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How Do I Claim Compensation For Medical Negligence In Carlisle?

Medical negligence Carlisle

Medical negligence Carlisle

On this page, you will find a guide to medical negligence solicitors who would be able to cover the Carlisle area, the ways negligence can happen, and the kinds of injuries and illnesses it can cause to patients. We also offer advice on how to go about finding a team of solicitors to process a claim for you.

If the guide doesn’t address all of your questions, or you need some additional help and advice, our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors can be of help, and one of our team will be available on 0800 652 3087, 24 hours a day, to provide any assistance you need.

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How To Find The Right Medical Negligence Solicitor For Your Case

The task of finding a good solicitor to process a negligence claim for you can be quiet daunting. Especially if you have never had dealings with a solicitor before. There are a few ways you can approach the task though, for example:

  • You could speak to friends and family, and find out if they have any recommendations
  • Your work colleagues might be able to recommend a legal firm
  • You could try reaching out to your social connections on sites such as Facebook, asking for recommendations
  • Online review sites can be a good place to start your search

All of these are smart ways to reduce the effort involved in finding a suitable legal team. However, we have a much simpler option for you. Our panel of medical negligence solicitors cover the Carlisle area, and the claims service we operate in structured on a No Win No Fee basis, making it financially risk-free.

If you speak to one of our team, they will explain how our claims service works and can provide key information such as the personal injury claims time limit that associated with your claim. They will also be able to give you an estimate regarding the level of compensation you could be awarded in a successful claim. This is worth checking, even if you have used a generic online personal injury claims calculator already.

Are Claims Affected By A Solicitors Location?

To answer the question, is there any legal requirement for me to use medical negligence solicitors near me? The answer is no, you don’t need to use solicitors in Carlisle unless you want to. You can use any solicitor you wish, and use the phone, email, webchat to keep in touch with them simply and effectively no matter where they are.

It is more important to choose a solicitor who will have the greatest chance of processing your claim, and achieving a successful outcome. As such, their location is a tertiary consideration at best.

Read Customer Testimonials

An online review site can be an excellent place to start looking for a suitable legal firm to process your claim. When you read medical negligence solicitors reviews, you will want to make a note of the pertinent data, such as:

  • Is the review fresh enough to be useful?
  • Does the review cover a similar claim to your own?
  • Was the claim successful?
  • Was the review positive?
  • How much did the solicitor charge as their fee?

You can then compare this information across multiple review platforms, and extract the best legal firms. However, this is still going to take some time to do. We can offer you a much quicker way to find great legal representation. All you need to do, is speak to one of our team and find out how.

Where Could My Medical Exam By Carried Out?

Something that every claimant can do to help support their own personal injury claim, is to visit an impartial doctor and have their medical condition diagnosed. This will help prove the level of harm suffered through negligence. We can arrange a free medical examination in the Carlisle area, from the following medical professionals:

Ian KerssSt Pauls Medical CentreCarlisleCA1 1DG
St Pauls Square
Sumeet VohraPeople First Cumbria, Best Life BuildingCarlisleCA1 1RZ
123-127 Botchergate

If you are ready to go ahead with this, please speak to a member of our team today.

What Are Common Examples Of Clinical Negligence?

Medical negligence can happen in many ways. As a basic malpractice definition, when a medical professional with a duty of care towards a patient actually causes harm in a way that could have been avoided, then negligence may have taken place. Examples of this include:

  • Mistakes made during surgery, injuring the patient
  • Delayed or wrong diagnosis, leading to a delay in treatment and a worsening medical condition
  • Dental accidents, injuring a dental patient
  • Care or nursing home accidents, caused by negligence, resulting in harm to a resident
  • Wrongfully prescribed medication, causing an allergic reaction or illness

All of these are examples of how a patient could have been injured through the negligent actions of a medical professional, could give you grounds to make a claim for compensation.

