harmed due to medical negligence in either the NHS or the private sector you could be able to claim compensation from the responsible party. If you are contemplating making a personal injury claim, how do you choose which medical negligence solicitor to carry out your claim?

It can be prudent to ensure that whatever solicitor you choose has experienced in this area of the law. Laws applicable to personal injury claims and cases of medical negligence can often change. Claims against medical service providers can also be complex and complicated than other types of personal injury claims. Two of the most common things which people think about when choosing a solicitor to handle their case are where the solicitor is based and what the solicitors’ reputation and experience is. This can be seen in medical negligence solicitor reviews.

Do I Need A Solicitor In My Area To Conduct My Claim?

Whilst it is common to think that you need to use “medical negligence solicitors near me”, you do not. In fact when you are choosing a solicitor to act for you in any type of personal injury claim the location of a solicitor should not factor into your decision. Whilst you should look at factors such as whether you are within the appropriate personal injury claims time limit for your case and what experience solicitors have in conducting similar claims; where your solicitor is based should not influence whether you do or do not use their services.

In most instances, the only part of a claim which will need to be carried out in your local area will be any medical examination which is necessary. However, we work with a nationwide panel of doctors who could be based in the same town as you. You can see where some of our panel of local experts are based later in this article.

Look At Reviews Of Different Solicitors In Your Area

Looking at medical negligence solicitors reviews and reading examples of a solicitors medical negligence success stories can help you to learn more about their experience in helping people in similar circumstances to claim compensation.

Of course, looking at the reviews of a solicitor or a law firm can not provide you with a complete picture. They may not always show the overall approach that is taken. We believe that claimants needs should always be put first and strive to do so. We also approach cases in a sympathetic way and make sure we communicate with you as clearly and with as little jargon as possible.

Medical Negligence Cases Our Panel Of Experts Could Handle

There may be many different reasons for why you are searching for medical negligence solicitors in Bristol. Depending what type of negligence you have been caused may have a bearing on what type of solicitor you may use. For example if you have been harmed due to a misdiagnosis using a solicitor that mainly does personal injury claims such as slip trip and falls may not always benefit your case.

Our panel of medical negligence solicitors are able to handle many different types of medical negligence claims. Here at Medical Negligence Assist we will ensure that your case is in safe hands as our panel of medical negligence solicitors who can cover the Bristol area have the expertise to ensure all your needs are met. To see how we can help you in some example types of medical negligence, please continue reading below.

Our Nationwide Panel Of Doctors Could Assess Your Injuries In Bristol

If you have been harmed due to the way in which your medical care was carried out, our panel of medical negligence solicitors who can cover the Bristol area could be able to assist you. Whilst personal injury solicitors usually do not need to be based in your local area and indeed often do not need to meet claimants, this is not the case with a medical examination.

Often those that are pursuing a medical negligence claim may need to undergo a medical assessment. This helps to better understand the full extent of your injury and to fully assess how much compensation you could be eligible to claim. Your medical assessment can be carried out in the Bristol area by our panel of experts including,

Ayubur Rahman
Mercure Bristol Brigstow Hotel
5-7 Welsh Back

Lara Worsley
The Medical Unit 3
The Square
Temple Quay

Rakesh Duggal
Regus Bristol Temple Quay
1 Friary, Temple Quay

Emily Eracleous
Shirehampton Health Centre
Pembroke Road
BS11 9SB

Surgery Negligence Cases

Surgery negligence cases and cosmetic surgery negligence refer to instances of negligence or other preventable errors that have caused harm which have happened either in preparation for surgery, during a surgical procedure or after the surgery has been carried out. Surgery negligence could have happened in both an NHS hospital or whilst under private care if standards in care are allowed to slip under the expected standards that are required. A breach in a surgeons duty of care could lead to a patient suffering some kind of unnecessary harm.

Having any surgery can often carry some level of risk. However, these risks should always be discussed with you before the operation is carried out and you should be able to give informed consent to the procedure. It is important not to mistake a pre-informed surgical risk with an avoidable error that causes harm. If you are unsure as to whether the harm you suffered was due to an error then call our team the number is at the bottom of this guide and one of our advisors should be able to shed some light on your case.

Birth Negligence And Birth Injury

Birth injuries could happen to either the expectant mother or the child being born or both if the appropriate standard of treatment is not given. Although giving birth is a joyful time it is crucial not to forget that things may not always go to plan and that monitoring both mother and baby is vital so that if things look like they are not going smoothly medical intervention can happen. If cases of distress are not monitored correctly the potential for harm to occur may be present.

If complications occur at any point during childbirth, the baby and mother may require more care and attention than usual to ensure their safety and health. If a baby is showing signs of distress and oxygen levels are not what they should be and the baby is not monitored hypoxia could occur which could lead to life long illnesses. These injuries could result in the child suffering from cerebral palsy or other birth defects and/ or brain damage.

Hospital Negligence Advice

People visit hospitals for care in a variety of emergency and non-emergency instances. You could be receiving ongoing care, or you may have had to have surgery for an injury or illness. Example of hospital negligence could be a misdiagnosis of your current condition which means that the appropriate care and treatment is not given which may allow you illness or injury to worsen. The impact of surgical or hospital negligence could be life altering for some people and in such cases getting hospital negligence advice can help to know what to do next. Our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors could provide you with hospital negligence advice to help you make a claim.

