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Medical negligence Lambeth

Medical negligence Lambeth

There maybe times when we need to rely on doctors, hospital staff, care home staff, and other medical professionals, to take care of us or our loved ones.  Medical negligence can not only have a serious impact on your mental as well as your physical health, it also represents a breach of trust and responsibility. If it has happened to you or a family member and there has been suffering due to medical negligence you maybe able to make a claim for compensation. The guide below is here to give you an outline of how we can help you find a personal injury solicitor whether it is a medical negligence solicitor in Lambeth or another based elsewhere in the country and to explain some examples of different kinds of medical malpractice.

Here at Medical Negligence Assist we have a panel of expert medical negligence solicitors who have experience and knowledge in just about all medical negligence cases and can cover the Lambeth area for more information please call us on 0800 652 3087.

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Picking Between Different Solicitors Covering Claims in Lambeth

You should be discerning when choosing a medical negligence solicitor to take your case. Don’t choose just any solicitor. There are a few key factors for you to base your decision on.

  • What level of expertise do they show, do they specialise in cases similar to yours?
  • Do they offer No win, No fee agreements? If your solicitor is willing to agree to no win no fee terms it may mean they think you have a strong case.
  • Read online reviews of solicitors and talk to people you know who have made medical negligence claims in the past about their experiences and how helpful their solicitor was for them.
  • Don’t limit yourself to the Lambeth area. Our panel of medical negligence solicitors can cover the Lambeth area so you don’t have to worry about finding a solicitor who is based near you especially with new age telecommunications.

Do I Need To Pick A Solicitor In This Borough?

Most people’s first step towards contacting a solicitor may be to simply look up solicitors in their local area i.e. by googling “medical negligence solicitors in my area” under the assumption that they would require a local solicitor to help them with their case. This assumption is wrong; with modern communication methods at our disposal, social media, e-mail, mobile phones and chat apps you can stay in touch with your medical negligence lawyer regularly during the course of making your medical negligence claim. Don’t worry about having to find suitable medical negligence solicitors in Lambeth, our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors can cover medical claims in Lambeth just as easily as solicitors based permanently in the area. You are free to focus on finding a solicitor who shows the most expertise and offers the best financial offers for their services, especially no win no fee deals.

Where Could I Have A Medical Check-up?

We work with a panel of doctors that cover Lambeth, and many more covering London as a whole, who can easily be available to perform a medical examination on you to determine the extent of the harm done to you by medical negligence in preparation for your medical negligence claim.

Richard Fotiadis

Home Visits


Hardik Patel

Blackshaw road

SW17 0QT

Does Reading Reviews Help You To Pick?

It is vital that you read reviews of medical negligence solicitors online. Give yourself the best possible impression of how successful each solicitor has been in their previous cases and how highly rated their performance was by their previous clients. Find out how easy they were to work with, how often and how well they communicated with their clients. Finding the right solicitor can mean the difference between winning your case and losing. When your case is concluded please remember to leave reviews and comments of your own so that other people looking to make medical malpractice claims can benefit from your experiences. Remember that your choices for a solicitor are not limited to medical negligence solicitors in Lambeth, look at solicitors outside Lambeth and read reviews that address how well they communicated with their clients without the ability to easily see each other in person.

Medical Negligence Instances You Could Claim For

Our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors can cover all manner of medical negligence cases including, but not limited to, dental malpractice, surgical negligence, negligence in care homes, hospitals negligence and medical negligence claims for GP negligence. Below we go into more detail about what makes a person eligible to claim and how medical negligence may be caused.

Residential And Nursing Home Care Negligence.

Care homes and residential homes which house elderly, disabled or terminally ill residents or those with special needs could be liable for medical negligence claims if they cause harm to those in their care by failing to properly uphold their responsibilities. Those in residential and care homes are especially vulnerable to being harmed by malpractice and negligence.

Our panel of medical negligence solicitors could deal with instances in which patients and residents have been harmed by neglect or where staff have failed to follow proper procedures, such as failure to properly monitor patients taking their medication, or supervise correctly and patient have become injured due to falling or developing bedsores or DVT from being  left unattended in their beds. However cases such as the Lambeth abuse scandal demonstrate that even the most extreme circumstances it is possible to make successful claims for damages against residential and care homes. If you or someone you love has suffered as a result of negligence or abuse in a lambeth care home then get in touch with us today.

Medical Negligence In Dental Care.

A dentist, along with his or her team of hygienists and nurses have a duty of care to their patient, to ensure to the best of their abilities that no harm comes to their patients. If they have failed to properly carry out their responsibilities and the patient has suffered harm as a result then they could be liable for a medical negligence claim. Medical negligence dental cases may not seem at first glance to be as serious as other cases of negligence, but the harm caused by dental malpractice could be severe. A patient may lose a tooth from having the wrong tooth extracted by mistake, they may suffer damage to healthy teeth and gums, they may suffer severe infections to teeth and gums due to improper cleaning of dental instruments. Victims of dental malpractice could be left with cosmetic issues and psychological harm as a result. Our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors can cover the Lambeth area and deal with medical negligence dental cases.

