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Medical negligence Caerphilly

Medical negligence Caerphilly

Despite many years of training and advanced qualifications, even the very best medical or healthcare professional could make a mistake. For the most part slight errors, mistakes or oversight will not cause a patient any harm. However, in some instances, the mistake may be serious enough to lead to a patient being harmed. Sometimes seriously. Whether you were under the care of a surgeon, midwife, GP, or dentist, if they have breached or violated (reasonably) expected standards of care and if you were harmed because of this, you may be able to make a personal injury claim through a medical negligence solicitor.

If this describes you, you may have found this page whilst searching for ‘medical negligence solicitors in Caerphilly’. To see why you do not need to make your claim with a Caerphilly law firm or use medical negligence solicitors in your area, read our guide below.

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Choosing Your Medical Negligence Solicitor

Medical treatment errors could arise in many different settings with different causes, but some forms of error may be more common than others. Being able to show that an instance of misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis has happened is not enough in order to make a claim. You must also be able to show that the care dispensed did not meet expected standards and that you were harmed. To navigate the process of establishing liability and making a successful claim, you will need a competent and experienced medical negligence solicitor. But, how do you ensure that you have the right person handling your claim?

  1. Check to see if they are a specialist in making medical negligence claim, not just personal injury claims in general.
  2. Ask if they could take your case on a no win no fee basis? This removes any risk in making a claim.
  3. You don’t just have to search for solicitors in your area.
  4. Check out the reviews of different medical negligence solicitors in Caerphilly or who cover claims in this area.

Will Online Reviews Help?

When looking for a medical claims or personal injury solicitor one of the easiest things to do is to search online for reviews of solicitors covering you local area (remember don’t limit yourself just to those based there). Open a search engine and type in terms such as ‘medical negligence solicitors in my area’ or ‘medical negligence solicitors reviews’. You should then find recommendations and reviews of solicitors covering your part of the country.

As helpful as reviews may be, they never paint the whole picture. They may not tell you everything about how a solicitor or their team could help you through the process of making a claim. They may also not fully reflect how successful a solicitor has been in helping people claim compensation in the past.

Will A Solicitors Location Affect My Claim?

Where a law firm or solicitor is based will not have any effect on your claim. For example, whilst not located in this are, our panel of medical negligence solicitors can cover the Caerphilly area and conduct claims just as well as if they were. Today the claims process can almost always be conducted remotely, so you do not need to meet in person with the solicitor or take a trip to their offices. We recommend that your priority is to look at what experience they have.

Our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors are experienced in representing claimants harmed by medical professionals. They will work hard on your claim to ensure that you get the best possible outcome. At the beginning of your claim, they may also be able to use a personal injury claims calculator to estimate how much compensation you could be eligible to.

Where Will My Medical Examination Be Carried Out?

A common part of most personal injury claims is the need to have a medical examination. Though there are no advantages to using a local solicitor, having to travel a long way for your medical exam could be a serious disadvantage. This is why we partner with a panel of doctors across the UK. Those closest to this area are,

Julian Sweetman
Mackintosh House
136 Newport Road,
CF24 1DJ

Mohammed Ahmad
818 Newport Road,

Ian Kerss
St Pauls Medical Centre,
St Pauls Square,

Note. A different doctor, medical professional or location may be used for your assessment depending on requirements and availability.

Medical Negligence Claims In Caerphilly Our Panel Of Solicitors Could Conduct

Medical malpractice or negligence claims can be made for lots of different reasons, however they will generally fit into a few broad categories. These are;

  • Mistakes related to medications or treatments.
  • Errors and mistakes during surgery.
  • Incidences of misdiagnosis.

Some of the different types of medical negligence claim which you could make and which our panel of solicitors could help you to make are,

  • Failures to treat a condition, injury or illness.
  • Anesthesia errors.
  • Medication error.
  • Vaccination injuries.

We will now look more closely at some types of medical negligence.

Hospital Negligence In Caerphilly

If a hospital has made a serious enough mistake in your treatment for it to have been considered negligent, you could have the right to seek damages from them for harm which has been caused by this. Hospitals can range in size from smaller community hospitals to larger multidisciplinary facilities. The Aneurin Bevan University Health Board operates several facilities in this area providing different hospital services. There are also private medical services providers operating hospitals in this part of Wales. Negligence in hospital care could range from medication errors, the failure to diagnose you correctly or failure to treat your illness.

Our hospital negligence claims guide goes into further detail on when and how you could make a compensation claim.

Mistakes And Errors During Surgery

Some forms of errors in surgery are called ‘never events’, these are often the most serious circumstances leading to potentially serious injuries to patients. The term never event means that such incidents should never be allowed to happen. Examples of this level of errors in surgery might include the surgeon leaving an implement inside the patient, or an operation being carried out on either the wrong body part, or even the wrong person. Other ways patients could be harmed include complications which could have been avoided or a patient contracting an infection due to poor sterilisation. Harm could also be caused by anesthesia errors.

Birth Injuries Caused By Mistakes And Errors

Patients (mothers or children) could be harmed during childbirth in different ways. In some instances, if action is not immediately taken either party could suffer serious injury, illness or fatal consequences. Birth injuries could happen in a variety of ways and new babies could also be harmed by vaccination injuries at a later stage.

