City of London Medical Negligence Solicitors – No Win No Fee Claims Lawyers Guide

Medical negligence City of London

Medical negligence City of London

If you’re in the unfortunate position of having to find a medical negligence lawyer to help you make a claim, then you might be at a loss trying to work out which one is the best one for your case.  This guide is going to provide you with information about what to ask any potential solicitor and what to look for before choosing medical negligence solicitors in the City of London.

Our panel of medical negligence solicitors can cover the City of London area so could help you with a no win no fee claim.  Therefore, rather than searching for a medical negligence lawyer, you could call one of our specialists for free legal advice about starting your claim.  Call 0800 652 3087 to speak with us today.

If you prefer, you can carry on reading to find out what you need to do to find the right solicitor for your case.

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What Do I Need To Know To Be Able To Make A City Of London Medical Negligence Claim?

If you’re considering hiring a personal injury solicitor to make a claim for clinical or medical negligence, you should first ensure you’re  eligible.  To do so, see if you can answer yes to all 3 of the following questions:

  • Did you receive substandard treatment from a medical professional?
  • Has this treatment caused you to become ill or injured or did your illness or injury get worse?
  • Finally, did the treatment take place within the last 3 years? (There are exceptions, read here to find out more).

Once you’ve used the checklist above you could ask friends for a recommendation, read solicitor reviews or ask family for advice on who to use. However, we understand that not everyone will have worked with a medical negligence solicitor,  therefore, throughout this guide will provide advice on what  we think you should look for in a solicitor and the types of questions you might want to ask them.

If you require help making a decision, our medical negligence specialists can happily provide free legal advice, with no obligation, and may be able to introduce you to one of our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors to claim. Fill in this form and we will contact you shortly.

Do I Need To Check Our Reviews Of A Solicitor?

You might be the type of person who likes to hear about other peoples experiences prior to buying a new product or service. This can also be done with medical negligence solicitor reviews and suggest you use them as a starting point before speaking directly to the solicitor to find out information that a review won’t tell you.  This can include:

  • How experienced they are in dealing with claims that are similar to yours.
  • If they are easily contactable.
  • If they provide a No Win No Fee agreement.

Do I Need To Have My Injuries Or Illness Examined?

As part of most negligence claims, you’ll need to have a medical assessment to prove the extent of your injuries and to assess any long-term effects.  If you choose to utilise our panel of medical negligence solicitors to help you make a claim, they will aim to ensure you don’t have to travel far by using one of our panel of doctors in your area to undertake the assessment.

Some of the specialists we might use, include:

Adnan Saad
3a Brayford Square,
London, E1 0SG.

Does My Solicitor Need To Be Based In This Area?

Due to modern communication methods, many solicitors no longer require you to meet face to face when making a claim.  This means that, if you were thinking that “I need to use medical negligence solicitors in my area”, you could widen your search and not stick to local solicitors.

Remember that whoever you choose, we recommend you try to find out about their history with medical negligence cases as well as the  recent cases they’ve won that were similar to yours.

Examples Of Types Of Clinical Negligence Cases

Over the coming sections of this guide, we are going to look at examples of negligence that a personal injury lawyer might try to claim compensation for.

City Of London Hospital Negligence

When you need to attend a hospital for treatment, the main hope is that the underlying condition is resolved, and the symptoms recede.  However, it is possible that if a member of hospital staff is negligent, you could sustain a new injury, become ill or they could even make your existing condition worse.

In these cases, you could sue the hospital  of you have suffered health issues as a result of the negligent act.  For instance:

  • If you suffered because of a delay in treatment due to a misdiagnosis.
  • Incorrect medicine being administered resulting in unnecessary and harmful side effects.
  • Improper hygiene standards resulting in the contraction and spreading of illnesses such as MRSA.

Negligence By A Surgeon

If you need surgery, whether it be a medical procedure or a cosmetic one, you will be told about any associated risks by the surgeon prior to the procedure and asked to sign a waiver or consent form.  That doesn’t mean that you can’t seek compensation if the surgeon makes a mistake and their negligent actions have caused you undue suffering.

If surgical staff  fail to provide the standard of care that is reasonably expected of them and this has caused you undue harm or suffering then you might be able to make a claim against them. For example:

  • If an item of surgical equipment is left inside you that means you need further treatment for removal.
  • Wrong-sited surgery which as caused damage to healthy organs.
  • If you wake up during surgery due an anaesthetic error and suffer avoidable pain and suffering.

Nursing Home Social Care Negligence

It can be quite a dilemma if you have to make the decision to place a loved one into the care of a nursing home.  Whichever home you choose, you’ll need to put faith in the staff and hope that they will look after your loved by providing a good quality of life.

