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Medical negligence Enfield

Medical negligence Enfield

Have you found this page whilst searching for medical negligence solicitors in Enfield? If so, read on to find out how Medical Negligence Assist could help you. Although we are not based in Enfield we have a panel of expert specialist solicitors who could cover the Enfield area. If you have been injured or in any way harmed due to medical negligence in the UK, our team could help you. We could provide you with advice as to how the claims process works and check our personal injury claims calculator and estimate how much your injury or illness could be awarded in compensation. We could even help you to find the right person to conduct your claim from our panel of medical negligence solicitors.

For more information please read this guide and when ready, contact our team by calling 0800 652 3087.

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How To Choose A Clinical Negligence Solicitor

Whether you are searching for a medical negligence solicitor or a more general personal injury solicitor, your choice of representative could be the most important choice you make in the claims process. In fact, it may be the most important step you could take. Having the right solicitor could be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful claim. There may be different steps which you could take in order to find the right solicitor. These may include,

  1. Looking at whether they have recommendations for you to look at.
  2. Checking out their fees and ways for you to fund your claim.
  3. Make sure that you are comfortable with how they will stay in contact with you.
  4. Asking if they could organise your medical assessment.
  5. Making sure that you are still within in the medical negligence claims time limit. In general this is three years.

We shall now look in more detail at two important steps to take when choosing a solicitor.

You Do Not Have To Claim With A Solicitor In Enfield

Whilst you may have found this guide whilst searching for medical negligence solicitors in Enfield town or borough, there is simply no legal requirement for you to make your claim with medical negligence solicitors in your area. Our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors can keep in contact with you via phone, email or letter. Any documents could be signed electronically or through posted documents.

Instead of looking at where a medical negligence lawyer’s office is based, compare no win no fee solicitors by looking at what services they provide and whether they have handled such cases before.

Could My Injury Or Illness Be Assessed In Enfield?

Our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors covering the Borough of Enfield will need to thoroughly investigate each and every part of your medical negligence case. They will need to know and understand how you were harmed and affected by negligent medical care. The personal injury solicitor handling your case may request that you are examined by a doctor from their expert panel. The assessment will help the solicitor to better understand how you were harmed and thus to value your claim more accurately. Information collected may include,

  • Details of your illness or injury.
  • What caused it.
  • An estimate of your recovery time.
  • Future medical treatment you may need.

In the Borough of Enfield, doctors that could be called upon could include,

Laura Sanchez Pallares
Electric Avenue,

Hassan Mehdi (Medco)
The Wenta Business Centre,
Innova Park,
Electric Avenue,

Masroor Ahmad
1st Call Osteopaths,
219 Bramley Road
N14 4UY

Use Reviews To Compare No Win No Fee Solicitors

A common step which people take when they need to buy a new product or use a service is to look at testimonials, recommendations or reviews (either online or offline). Listening to recommendations and reading medical negligence solicitor reviews may aid in your search for the right solicitor or lawyer to handle your claim.

With so many different law firms, solicitors, lawyers and legal services operating in the Borough of Enfield, looking at different reviews can be an effective way to compare and contrast different medical negligence solicitors covering Enfield and the services which they may be able to provide to you.

Types Of Claims For Clinical Negligence

Personal injury claims for medical negligence maybe possible if patients are harmed because of a breach in the duty of care a medical practitioner has towards them. Your claim could be brought against specific practices or a wider institution, such as an NHS trust or private healthcare company. Medical negligence could be constituted in a variety of different ways and could cause many different forms of harm.

In this guide we look at some examples of medical negligence in some detail but whether dealing with private health services negligence or NHS negligence, medical negligence could occur indifferent ways than those mentioned. If your circumstances are not dealt with below just get in touch with our friendly team to check if you could claim.

Enfield Hospital Negligence

From testing and scans to specialist treatments, surgeries and Accident and Emergency departments or rehabilitation services, your hospital may provide a plethora of different medical services. Hospitals may operate as part of the NHS, the private sector, or provide a mixture of public and private medical services. Some departments (such as those testing for cancer or A&E departments) are under a lot of pressure to provide services quickly and meet specific targets. This could lead to errors creeping into the care provided as there maybe not be enough clinicians available to help targets being met. Lapses in patient care or even in cleaning protocols could lead to a patient developing a common hospital infection or an illness such as C Difficile.

If you were injured due to a nurse acting negligently or became ill due to a doctor making clear mistakes, you could have grounds to claim.

Injury Or Illness Due To A Doctors Negligence

General Practice doctors, or GP’s as they are more commonly known as, are the entry point to the wider healthcare service for most patients. They are an essential link as they often refer patients for more specialist care when necessary. Most GP’s will provide excellent levels of care, but in some circumstances if doctors and nursing staff at your GP practice do not provide you with the right standard in care, it could lead to avoidable suffering. If you were injured due to a nurse not paying due care or remained ill due to a doctor missing symptoms, call our team today and have your case assessed.

GP’s must follow professional codes of conduct as well as ethical guidance in order to maintain a certain standard of service. There is a specific guidance for doctors to follow in professional values, knowledge, skills and behaviours which doctors are expected to adhere to.

Mistakes Or Errors By Surgeons

Whether undergoing general surgery, a cosmetic procedure, or operation for an illness such as cancer, you can rely on high standards in surgical care provided by the NHS or private healthcare providers. If patients are harmed unnecessarily through negligence by their surgeon such as operations being performed on the wrong body part this maybe considered as gross negligence.

Possible types of surgery claims;

  • Private care eye operation negligence.
  • Cosmetic surgery disfigurement claims.
  • Surgical instruments retained inside the surgical site.