If your personal injury solicitor could show that the doctors care fell short of defined standards, you could make a claim. Our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors have handled this type of claim before.

Nursing Home Medical Mistakes And Errors

Nursing home negligence or elder abuse could seriously affect some of the most vulnerable people in society. Sometimes people who are extremely vulnerable could find that their healthcare or medical needs are met or that they are in some way abused. Examples of negligence or abuse in a care home could be,

  • Emotional or physical abuse.
  • Neglect and being allowed to develop an injury such as bed sores.
  • Failure to treat an illness, failure to diagnose or other harm.

Dentistry Medical Errors Or Mistakes

In order for a medical negligence lawyer or solicitor to help you make a claim against a dentist for errors, mistakes, or substandard care, you need to be able to show that you have been harmed by this error. Much in the same way that medical negligence can be caused in different ways, so could dental negligence be. For a claim to be valid, it needs to be shown that there has been a breach in a duty of care (such as a delayed diagnosis), that the dental practitioner caused this breach and that you were harmed by this.

Errors In The Treatment Of Cancer

Cancer negligence could take the form of private healthcare negligence or NHS negligence. It could also be caused by a failure to correctly diagnose the disease, failures to treat it or because of a delay in the diagnostic process. Any of these could cause harm to a patient. Instances of cancer negligence could lead to more aggressive and harmful forms of treatment being necessary. This could lead to additional injuries or illness. It could even lead to your life-expectancy being significantly shortened.

Our panel of medical negligence solicitors can cover the Caerphilly area and could help you make a cancer negligence

Treatment Errors By A GP

NHS negligence by a GP could happen in different ways. Your GP is expected to be able to spot the initial signs of a variety of different illnesses. Whilst they are not expected to be specialists in a particular field, they do need to have enough knowledge to know when to refer a patient for testing by a specialist. They have a very high duty of care to ensure that you are provided with the right level of car.

Below we have listed some of the different forms that negligence by a GP may take and for which personal injury solicitors could help you claim for.

  • Carrying out a treatment or procedure which they are not qualified to do.
  • Diagnostic errors.
  • Prescribing the wrong course of treatment or wrong medication.
  • Failures in referring a patient/ not referring a patient.

Remember, you do not need medical negligence solicitors in Caerphilly to help you claim, our panel of doctors could conduct your claim for you.

Statistics And Rates Of Medical Negligence In Wales

Both the Welsh Government and NHS Wales keep records of the value (and other data) of medical negligence claims which have been made against the NHS in Wales. A full breakdown of these statistics (such as the number made against the Aneurin Bevan University Health Board are not available).

Estimated liability for medical negligence£8.441 million
Increase in proportion of claims valued at over £100,0007% increase

Data in this table is taken from the summarised accounts for NHS Wales. You can find further information related to such claims in the NHS Annual Accounts Report.

Should I Use A No Win No Fee Solicitor?

We think that is you have been harmed by a medical practitioner and are seeking compensation, that you should not have to worry about any potential costs of making a personal injury claim. The last thing which should prevent you from getting any compensation which you are owed is the worry about how much it will cost to do so. This is why we do recommend that you use a no win no fee service. Whilst there may be a variety of different no win no fee solicitors in Wales, our panel of solicitors could be best placed to help you. If you are not awarded a settlement for your case of clinical negligence in Caerphilly, the solicitor working on your claim with not expect to be paid.

Medical negligence claims both need to be made within the medical negligence claims time limit and by an experienced solicitor. We recommend having a specialist or expert solicitor to make sure,

  • Your claim is properly handled.
  • They have used a proper personal injury claims calculator to estimate your settlement.
  • That you have been medically assessed.

To learn more about this type of claim, please get in contact with our team using the methods below.

Caerphilly Hospitals And Medical Services

Caerphilly is both a town and community at the south end of Rhymney Valley, Glamorgan, Southern Wales. The name Caerphilly refers to the town and the larger county borough. The population of the borough of Caerphilly is 180,800, though the town itself is much smaller than this.

There are various medical services in the area such as hospitals, doctors surgeries and dental practices provided by the NHS and private companies. We have listed a selection of these below.

  • Cefn Carnau | Elysium Healthcare.
  • Ysbyty Ystrad Fawr.
  • Nantgarw Road Medical Centre.
  • Velindre NHS Trust.
  • Whitchurch Hospital.
  • Spire Hospital Cardiff.

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We hope we have shown you how our panel of solicitors could help you and why you do not need to make you claim with a medical negligence solicitor in Caerphilly.

Caerphilly References And Resources

In addition to all of the information which we have provided above, you may still have questions of queries about the basis for making a personal injury claim or the circumstances in which you could make one. To answer some frequently asked questions as well as to provide further information about medical services in this area, we have included the following reference materials.

Services For Adults And Older People In Caerphilly
This is the local council resources for those who require/ are enquiring about care services for adults and older people.

Here you could find the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions related to personal injury and medical negligence claims.

Ysbyty Ystrad Fawr – Community Hospital
Strad Fawr Way,
Ystrad Mynach,
CF82 7EP

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