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Medical negligence Islington

Medical negligence Islington

Are you looking for medical negligence solicitors in Islington? Have you received medical treatment that has been negligent and caused unnecessary suffering? On this page, you will find a guide to selecting the right medical negligence solicitors and how they can help you to make a claim for personal injury. As well as giving you some solid advice on how to find a good legal team, we will also cover different kinds of medical negligence that could leave the victim in a position to make a compensation claim.

You may have extra questions, that fall outside of the scope of this guide. If this is the case, please call 0800 652 3087 and speak to one of our claim advisors. They will answer your questions, and also explain to you how our panel of medical negligence solicitors can cover the Borough of Islington, and can help you to make your claim.

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How Should I Pick A Medical Negligence Solicitor For My Case

Attempting to find a good solicitor might seem like quite a complex task if you have never had dealings with a legal firm before. The good news is, there are some shortcuts you can take, that will make your search easier, such as:

  • Using an online review website to evaluate solicitors in your area and all across the UK.
  • Ask for recommendations from your connections on social media sites.
  • Reach out to your work colleagues, and ask if they can recommend a good personal injury or medical negligence solicitor.
  • Ask friends and family members whether they have worked with a solicitor that they could recommend.

Although these are all good ways to approach your search, it will still take some effort to find a good legal firm. We can offer you something simpler. Our claims service can match you with one of our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors. Speak to one of our team members on the number below to learn more. As well as discussing your unique circumstances, they will check if your claim falls within the 3 year time limit.

Do I Have To Pick A Solicitor In My Area?

As an answer to the question, do I need to use medical negligence solicitors in my area? We are happy to tell you that there is no legal requirement to use a local firm. A more important thing to consider, is how effective the solicitor will be at processing your claim. Our panel of clinical negligence solicitors could cover the Islington area, and are experienced in helping claimants get the compensation that they deserve.

Could I Have An Examination Of My Injuries With An Expert Doctor?

In order to assess your injury or illness caused by medical negligence of a health care professional, your personal injury solicitor will arrange for you to attend an independent examination with an impartial medical expert. This will form the basis of your claim as it will discuss the depth of your injuries and will help your solicitor value your claim for compensation. We work with a panel of doctors who are located close to the area of Islington, who can perform your assessment for you. Some of which are mentioned below;

Syed Zaidi6-8 BonhillLondonEC2A 4BX
Sajive BansalLoncroft House,LondonEC2M 4NS
Victoria Avenue
Geoffrey Hill65 London WallLondonEC2M 5TU

Reviews Help You Make Comparisons Of Solicitors Services

You may be able to find a website that has published a number of medical negligence solicitor reviews. If you can, then this would be a good resource for creating a shortlist of solicitors. If you decide to give this a try, be sure to compare information such as:

  • Whether the review is recent enough to be useful.
  • Whether the kind of claim covered is similar to your own.
  • Whether the claim was won.
  • Whether the review is positive.
  • How much the solicitor charged.

What Types Of Medical Negligence Could You Claim Compensation For?

There are different forms that clinical negligence could take. However, in order for a medical negligence lawyer to be able to process a claim successfully, the claimant must have actually suffered harm that was caused by a negligent act. For example:

  • Mistakes are made during an operation, and this harms the patient on the operating table.
  • A resident of a nursing home is harmed, due to negligent care.
  • A dental patient suffers an injury due to a dentist making a mistake.
  • A baby or its mother is injured during childbirth, due to a negligent act.
  • A GP makes a mistake, causing a patient’s health to suffer due to a delay in treatment.
  • A cancer patient suffers a worsening of their condition, or even death, due to a negligent diagnosis.

All of these examples show how negligence can affect a patient, causing harm, in a way that could be a valid basis for making a compensation claim. We will discuss each branch of medical negligence below in more detail.

Surgical Negligence Compensation

Every person undergoing surgery is at some level of risk. However, when negligence is involved, the risk becomes much higher. Patients could be harmed due to surgical negligence for example;

  • Swabs, sponges, and other surgical implements being left inside the patient and this causes an infection.
  • Wrong sited surgery resulting harm to healthy organs or limbs.
  • Mistakes  made with the anaesthetic, causing the patient to suffer an adverse reaction.
  • After op care is lax, and the patient contracts an avoidable infection.

If you believe that you have a valid personal injury claim for surgical medical negligence, please contact one of our legal advisors below for impartial advice on how to make a claim for compensation.

Negligence In Islington Borough Hospitals

It is important to say that hospitals do an amazing job day in and day out some never closing constantly needing staff at all hours. Many hospital staff over worked, tired working more hours than they are supposed to due to staff shortages. No medical professionals cause deliberate harm but if standards are not kept to that minimum level patients could suffer as a consequence for example;

  • Pharmaceutical errors meaning patients are given the incorrect medication causing an overdose or adverse effects.
  • Improperly carried out tests can expose a patient to harmful substances that could have adverse side effects and subsequent health issues.
  • Patients have contracted super bugs such as MRSA due to unhygienic practices.

