Havant Medical Negligence Solicitors – No Win No Fee Claims Lawyers Guide

Medical negligence Havant

Medical negligence Havant

At Medical Negligence Assist our panel of medical negligence solicitors can cover the Havant area and have years of helping people to claim for NHS negligence or malpractice in the private healthcare sector. If you have been treated in a negligent way by a healthcare professional (such as a nurse or a doctor) and were harmed as a result, you could have the right to claim compensation. Our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors are experienced in different areas of medical negligence claims and could help you.

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Steps To Help You Select A Solicitor For Your Case

The first step in making any type of personal injury claim is to find the solicitor who could deal with you case. They should be someone who is experienced in conducting this type of case. But, how do you ensure that you do have the right person for the job? Well there are some steps that you could take in order to do so, such as looking at medical negligence solicitors reviews or making sure that you are not just looking at medical negligence solicitors in your area.

  • Choose a solicitor who has experience.
  • Don’t worry about location.
  • Look at how previous clients rate them.
  • Ask if you could make a no win no fee claim.

Talking to our team is also a good step to take in order to find a personal injury solicitor.

Am I Restricted To Claiming With Local Solicitors?

No. Whilst it is easy to think that it is best to claim through a solicitor based on your local high street, but a local firm may not have the right experience or may not have conducted similar claims before. It is this experience which can be much more important to a claim than location. Not all solicitors help people to make personal injury claims and if they do, they may also not have worked on similar claims before.

Today litigation (such as this type of claim) can be made remotely and solicitors can stay in contact with claimants in a variety of different ways.

We Have A Panel Of Doctors Who Could Conduct A Medical Exam

An important step in making a claim with a personal injury lawyer or solicitor is having a medical examination. Your medical negligence lawyer or solicitor will determine whether or not you need to have one, but they are quite common. The medical expert will talk to you about what has happened, will make notes on this, and may ask you a variety of different questions. What needs to happen during your medical exam and how long it takes will depend on the circumstances of your illness or injury.

Medical examinations are carried out as close to you as possible. In the Havant and Hampshire areas medical experts who may carry out your examination could include,

Kashif Aziz
Hampshire Health,
97 Havant Road,
PO10 7LF

Mohammed Ahmad
Hampshire Health,
97 Havant Road,
PO10 7LF

Should You Look At Testimonials Of A Solicitor?

There are lots of different resources from which you could find out about a personal injury solicitors experience and whether people who they have helped are happy with their service. There are online directories of solicitors and personal injury lawyers where you could find out about a solicitors or lawyers record. Some solicitors may have a lot of marketing exposure or advertising, or may have a large media presence, but this does not mean that they are the right person for your claim.

Choosing who should handle your claim doesn’t have to be a big hassle. Hopefully above we have shown some things to think about when making a claim. Next, we shall look at some of the circumstances in which you could make a claim.

Common Medical Negligence Claims You Could Make

When you are under the care of a doctor, dentist, surgeon, nurse or any other healthcare professional you are owed a duty of care by this professional. Medical negligence could be said to have occurred if this professional breached their duty of care and caused you harm. If they acted in a negligent way and if you were harmed as a result of this, you could be able to seek compensation from them for this.

You could make a claim for negligence against a doctor or any other healthcare provider who has harmed you.

Surgical Negligence

There are numerous different reasons for which someone may need to have an operation. These could be to address injuries or illness or could even be for elective procedures, such as cosmetic surgery. Surgery may also be carried out at an NHS hospital, with a private surgeon or even minor procedures at clinics. Avoidable errors in surgical care may be,

  • An operation which the patient does not need being performed.
  • Where the wrong operation is carried out.
  • Leaving an implement or object in the patient.
  • Undue delays to an operation.
  • Wrong site surgery – where an operation is carried out in the wrong part of the body.

Any of these circumstances could lead to a patient being injured by the actions of the surgeon.

Birth And Midwife Negligence

At every step of the journey from pregnancy to the delivery of a child and post-natal care, new parents expect that they will receive the highest level of healthcare possible from doctors, nurses, sonographers and midwives. Whilst these standards are usually met, this is not always the case and at times either a mother, child or both could be harmed. Ways in which mothers or babies may be harmed could be,

  • Ultrasounds not being carried out properly.
  • Injuries to the mother whilst delivering a baby.
  • A baby being injured causing Cerebral Palsy.
  • Infections being contracted by either party.

Hospital Negligence Claims And Payouts

Hospital negligence claims payouts could be higher than some other forms of medical negligence claims due to the potentially serious nature of instances in hospitals. Treatment in a hospital is generally for things which are quite necessary. There are many different reasons why someone could need to make a claim for negligence in a hospital which has caused harm. These may be,

  • Undue delays to getting a diagnosis.
  • Undue delays to operations or treatment.
  • Undue delays to appropriate testing or screening of a patient.
  • Negligence in treatment in an A&E department.
  • Not being provided with fluids or proper food.
  • Hospital acquired infections including MRSA or MSSA.

A medical negligence lawyer may be able to help victims of hospital negligence. To see if they could help you, contact our team and begin a Havant hospital negligence claim.