Negligence Claims Against A Dentist

A dentist, as with any medical professional, has a duty not to cause their patients harm. However, negligence at a dental surgery can cause injuries such as:

  • Damage to the jawbone
  • Infections of the gum
  • Loss or damage to otherwise healthy teeth
  • Facial scarring due to cuts and lacerations
  • Psychological distress, such as loss of confidence, due to disfigurement

All of these are examples of the kinds of injuries that a dental negligence claim could be based on due to a dentist or dental nurse, failing to meet their duty of care.

Negligent Surgery

For some people surgery can result in unexpected medical problems, due to negligence on the part of the surgeon, or a member of the theatre team. For example:

  • Mistakes made when administering anaesthetic, resulting in an adverse reaction or even death in extreme cases
  • A surgeon making a bad incision, causing the patient an injury
  • Post-op aftercare being lax, leading to the patient contracting an infection

These are examples of ways that a person can be injured during or after surgery that a medical negligence lawyer may be able to process a claim for compensation on your behalf.

Neglect Nursing Home Care

Every resident in a nursing or care home, can expect a very specific minimum level of care which is enforced by legislation. A care home must comply with all of these regulations, at all times because it is a legal requirement. A failure to be fully compliant can lead to the care level dropping. If it does, and this ultimately results in a resident coming to harm, then it could be possible for a personal injury solicitor to process a claim on behalf of the injured party.

Negligent Pregnancy Care Or Childbirths

When negligence occurs during childbirth, the results can be serious for the mother, and catastrophic for the baby. The mother can suffer injuries ranging from simple cuts and bruises, through soft tissue injuries and fractures (primarily of the pelvic bone and pelvic muscles), as well as perineal tears.

The baby could suffer injuries ranging from cuts and bruises, through fractured bones, permanent scarring, medical conditions such as cerebral palsy to severe, permanent brain damage or even death. When these kinds of injuries are the result of negligence, then a medical negligence solicitor could be able to process a claim for the harm caused to mother and baby.

Negligent Hospital Care

At a busy hospital, staffed by overworked doctors, nurses, and ancillary staff, negligence can take many forms that could result in harm to a patient. For example:

  • Tests such as an MRI scan or an X-Ray expose a patient to harmful levels of radiation
  • Pharmaceutical errors, that result in a patient taking the wrong medication, causing an adverse reaction
  • Mistakes made whilst treating an injury, such as a poorly applied bandage that fails to treat the patient properly, resulting in their condition to become worse

These are all examples of reasons why a person could be able to claim medical negligence compensation due to the harm they have suffered at a hospital.

Professional Negligence In The Treatment Of Cancer

Cancer requires rapid treatment so that the patient receives the best possible chance of making a recovery from this life-threatening illness. When treatment is delayed due to a mistake made with the diagnosis (delayed or simply wrong), and this causes the patient’s condition to worsen, or in extreme cases causes their death, it may be possible to claim negligence on the part of the medical professional involved.

Negligence Claims Against A GP

A GP is expected to provide primary care for the public. This involves the treatment of minor illnesses and injuries, the diagnosis of more serious health concerns, and subsequent referral to a specialist. When a GP makes a mistake, it can lead to a patient going without treatment, or a delay in treatment, which can cause their health to suffer. Should this be the case, it may be possible to claim NHS negligence or file a claim against a private medical facility.

Statistical Information For Negligence In Carlisle NHS Hospitals

The table below, shows details of NHS claims for the Carlisle area:

Healthcare ProviderClaims Received (2017/18)Number of Incidents (2017/18)CNST Damages
North Cumbria University Hospitals NHS Trust44*6010618

Data for this table was taken from:

NHS claims data 2017/18

Carlisle Area Hospitals

Cumberland Infirmary

Newtown Rd




Opening hours: 24 hours.

No Win No Fee Claims For Medical Negligence Compensation

Using a No Win No Fee claims service provides you with access to a personal injury lawyer without paying an up-front fee. You also don’t pay a fee while the solicitor is processing your claim, or if the claim is unsuccessful. You only pay a fee when the solicitor receives a settlement for you, and they deduct their fee automatically before giving you the remainder. This means that you don’t have to pay anything until you have won your claim. Making the process financially risk-free.

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