If you have suffered due to hospital negligence but are unsure if you are eligible for medical negligence compensation please call our advisors on the number near the end of the guide and through a free consultation they could advise you on your next steps. Of course, this is not an exhaustive list, read here for further information.

Care Home And Residential Care Neglect

All members of staff that work in a care home are trained to deal with the high pressures of caring for elderly and disabled residents. It is important that each care home in the UK is closely regulated, to ensure that residents are not put at risk due to lax care levels. Unfortunately, despite these obligatory compliance requirements, care home negligence can and does happen. When it can be proven that staff negligence was the direct or indirect cause of harm to a resident, it could be possible for the injured party to make a compensation claim. An example of such, could be the failure to regularly turn a bed bound resident which then causes pressure sores. Improper treatment of pressure sores can lead to life threatening or at times, fatal infections such as Septecimia or Osteomyelitis. If you or a loved one have been harmed as a result of negligence in an Islington care home, please contact us to discuss your options.

Dental Negligence Compensation

When visiting a dentist for treatment, whether this is required treatment or cosmetic treatment, negligence could occur if standards are allowed to fall below those levels of expectation and lead to undue harm being caused to a patient. Examples of such are;

  • Damage to healthy teeth or gums.
  • Removal of healthy teeth.
  • Fractures and scarring to jawbone or face.

A dentist and dental nurses, along with any other member of staff in a dental surgery, have the same duty of care towards patients as any other medical professional. This means that when negligence occurs that injures a patient, it could be possible for the patient to claim dental negligence compensation. To request that one of our advisers contact you regarding dental negligence please fill in this form.

Negligent Causes Of Birth Injuries

Pregnancy and the birthing process are both exciting yet difficult times for a mother and her baby. That is why it is necessary for all midwives, nurses and pediatricians working with expectant mother and foetus to constantly monitor progress and any changes throughout pregnancy and during the labour process. If this does not happen and this is due to the negligent actions or omissions of the health care professionals in question, then this could lead to avoidable illness or injury for mother, baby or both. Examples can be found below;

  • Failure to use forceps correctly, resulting in broken bones and permanent scarring, to conditions such as Cerebral Palsy, or even death in the worst cases for a baby.
  • Mother suffering from a retained placenta.

When negligence is the cause of birth injuries such as these, it could be possible for a compensation claim to be made.

GP Negligence Claims

Your GP has two very important responsibilities that they are expected to fulfil, and these are:

  1. The referral of the patient to the correct healthcare specialist for treatment.
  2. The diagnosis of minor illnesses and injuries, and providing suitable treatment, including the prescription of medication.

If your GP fails to provide the above standard of care, and this has resulted in you suffering undue injuries or illnesses as a result then you could be able to make a claim for personal injury. To find out more about GP negligence please contact us using the below information.

Delayed Or Late Cancer Diagnosis

Finding out that you have cancer is one of the most devastating things that anyone can be told. It could be even more distressing to find out that the negligent actions or omissions of medical professionals involved in your diagnosis have caused you to suffer further with your symptoms. Examples of delayed or late cancer diagnosis could be the failure of doctors to follow up on tests, or performing the wrong type of tests. If a misdiagnosis or a late cancer diagnosis takes place, this could cause the patient’s medical condition to worsen, or even their death in the most extreme of cases. If a negligent delay in treatment causes further harm to a patient suffering with cancer it could be possible for them to claim compensation for delayed cancer diagnosis.

Hospitals In The Borough Of Islington

The Whittington Hospital

Magdala Ave


N19 5NF


Opening hours: 24 hours.

Statistics Illustrating NHS Medical Negligence Claims For The Islington Area

The table below gives details of NHS medical negligence claims  in the Islington area:

Healthcare ProviderClaims Received (2017/18)Number of Incidents (2017/18)Damages (£)
Whittington Hospital NHS trust1994,694,852
Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust* *28,396

(* Indicates less then 5 incidents)

Data for this table was taken from the following online resource:

NHS claims data for 2017/18

No Win No Fee Negligence And Compensation Solicitors

Our panel of medical negligence solicitors offer No Win No Fee agreements for all personal injury claims relating to medical negligence. This means that if your claim is not successful, you will not be left paying any of your solicitors fees. At the beginning of your claim you will sign a conditional fee agreement, which will form a contract between you and your solicitor confirming the above and the percentage of your compensation that can be awarded to you solicitor at the end of a successful claim. If you have any more questions relating to a No Win No fee agreement, please contact us to discuss this.

Contacting Our Team

Have you been injured by a medical professional? Do you, for example, need to make a claim for Islington hospital negligence? If so, our claims service can provide you with the right medical negligence solicitor to process your claim. Speak to one of our claim advisors on 0800 652 3087 to learn more.

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