GP Negligence

To be able to bring a claim for medical negligence due to GP negligence there must be  proof that the GP failed to carry out their duties accordingly to the standards they must adhere to and the duty of care that they are held to and that you suffered harm to your health as a result. Examples of this may include, failure to have your symptoms treated effectively because of the GP’s failure to correctly diagnose them, or their failure to pass you on to see a specialist or have further scans and tests done when needed allowing your condition to unnecessarily worsen. Being given incorrect or inappropriate prescriptions by a GP which cause ill health, and subsequently suffering harm from the side effects of the medication or from your illness going untreated. If feel you have reason to believe that your GP has let you down in a similar fashion, then please call or contact us right away using the details provided below.

Cancer Misdiagnosis Claims

The methods at our disposal for diagnosing and treating cancer are getting better and better each year thanks to advances in medical research and technology. Nevertheless every year thousands of people are affected by or lose their lives to cancer. It is vital that medical physicians diagnose cancer at the earliest opportunity so that each individual who is suffering from cancer has the best chance at survival. In cases where cancer has been negligently misdiagnosed a medical negligence claim could possibly be made for a cancer misdiagnosis settlement if there is proof that the doctor responsible either failed to order all the tests that may have diagnosed your symptoms, failed to refer you to specialists when necessary or failed to provide you with the appropriate testing and treatment and that another doctor of the same caliber would have not failed in such away. If your illness got worse due to negligent treatment or you lost a loved one because of medical negligence why not call our advisors and they will try to provide you with answers to any unanswered questions.

Birth Injuries And Pregnancy Trauma

Another area in which our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors could help you is with claims relating to harm caused to you or your baby as a result of negligence and malpractice during your pregnancy and the birth of your child. If medical staff do not at all times uphold their duty of care they have towards their patients and standards are allowed to fall below that minimum standard that is set there is a chance that significant harm could be caused that could have otherwise been avoided. It is very important that both the expected mother and feotus are monitored through the pregnancy stages and also through delivery so that any issues or medical conditions can be picked up straight away and dealt with accordingly. A particularly difficult and painful pregnancy and childbirth can leave you with symptoms similar to PTSD. If you think you have suffered from pregnancy trauma or any other harm which may have been caused to due medical negligence, then contact us today to find out what our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors can do to help.

Surgery Medical Negligence

Most forms of surgery carry at least some risk of complications. If complications arise from surgery that both the surgeons and the patient were aware of beforehand despite the surgeons following all correct procedures, then that has to be accepted as an unfortunate possibility. However if you have suffered from complications that were not made clear to you before you consented to undergo surgery, or if complications arise from a failure to adhere to the correct surgical procedures, then our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors could assist you in making a surgical negligence claim. Harm caused to a patient by surgical negligence could range from unsightly scarring and infections of the incision site to so called “never events” in which the patient suffers life changing harm such as the removal of healthy organs and body parts for example in cases of gross malpractice. If you have suffered from surgical negligence in a Lambeth hospital then contact us for free advice on how to start your claim.

Lambeth Area Hospital Negligence

You may have developed an infection while in hospital, or shortly after being discharged, because staff failed to uphold proper hygiene procedures. You may have been left unattended, without food and water, without being helped to wash and go to the toilet while you were bedridden or otherwise incapacitated which has had a massive effect on your health. You may have also suffered due to surgical negligence or birth injury negligence while at a hospital. If you or a loved one has suffered from negligence in a Lambeth hospital our panel of expert medical negligence solicitors can cover the Lambeth area and deal with hospital negligence claims.

Statistics For Rates Of NHS Negligence In This Area

Here are the statistics for claims and compensation awarded for NHS negligence in the area of Lambeth.

NHS Trust Or Relevant Healthcare AuthorityCNST no. of claimsCNST .no. of incidentsCNST damages (£)
Guys and St Thomas' NHS foundation Trust 49128,075,599

Lambeth Borough Hospitals

The borough of Lambeth is home to over 324,000 people who may require a variety of different medical services. In the borough there are both NHS and private hospitals serving the borough. The larger of which include,

  • Guys And St Thomas’ Hospital.
  • King’s College Hospital.
  • The Lambeth Hospital.
  • BMI Healthcare.

Claim Compensation With A No Win No Fee Solicitor

If at all possible you should choose a solicitor to take on your case who offers you a No Win No Fee deal. This means that the solicitor will receive a portion of the damages you are awarded if your claim is successful as payment for their work, but it also means that you will not have to pay them any of your own money for their time and services if the claim is unsuccessful. As well as reducing the financial burden of making a medical negligence claim, a No win, No fee agreement is also an assurance by your solicitor that they are confident that they can win your medical negligence claim. Contact us or call us today to seek our help in making a No Win, No Fee claim in East London.

Contact Our Team

If you have been affected by medical negligence in Lambeth and you would like to begin the process of making a claim, or you would like some free legal advice, call or contact us today. Our number is 0800 652 3087, and our line is open from 8am to 9pm every day of the week. You can also fill out a contact form here.

Resources For This Borough

Our Medical Negligence Compensation Calculator

Lambeth CCG website

Guy’s and St Thomas NHS Foundation Trust website

The Lambeth hospital
108 Landor Road,

Kings College Hospital
Denmark Hill,

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