Other examples of different private or NHS negligence in surgery could include, perforating organs or tissues, damage to nerves. Our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors could help you to seek damages for surgical negligence claims.

Negligence In Nursing Homes

In an ageing society, more and more people require some form of residential care and assistance later in life, whether this is in a care home or nursing home. Such residential care facilities are trusted by residents and their families to provide all necessary care. Due to the wide variety in services and care which may or will be needed by a resident/patient, a lot of training and skills are needed by employees. If for any reason an employee of a care home facility is not trained adequately to look after the residents correctly and causes harm to their health, they or a next of kin relative may have the right to pursue a claim for nursing home compensation.

Due to the increasing population of people in care homes staff can be under pressure to care for many individuals and be unable to give due care and attention, possible leading to harmful consequences. If you or a loved one has been harmed due to a lack of care by a healthcare worker, contact our team to see if our panel of medical negligence solicitors who can cover the Borough of Enfield are able to help you.

Birth Or Cesarean Negligence Claims

Giving birth is both a special time for the soon to be parents, but also a vulnerable time for the mother and baby. Both require the right level and type of care at the right time in order for the birth to go well and for both parties health to be protected. Doctors, nursing staff, midwives, healthcare workers have a duty of care to ensure the correct treatment is provided. If a surgeon performing a C-section does not do so correctly and safely the patient could suffer with internal damage. The effects of medical negligence during childbirth could be significant and in some instances the baby could be left with life-long illnesses, such as Cerebral Palsy or Erby Palsy. For the parents at the time (and possibly the child later) knowing that such conditions could have been prevented if negligent mistakes had not taken place could be more devastating.

Delays To Cancer Treatment And Diagnosis

A person in the UK is diagnosed with some form of cancer every two minutes and cancer affects hundreds of thousands of people across the UK. Those who are suffering from some form of cancer heavily rely upon medical services from the NHS or other healthcare providers. Thanks to advances in treatment practices and protocols people have a greater chance than ever before to survive cancer, but the right steps still need to be taken. Being diagnosed with cancer can still be life-changing. Delays to getting a diagnosis or starting appropriate treatment could have a serious effect on your health and lead to you being harmed further. If you had a negligent misdiagnosis, a negligent delay to being diagnosed or treatment that is considered below the expected standard and your health was affected further by this you maybe able to claim for clinical negligence in Enfield.

Negligence At An Enfield Dental Practice

Negligent dental care could have a serious impact on your oral health and even psychological health. Conditions such as misdiagnosed or poorly treated gum disease could leave you with painful consequences and if the wrong tooth or teeth are removed then there could be a serious psychological impact upon you and damage to your self-esteem.

Negligent dental care may also have impacted you financially, costing you money to rectify mistakes made by a negligent dentist or other dental practitioner (such as a nurse). Whilst we are not solicitors in Enfield, our panel of medical negligence solicitors can cover the Borough of Enfield and could help you to claim compensation for any unnecessary harm.

Statistics From The NHS For Medical Negligence In Enfield

As we have seen in the examples above, medical negligence or malpractice could happen in a variety of different circumstances. But, how commonly are claims registered against NHS trusts in this area? To help illustrate the prevalence of cases and claims made we have included the table below. This table includes data which is published by NHS Resolution (2017 – 2018 release here).

NHS Trust Or Relevant Healthcare AuthorityNo. of claims recievedNo. of reported incidentsCNST Damages Paid
Barnet, Enfield and Haringey Mental Health NHS Trust6*1,265,870
Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust88914,595,977

Make A Medical Negligence No Win No Fee Claim

One of the most convenient and indeed popular ways for people to make any type of personal injury claim is to do so through a no win no fee agreement. What does this mean? Put very simply this is a type of contract through which a solicitor will provide their services to a claimant. Whether you are using a more general personal injury lawyer or a specialised medical negligence lawyer, they may be able to offer you this way to fund a claim. Under it, you will not be asked by the person handling your claim to pay for any services or fees until the end of the process. The risk-free element comes in where a solicitor will only charge for their time if they do win your case. Their fee can then be settled from this payment. If they are not able to secure you any form of compensation, there should be nothing to pay your solicitor.

Hospitals In The Borough Of Enfield

Enfield is a populous North London Borough with 333,869 residents (estimated in mid-2018). With a large population, compared to some regions of the UK, there are a variety of NHS and private medical services serving the borough. We have listed some of the larger services/service providers below. If you have been harmed at these or any other healthcare facility in Enfield remember, our panel of medical negligence solicitors can cover the Borough of Enfield and may be able to help you.

NHS Facilities/ Services

  • Chase Farm Hospital.
  • North Middlesex Hospital.
  • St Andrews Court.

Private Healthcare

  • BMI The Cavell Hospital.
  • BMI The Kings Oak Hospital.
  • Priory Hospital North London.

How To Start A Claim

To start any type of clinical negligence claims in Enfield, such as for NHS negligence or private healthcare negligence get in contact with our advisors. Whilst we are not located here we have a panel of medical negligence solicitors who can cover the Enfield area who could handle claims.

You can talk to our team now using the number above, or click the link at the top of this page to begin your claim online.

Resources And Enfield Medical Care

Below we include several resources which could further help those affected by clinical negligence in Enfield. Throughout this article we have also included some external resources, such as the local hospital, which may be helpful to you.

Medical Compensation Claims
Further information on medical negligence claims which you could make.

How Much Could You Claim?
This guide looks at examples of how much people could claim in different circumstances.

Royal Free Chase Farm Hospital
The Chase Farm Hospital provides services to residents in areas of Enfield.

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