Keighley Medical Negligence Solicitors – No Win No Fee Claims Lawyers Guide

Medical negligence Keighley

Medical negligence Keighley

If you’ve been searching for medical negligence solicitors in Keighley, then this guide could show you that your search area could be broadened to help you find the right solicitor for your case.  This guide will explain what to look for and provide examples of the types of medical negligence in the Bradford area that could lead to a claim.

Our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors can help you begin a claim and offer a no win no fee claim service for all claims they take on.  If you’d like to discuss making a claim right away, call one of our specialist advisors on 0800 652 3087 today.

Alternatively, you can find out more about choosing a medical negligence solicitor by reading the rest of this useful guide.

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Choosing A Solicitor To Handle Your Clinical Negligence Claim

When selecting a medical negligence lawyer, you might just want to ask a friend or colleague for a recommendation, or you might pick one by reading reviews and both of these methods could prove useful.  In this guide though, we’ll provide more details about what you need to look for to ensure you get the best medical negligence lawyer for your case.

To be eligible to make a Keighley medical claim you’ll need to able to answer yes to both of these questions:

  1. Did you receive substandard or negligent treatment from a medical professional (doctor, nurse, surgeon, dentist, care home worker etc)?
  2. And, because of that treatment, were you left with a new injury or illness or were your existing conditions made worse?

If you answer yes to both of those questions, and the injury was sustained within the medical negligence claims time limit of 3 years, then you could be eligible to begin a claim for medical negligence. There are slight exceptions to the time limit call our advisors using the number at the bottom of the screen for more information.

Should I Claim With A Solicitor Close To Me?

Just because you suffered medical negligence in the Bradford area does not mean you have to use solicitors in that area.  By only searching for Keighley medical negligence solicitors, you’re really limiting your choices.  It’s much better to try and find a personal injury lawyer based on the fact that they specialise in medical negligence cases and because they can demonstrate recent cases similar to yours instead of convenience.

You won’t need to visit the solicitor or meet them face to face so where their office is located doesn’t really matter.

We Work With A Panel Of Doctors Who Could Examine How You Were Harmed

If you require a medical assessment as part of your personal injury claim then, to save you travelling too far, we could send you to one of our panel of medical specialists.  Here are a sample of those in and around the Keighley area:

Kashif Waseem
West Parade,
Halifax, HX1 2EQ.

Qamar Lodhi
Huddersfield Road,
Halifax, HX3 0QT.

Mark Innes Burgin
West Yorkshire Physiotherapy Centre,
Bradford, BD12 9PA.

Look At Reviews Of Clinical Negligence Solicitors

As mentioned earlier, reading medical negligence solicitor reviews might be a good starting point for your search.   When reading them look for:

  • Signs that previous clients received regular updates.
  • That clients were happy with the amount of compensation they received.
  • And evidence that shows how professional the solicitor was throughout the case.

When you’ve used the reviews, we recommend you speak directly with the solicitor. You might be required to work with this person for a relatively long period, depending on the complexity of your claim, so it’s best to ensure you can get along with the solicitor prior to signing up with them.

Claims Our Panel Of Experts In Medical Negligence Could Handle

To help you understand the types of negligent acts a personal injury solicitor might take on, we’re going to provide some examples over the next few sections of this guide.

We can’t cover every example in this guide so, if you don’t see your type of negligence listed here, please call us to discuss what happened in your case and we’ll happily assess your claim to see if you have a chance of being awarded compensation.

Operation Errors And Post-Surgery Negligence

Any surgery, including cosmetic surgery, can come with some risk associated with it.  In general, the surgeon will explain the risks and ask you to sign a consent form to say that you understand them.

If you’re negligently injured during surgery because of an avoidable error or mistake you could still make a compensation claim despite having signed a consent form. Surgical error could take on different forms such as; performing the wrong type of surgery, damaging healthy internal organs, failing to monitor a patients vital signs which leads to complications.

If you’ve suffered an injury following surgery which you feel was due to a negligent act by the surgeon, anaesthetist or another member of the surgical team and would like to discuss a compensation claim, then please call and speak with one our medical negligence experts.

Care / Nursing Home Negligence

If you’re unfortunate enough to have to find a place for a loved one in a care home, then you have to  have faith in the care home staff that they will follow health and safety procedures and care guidelines to ensure your loved one receives the best care possible and remains comfortable.

If care home staff deviate from correct procedures, allow the service that they provide to fall below the specific guidelines, neglect residents, abuse residents and residents suffer harm due to this there is the very real chance that a compensation claim maybe possible.

Some examples of care home negligence could include:

  • Patients who suffer because of pressure sores (bed sores) caused by not being moved regularly.
  • Any suffering that is caused by abuse.
  • Illnesses caused because prescription medicines were not dispensed properly.
  • Any bruising or fractures caused because a patient fell while being moved or lifted incorrectly.

Negligence During Childbirth

Those who help to deliver babies i.e. midwives have to undergo intense training aswell as lots of hand on training to ensure  that they are fully capable of delivering babies safely and healthy. Many delivery wards are midwife based meaning that in most occasions they have all the skills needed to perform in their role. Midwives aswell as doctors are trained to implement the right procedures when deliveries look like they may be more complicated than others.