Staff have a duty of care towards residents which means they should follow the health and safety procedures adopted by the home.  If they fail to do so, and a resident suffers as a consequence, then compensation might be claimed for the suffering caused.

Some medical negligence case examples in nursing homes could include:

  • When the resident isn’t moved often enough causing them to suffer pressure or bed sores.
  • If the resident doesn’t receive their prescription medicine and this causes them to become ill.
  • When a patient suffers fractures because staff did not follow the correct lifting procedures.
  •  Serious neglect and abuse.

General Practice Care Negligence

GPs are usually very good at diagnosing a wide range of issues.  Within a 10-minute appointment they can spot what the problem is, suggest a treatment or send the patient to a specialist for further tests if they suspect a more serious problem.

However, there are times where the GP fails to spot what the problem is or diagnoses it as something else.  These mistakes can cause the patient to suffer because of a delay in treatment which might mean their condition worsens or they suffer for longer than they could’ve done had the problem been spotted at the earliest opportunity.

If this happens, a patient could sue the doctor for medical negligence acts which have caused them to suffer.  If you think this has happened to you, then you can call our team to discuss whether we can help you begin a claim.

Negligence At A Birth

The team of professionals involved with the delivery of a  baby will have received many years of training, mentoring and shadowing before  responsible for the birth of a child.   This is to ensure they know, as much as possible, what to do with standard deliveries and how to deal with more complex problematic births.

If they fail to follow the training and don’t use the correct procedure, miss a problem or deal with one incorrectly, then a claim could be made if the child or mother are made ill or suffer an injury because of staff negligence. Please read here for more information regarding pregnancy and birth negligence claims for compensation.

Dental Practice Care Negligence

All members of staff at a dental practice, including hygienists, nurses and dentists have a duty of care to try and ensure patients remain safe while undergoing any treatment.  This means that while undergoing any form of treatment, including check-ups, the right equipment is used, hygiene standards are maintained, and the correct procedures are followed wherever possible.

In cases where the patient suffers because the above didn’t happen, a claim against the dental practice might be possible.

Examples of dental negligence which might lead to a claim include:

  • If the patient suffers damage to any healthy nerves, gums or teeth during a procedure.
  • Any pain suffered during treatment because the anaesthetic dosage was incorrect.
  • Or suffering caused by a procedure that didn’t need to take place (due to a misdiagnosis).

Negligence In Cancer Care

With many cancers, a much better prognosis can be possible if the condition is spotted early.  A delay in spotting cancer can mean it spreads elsewhere in the body and could mean it becomes untreatable or the treatment required is much more aggressive and painful which could include surgery to remove the affected parts of the body.

If a delay in diagnosis is caused by a doctor or specialist failing to diagnose or diagnosing the condition as something else, then a patient might be able to sue for the additional suffering caused by the delay.

Should you wish to discuss your claim for delayed cancer treatment, you can contact our team of specialists 7 days a week.

The City Of London – Bart’s Health NHS Trust

You can find out, from the table below, how much compensation was awarded and the number of claims that were made against the NHS trust in the City of London during 2017.

NHS TrustTotal claimsTotal IncidentsCNST Damages
Bart's Health NHS Trust1427£32,840,259

The figures shown are for NHS negligence and come from this report.

What Is A No Win No Fee Claim?

Many people are put off from making a claim because they worry about the cost of hiring personal injury lawyer.  That’s why our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors offer a no win no fee agreement whenever they take on a claim.

No win no fee reduces the financial pressure of claiming because:

  • There are no upfront fees.
  • You don’t have to pay anything to your solicitors if your claim is unsuccessful .
  • You won’t need to find the funds to pay the solicitor if they win the case because they take their success fee directly from the compensation.

If you would like to find out whether you could use a no win no fee service for your City of London medical negligence claim, please call today and speak with a specialist advisor.

Hospitals Serving This Area

Below is a list of some hospitals local to the City of London.

  • St Bartholomew’s.
  • Guy’s Hospital.
  • The Royal London Hospital.
  • St Thomas’ Hospital.
  • St Lukes Hospital.
  • London Bridge Hospital.

Our panel of medical negligence solicitors who can cover the City of London area could help you begin a claim against any of these hospitals or any GP practice, medical center or other medical facility so please get in touch if you’d like to start a personal injury claim today.

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If you would like to contact us to discuss your claim, then we can be reached on 0800 652 3087.  If you would like us to call you back, please fill in this form.  We offer a free, no obligation, assessment of your claim to help you decide whether to proceed or not.

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