Negligent Treatment In A Care Home

Due to the variety of different types of care homes or nursing homes and the different reasons for entering a care home, negligence in care homes can take different forms. Some of these may be,

  • General medical neglect and failure to take action in cases where a resident is sick.
  • Neglecting a residents basic needs and requirements, whether medical or otherwise.
  • Neglect of basic hygiene causing illness.

If your relative has been harmed because of negligence in a care home, talk to our team to see how a solicitor could help you.

Negligence In Cancer Diagnosis

Negligence in a cancer diagnosis could lead to you being seriously harmed. In the most serious instances it could even lead to your being fatally harmed and be unable to recover from either the negligence or the initial cancer. Cancer needs to be diagnosed as early as possible to have the most treatment options available and also for a patient to have the best possible chance of making a recovery.

Dentist And Dental Assistance Negligence

Dentists or dental assistants could cause harm to their patients in many different ways. For you to be able to seek compensation, they must have made an error, acted in a careless way or been somehow negligent. This will then need to have caused you harm for you to seek damages.

The ways in which this harm could have been caused may be,

  • An inadequate medical (dental) procedure being conducted.
  • The wrong dental procedure or treatment being provided.
  • Removing the wrong tooth.
  • The contraction of infections.
  • Misdiagnosed oral cancers.

GP Negligence Claims Compensation

If you have been harmed due to negligence by a GP, you could make GP negligence claims for compensation. There are lots of different circumstances for which you may have grounds to seek compensation from a general practice doctor (or nurse at your GP surgery). They may be,

  • A doctor issuing a prescription for the wrong medication which leads to you being harmed.
  • Failing to correctly diagnosing a sickness or wrongly diagnosing it.
  • Failing to fully or properly examine a patient.
  • Failing to refer patients for specialist care when needed.

NHS Resolution Statistics For Medical Negligence In Havant Area

This article has talked about and looked at different ways in which a patient could be harmed through a careless or negligent action. But, how often do such actions or incidents happen in NHS facilities in this area and how often have claims been made against NHS Trusts in Havant? To help answer these questions and to show you how much has been paid out by the same trusts to victims of medical negligence, we have created this table.

NHS Trust Or Relevant Healthcare AuthorityNo. of claims recievedNo. of reported incidentsCNST Damages Paid
Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust170382,468
South Central Ambulance NHS Foundation Trust11*2,532,976

The data for this table is taken from NHS Resolution which is the NHS body which collects and collates such data. Information is published on an annual basis and can be found here.

Medical Services And Hospitals Covering Havant

Havant is a town and borough in the South East corner of Hampshire. As well as the town of Havant itself, the boroughs population of 125,000 includes residents of suburbs. These are suburbs include Hayling Island, Rowlands Castle (no longer considered a suburb), Waterlooville, Langstone Harbour. There are a variety of NHS and private medical services treating people in Havant. These facilities include those listed here.

NHS medical services

  • Elmleigh Hospital.
  • Havant NHS Diagnostic Centre.
  • Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust.
  • Queen Alexandra Hospital.

Private healthcare services

  • Spire Portsmouth Hospital.
  • Bupa Health Centre Havant.

If you have been harmed by Havant hospital negligence, or indeed negligence at any medical facility in this area, you could be able to make a claim through a medical negligence solicitor.

How To Make A No Win No Fee Medical Compensation Claim

If one of our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors is able to take on your claim, they may be able to do so through a no win no fee agreement. This means that if they are unsuccessful in conducting your claim, they will not levy any solicitors fees.

At the beginning of the claims process your personal injury solicitor should outline what fees could or will apply to your claim. This should be set out in writing and fully explained to you before your sign the agreement with your solicitor. Before you agree to make a no win no fee claim, your medical negligence solicitor should answer any questions you have so that you do not receive any shocks at the end of your claim.

Whilst there are different forms of no win no fee claims (conditional fee agreements and damages-based agreements) they all operate in a similar way from the perspective of the claimant. For more information, talk to our team today.

How To Contact Us

After reading this guide you may wish either to start your personal injury claim for harm caused by a healthcare practitioner or require further information. To discuss your eligibility to claim compensation and to again learn more about why you do not need to claim with medical negligence solicitors in Havant talk to us. There are several ways in which you could get in contact with our team which we have included below.

  • Begin your claim online now by completing our quick and easy form. Click the link at the top of this page.
  • Send an enquiry to our team using the form on this page.
  • Talk to us directly by phoning on 0800 652 3087.

Our team are here to answer your calls every day and we could help you to begin you claim as soon as possible. So, talk to us today.

Advice And Medical Services

Whether claiming negligence against a doctor, for a midwives negligence or in other circumstances, this article will have shown you how to find the right person or team to handle your claim. We have also shown though we are not located in Hampshire, that our panel of medical negligence solicitors can cover the Havant area as easily as if we or they were. Below you can find details of some medical services in this area as well as other relevant articles on this site.

Elmleigh Hospital
61A New Lane,
Website www.nhs.uk/Services/hospitals/Overview/DefaultView.aspx?id=111253

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