If a midwife, nurse, doctor or paediatrician make a negligent mistake, fail to spot a problem during birth or react to one incorrectly, which causes either mother or baby to become ill or injured then a claim for any pain, suffering or life-changing injuries could be possible.

If you suspect that you, a loved one or your baby suffered during pregnancy, during labour or post-birth due to medical negligence, then please call our team of advisors to discuss whether you’ll be able to begin a claim.

Cancer Medical Misdiagnosis Claims

For many cancers, an early diagnosis can really improve the chances of survival for many patients. Having a cancer illness diagnosed as soon as the symptoms are presented to the doctor may mean that the cancer may still be in early stages and that the prognosis looks positive. Therefore, any delay in treatment can have severe health effects and can be devastating especially if it is due to being misdiagnosed and the diagnosis could have happened at a much earlier stage.

If the patient’s condition unnecessarily worsens, because of a  negligent delay in treatment, and the delay was caused because a specialist failed to diagnose the cancer at the earliest opportunity, then they could be able pursue a claim for compensation.

Get in touch today if you, or a loved one, have suffered because of late or misdiagnosis of cancer due to negligence on the part of a healthcare practitioner.

Types Of Dental Negligence Claims

If you’ve been injured or made ill while undergoing dental treatment then you may be able to seek compensation if the injury was caused by any form of negligence by the dentist, a hygienist or dental nurse.

If you’ve ever asked, “What is dental negligence?”, here are some examples:

  • Where a patient undergoes treatment which wasn’t required because of a dental misdiagnosis.
  • If pain is caused during treatment due to inadequate anaesthetic dosage.
  • If damage is caused to healthy teeth, nerves or gums because of a mistake during treatment.

Clinical Negligence By A Doctor

It’s often the case that a GP will manage to diagnose a problem, suggest a treatment or send the patient to a specialist all within the first 10-minute appointment. GP’s are adapt at being able to spot symptoms of many different types of conditions, either treat them with medication, refer to a hospital for diagnostic testing if they are unable to confirm the condition or to see a specialist if specialist treatment is needed.

If a GP causes a patient to suffer because of a delay in receiving the correct treatment, then claim might be possible if the delay was caused by negligence. If a patient suffers unnecessarily because their condition was not diagnosed meaning their current condition was allowed to worsen due to not being treated or it was misdiagnosed as something completely different and they were prescribed medication they did not need causing ill health effects then this maybe deemed as negligence.

If you’d like to discuss whether you have suffered due to medical negligence in Keighley with one of our specialists, then please get in touch today so that we can assess your case.

Negligent Treatment At A Keighley Hospital

Whether your trip to a hospital is planned or if you’re taken there in an emergency, you should expect that the level of care you’ll receive will be at the expected level.

If you suffer an avoidable injury, become ill or your condition is made worse due to some form of hospital negligence though, then you maybe considering making a medical negligence claim against the hospital.

Some examples of when negligence in a hospital could lead to a claim include:

  • If your immune system is weakened by contracting MRSA through poor hygiene standards causing you to contract an illness such as pneumonia.
  • If you suffer a pain or injuries caused by surgical negligence.
  • If you’re made ill or suffer adverse side affects because the wrong medicine (or dosage) was prescribed to you.
  • If you suffer because of delayed treatment caused by a negligent misdiagnosis on one or more occasions.

Data Showing Medical Negligence Rates At NHS Trusts Covering Bradford

To show how much compensation has been paid by the Airedale NHS Foundation trust and other trusts in the Bradford area, we’ve provided the table below:

Healthcare ProviderClaims in 2017/2018Number of Incidents 2017/2018Damages Payments
Airedale NHS Foundation Trust29*£506,418
Bradford District Care Trust**£38,788
Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust77*£9,584,667


Hospitals In Keighley, Bradford

Due to the fact that our panel of medical negligence solicitors can cover Keighley in the Bradford area and help with hospital negligence claims, we have listed some of the main hospitals in the surrounding areas:

  • Bradford Royal Infirmary.
  • St Luke’s Hospital.
  • Airedale General Hospital.
  • Pendle Community Hospital.
  • Burnley General Teaching Hospital.
  • The Yorkshire Clinic.
  • Spire Elland Hospital.

If you’d like to discuss a clinical negligence claim, please call to speak with one of our experts in medical negligence today.

No Win No Fee Keighley Clinical Negligence Cases

Here at Medical Negligence Assist we feel that making a claim using a no win no fee medical negligence solicitors allow the claimant peace of mind.  Here’s how they work:

  • The claim can start right away as there are no fees to pay up front.
  • If the solicitor wins the case, you don’t have to find the money to pay them as their fees are deducted from the compensation as an agreed percentage.
  • If they lose the case, you don’t have to pay them at all.

Our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors all offer a no win no fee claim service for every case they take on.

How To Talk To Us

If you’d like to discuss your claim with us today, then you can get in touch by calling us free on 0800 652 3087.  If you’d prefer, you can also fill in this online form and one of our specialists will get back to you.

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