Clinical Negligence Claims In A Care Home

Clinical negligence in a care home happens when someone who is a resident in a nursing home or a care home is the victim of negligent care and as a direct consequence is harmed in some way. Here are some examples of potential care home negligence;

  • Wrongly diagnosing a residents illness or the failure to diagnose that they have an illness allowing the condition to worsen.
  • Abuse or deliberate harm caused to residents by members of staff.
  • Abuse or poor care which causes a resident to suffer mental health problems such as depression or becoming withdrawn.
  • Failing to properly feed residents having their health deteriorate.

To find out what a medical negligence settlement for negligence in a care home could compensate you for, speak to an expert from our team.

Cancer Medical Negligence Or Misdiagnosis

A cancer diagnosis can be life changing that is why it is vital to have it diagnosed at the earliest opportunity when your symptoms are first reported to a doctor. In most cases if cancer is left untreated as it has not been diagnosed the condition could get worse and a patient could deteriorate. Also if the incorrect treatment is given and not the treatment that is needed then the condition may also get worse. Any symptoms that are related to cancer or reflect it in anyway must be taken seriously and any tests that are needed to diagnose a condition must be under taken to potentially improve the prognosis of a patient.

If you have any questions about a misdiagnoses then please do not hesitate to call our team the number is at the bottom of the guide.

Dental Care Or Surgery Negligence

Visiting the dentist may be a stressful experience for a lot of people. Finding out that the visit has caused you harm (or further harm) could leave you with pain, injuries and a feeling of distress. Whether working in the private sector or providing NHS care, dentists have to deal with a very varied set of conditions as well as provide a wide range of treatment options. Forms of dental negligence could include misdiagnosis of a condition which means the condition gets worse, a nerve injury caused during a dental procedure, extraction of the wrong tooth or damage to healthy teeth.

Whether you experienced NHS negligence or were harmed during private care call our team to see if you are eligible to make a claim for any harm that has been caused.

General Practice Doctor Negligence

It is really important when a patient visits their GP with an illness or injury that they are diagnosed and receive treatment or medication if needed to ensure they make a recovery. If the GP is unsure what the diagnosis is then referring the patient for tests or to see a specialist doctor is vital so that the condition is not left untreated. Failure to spot the signs of an illness or completely misdiagnose it for something different can mean that the patient does not receive the appropriate treatment and may receive medication for an illness they may not have which could not only allow their condition to get worse but they may be taking medication they may not need.

If you feel that your health has been affected due to negligent care provided by a GP, you could be able to make a claim with a medical negligence solicitor.

Statistics For Medical Negligence Claims Against Bristol NHS Trusts

In this table we have included statistics for reported instances of medical negligence at NHS trusts in Bristol. This data is collated by the NHS and is publicly available here. The information in this table covers the period for 2017 / 2018 and also includes information for the amount of compensation which was paid out over this period.

NHS Healthcare TrustClaims Recieved 2017/ 18Incidents 2017/ 18CNST Damages Paid
South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust145771,197
University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust49*8,129,811
North Bristol NHS Trust612516,771,052
Avon & Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust5*231,878
Weston Area Health NHS Trust16*770,773

If you have been harmed due to the way in which medical care has been provided to you at any of these medical facilities our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors may be able to help you claim compensation. Contact our team for further details.

No Win No Fee Medical Negligence Solicitors Who Cover Bristol

No win no fee is the process through which many personal injury and medical negligence cases are handled. If the medical negligence lawyer or solicitor working on your case is unable to win your claim there will be no obligation for you to pay any fees to them. You will only be charged if you are awarded compensation. These charges will have been outlined to you prior to you signing an agreement with a solicitor or lawyer. This means that there should never be any surprise fees or charges which you need to pay. This type of agreement is often also called a conditional fee agreement.

Bristol NHS Hospitals And Clinics

As one of the UK’s major cities, Bristol has an extensive network of hospitals and teaching hospitals which serve both the city itself and the wider community, including local towns and villages. Some of the largest NHS medical facilities in this area include,

  • University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust.
  • North Bristol NHS Trust.
  • St Michael’s Hospital.
  • Southmead Hospital.
  • Bristol Royal Infirmary.
  • University Hospitals Bristol.
  • Emersons Green NHS Treatment Centre.
  • South Bristol Community Hospital.
  • Cossham Hospital.
  • Bristol Royal Hospital for Children.

Private Clinics And Private Hospitals In Bristol

People could suffer harm due to medical negligence which has happened at a private hospital or another form of private healthcare facility in the Bristol area if sub-standard treatment is provided. Private hospitals and clinics serving Bristol include;

  • Spire Bristol Hospital.
  • Nuffield Health Bristol, The Chesterfield Hospital.
  • Litfield House Medical Centre.
  • The Hospital Group.
  • Bristol Fertility Clinic.
  • The Priory Hospital Bristol.
  • Bupa Health Centre Bristol.

If you have been harmed whilst under care at any of the facilities listed above which serve the Bristol area, contact a personal injury solicitor for further help and advice.

Starting A Medical Negligence Compensation Claim

If you would like to find out more about how a medical negligence lawyer could help you or want to start the process of getting compensated for the harm which has been caused to you, contact our team today. We are experienced in dealing with different forms of medical negligence.

When you contact us using the claim online form, we will ask you questions during an initial assessment, assess your case and could even provide you with post-litigation support. For more help, contact one of our panel of medical negligence lawyers today.

How do I claim for medical negligence? Just contact our team today and we can help you to start the claim process.

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